Title - Raining Cats and Dogs

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - the boys belong to Kripke

E/O Drabble Challenge word - drip

Word count - 100

A/N - just a random scene with the boys, enjoy.

D - S - D - S - D - S - D - S - D - S - D - S - D - S - D - S - D - S

"Dude, you look like a drowned cat."


Stomp inside.

Drop takeout bag on table.

"Hey, watch it!"


Moves hunt notes across the table.

Peek inside.

"At least you kept the food dry…"


Looks over.

Soaked clothes, rainwater drips to the carpet.


"Hey, get in the shower, Sammy."



Frog-march him to the bathroom.

"Gonna get sick with those on, need to warm up."

"But - "

"Do I have to strip you?"

"No - !"

"Then get. I'll bring clothes."

Hoodie peels off.

Satisfied nod.

Heads back to room.


"What's that?"


"Welcome, Sasquatch."

-= end =-