A/N: Stupid little drabble I randomly came up with when something came to my attention. You know how the characters always hold their Digivices towards their given Digimon before allowing them to evolve? Well, I'm kinda surprised that none of the Digidestined from 02 (namely Davis) made this mistake before. And yes, apparently, the beam of light given off from the D-3 is dangerous.

Digivolution Errors

The Digidestined expertly held out his digivice in front of him and cried, "Kudamon! Digivolve!" A sudden blast of brilliant white light erupted from the D-3 and blasted forwards. The enemy Digimon gasped and ducked just as it flew where his head had been. The two Digimon and human watched it disappear into the forest behind them and into the setting sun.

All three blinked with mixed reactions of confusion and disbelief. A loud slap broke the silence as Kudamon promptly smacked his forehead.

It took the enemy Digimon a second to get what had happened. He rolled his eyes as he fell over in laughter, clutching his sides because he was laughing so hard.

"What?" shouted the Digidestined, oblivious to his quite obvious mistake.

"Nice shot, kid. You missed by the wrong direction," said the Kudamon from behind him. "If we stay here, I'll Digivolve in the next day. This is all yours, kid." With that, the Virus Buster Digimon began walking away.

The Digidestined looked at the still laughing Digimon. Deciding it would be a good idea to take advantage of this small distraction, he ran off after his Digimon, completely unnoticed. Besides, even if Kudamon had evolved into a Champion Digimon, there was no way they would be able to stand against an Ultimate.