Cheating, Ducks & Pulling Pigtails

Post-1x02: "Boston Strangler Redux"

Maura and Jane blinked at each other, Jane's jaw definitely wide open in shock.

Not cheating…

But still looking…?

Oh God.

Jane was up out of her seat before she realized she was following him, and calling his name before she could remind herself it was a dumb idea. He turned with a wince, a wince that despite everything still made her feel better. Now that she was there, in front of him, her brain kicked back into gear and the awkwardness that had kept people away so many times before surfaced.

"If you weren't cheating but… looking…" Jane forced herself to take a deep breath. "Then what about the duck?"

There was a light in Grant's eyes that Jane pretended she didn't see. "Ever heard of pullin' pigtails, Detective?" he asked, rocking back on his heels out of habit only to be painfully reminded his feet were virtually raw.

"Pulling pigtails?" She didn't get the reference.

Grant stepped closer, and though Jane knew she should step back, a history of standing up for herself had her merely stiffening. He was in her face now, up close. "A guy only pulls a girl's pigtails if he likes her," he said, voice low and more intimate than Jane was admittedly comfortable with if only because it sent a warm, if unwelcome shiver down her spine.

Then Grant was turning, walking away. "Goodnight Jane," he called over his shoulder.

Despite herself, Jane felt a small smile tug at her lips.

Pulling pigtails indeed.