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It was ten after midnight and my fans were on their last encore of the night. As usual, I closed with my first hit song "Tennessee Queen", which was a favorite among the women. I would watch as they pulled their men close and slow danced to the music.

"In her eyes, I see my future. In her smile, my heart resides. About one thang I'm only too sure. This little gal will be my bride…"

Unfortunately, my mind drifted back to the gal who had been the inspiration to the song. I met her when I was seven years old, and she had owned my heart ever since. I'd loved that woman with everything in me, and that was exactly why I left her.


*Flashback (age 7)*

I was in the field of our family farm helping my brothers Emmett and Jasper milk the cows. Emmett was the biggest ten-year-old in the county. His brown hair and dark blue eyes gave him a bully look, but my brother had a heart of gold. My other brother Jasper was what my mom called 'a tall drink of water'. At age nine, he was all blond ringlets and cornflower blue eyes. I was the odd man out. Sometimes my dad joked that I wasn't his son because I looked so much like my mama.

"You leave Alice alone, James Masen. She's only five. You're 'sposed to know better than to pick on her."

I looked behind me to see who the voice belonged to, and that's when I saw her. She was all scabbed knees and tangled brown braids. I stood rooted to the spot until James pushed her down hard against the ground. Then, I ran over and jumped on his back. The little brown-haired girl got up and dusted herself off. By that time, I had James down on the ground crying for his daddy while I pounded my small fists against his body. Emmett and Jasper had to come pull me off of him.

"If you ever put your nasty hands on that gal," I pointed to the trembling girl. "I'll beat you up again!"

Emmett pulled James up by the scruff of his collar and punched him in the stomach. "That's for trying to kiss my Rosalie last week."

Jasper punched him in the nose and screamed. "And that's for picking on lil' Alice."

The minute Emmett released James, he took off across the field. I felt a tiny hand touch my shoulder - it was the little brown-haired girl. She was smiling up at me with the sweetest, biggest brown eyes I'd ever seen on a person.

"Hello. My name is Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella. Thank you for that. James is a bully, and he had no right hurting Alice. She's so small and sweet. We were playing dolls when he came up and took hers. I chased him."

I shook her hand. Our skin sparked where we touched. I vaguely heard Jasper and Emmett introduce themselves. Jasper asked if Alice was okay, and Bella told him that Alice was fine. My brothers went back to milking the cows leaving me with my new friend.

"Ain't you gonna tell me your name?" she asked, staring up at me.

I smiled. "Edward. My name is Edward Cullen. It's nice to meet you, Bella."


"Thank ya, London town! I hope to see ya'll again," I called out, carrying my guitar off stage. Over the years, I'd gotten used to the screams and lights; they were normal to me.

My manager Tanya was already backstage. "Edward, that was wonderful, darling. The Rolling Stone reporter is in the audience. He was very impressed with the show. You've really arrived," she said, practically vibrating with happiness.

She led me to the dressing room where a group of models were waiting for autographs. I flashed them the famous Edward Cullen smirk and pulled out my pen. One of them had me sign her double D's as her friends waited for their turn. She offered to come 'relax' me, but I declined.

"Can I at least have your cowboy hat?" she asked in that proper British accent. Tanya gave me a look that clearly said, 'no way, cowboy'.

"Naw, darlin' but you can have a signed copy of my CD. In fact, all of you can." After opening the door, Tanya retrieved three CD's, which I autographed and handed to the ladies. They left a few minutes later looking like they were in a damn daze.

My agent rolled her eyes and patted her stomach. "I pray to god that if it's a girl, she has more class than those three."

I laughed. "How could your little girl not have class with you as a mother? By the way, have you told Felix he's going to be a daddy?"

She shook her head. "Fuck no! We weren't serious. I don't want to ruin his life with this. I know he'd do the right thing, but he'd be miserable. I would never do that to him. You have to promise to keep your bloody mouth shut, too."

I laughed and kissed her forehead. "I love you Tanya, but this is wrong. A man would wanna know if he'd fathered a child. If you don't tell him by the time the month is out, I'm gonna let it slip."

"You dodgy little git! Fine! I'll tell Felix, but promise me that you'll be there when I do," she demanded before taking a seat.

Tanya meant a lot to me. She wasn't only my manager; she was also my friend. In the music business real friends were hard to come by. It was equally as hard for me to find a female who wasn't trying to jump my bones every five seconds.

"I'm going to shower and then take you to get some grub. Whatcha' feel like eating, Tanya?"

She sighed. "Everything. I'm only three months along, but I've already gained five pounds. I'm going to be huge."

I couldn't help but smile as I imagined her with a beach ball-sized belly. She threw a pillow at my head as I walked into the bathroom. Tanya had good aim!

London was the last stop in my very first international tour. I'd never thought I could see the world playing country western music, but the people in England and Australia loved it just as much as the good ol' boys down in Texas. My latest LP currently sat at number one on the pop charts. I'd come a long way from my family farm outside of Springfield, Tennessee.

Tomorrow I was heading home for a much needed vacation. I just hoped my family wanted to see me again. I hadn't left on the best of circumstances. My father and mother had been upset that I chose a chance at fame over family obligations. My brothers were now married with their own kids.

Most of all, I wanted to see Bella, just a glimpse would be enough. It had been seven long years since I'd laid eyes on my first love. All the drinking and whoring I'd done didn't bring me a bit of the pleasure I'd known in her arms.

After I showered, I got dressed and helped Tanya pack up my stuff. Besides my family, she was the only one that knew about the thing between Bella and me. She thought I was a damned idiot for leaving but kind of understood my reasons.

Later that night, my band and road crew joined us for dinner. People kept coming up to us in the restaurant, but my bodyguard Eleazar worked hard to keep them away. Usually Felix would have been with us, but he was in Paris managing one of the other acts' tours.

After too much alcohol and cigs, I rolled my ass to bed. I watched through bleary eyes as Seth and Tanya successfully navigated some groupies out of my penthouse suite. It had happened many times before so I wasn't surprised.

All night I dreamed of soft pale round breasts, long curly mahogany hair, and big doe brown eyes - Bella Swan. In my fantasies, she was curled by my side with her fingers buried in my mane, just like the good old days.

Tanya woke me up at six in the morning. I took another quick shower, threw on my tightest Wranglers plus a blue and yellow plaid shirt, and grabbed my bags. I had slept but not gotten any rest.

Our chauffeur loaded our things into the car, and then we took off to Heathrow. When we arrived, I stopped and signed a few autographs for some eager kids. The annoying-ass paparazzi didn't waste any time in taking pictures. Thankfully, Tanya had Eleazar moved them away when they got too pesky.

Tanya slept most of the plane ride, so I had plenty of time to myself. A leggy blonde stewardess was in my face every five minutes. A couple years ago, I would have taken her to the back and given her a piece of the Cullen mile high experience, but I was over that stuff. No matter how many groupies I had, I had never gotten over my Bella.


When we entered Nashville, I woke Tanya up. She stretched before going to the bathroom. I was lost in old memories and deep thoughts as we landed. The minute I stepped off the plane, I knew that something was…different.

A few local papers and magazine reporters were waiting for me in the airport. I hoisted my vintage Gibson Acoustic guitar on my shoulder and waded through the bodies. Flashbulbs went off as one eager female fan flashed me her breasts. It had gotten around the tabloids that I was a boob man, so lots of women thought showing theirs would get them some attention.

Eleazar promptly went to get our bags so we could leave. I was signing some autographs when I felt it...Bella was near. I turned around searching for her big brown eyes. Before long, I spotted her standing near a corner with a tall, dark-skinned man with long black hair. I was instantly jealous.

Is she married?

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to compose myself before Bella and her 'fella' walked over. My girl had grown up to be more beautiful than I ever imagined - her body had filled out in all the right places. She still had a tiny waist, but her hips were wider and the titties were bigger. Her hair was also longer, falling almost to her luscious backside. As tight as my Wranglers were, they became even more snug as she got closer.

I put on my best smile as Bella came into my line of vision. "It's been too long. How are you, darlin'?" I drawled.

Everyone was shocked when she lifted her hand and slapped me hard across my left cheek. Eleazar stepped forward, but I waved him off. The paps ate it up, almost blinding me with their flashes.

Bella put her hands on her hips and pointed at me. "You piece of crap. I'm here for one thing and one thing only. Our daughter, Bethany Grace, needs an experimental heart surgery. You're going to help me pay for it!"

I choked on the spittle in my throat. "Our…our daughter? We have a kid?"

Bella nodded. "Yep. Seven years ago when you left me, you also left a baby girl. I hate your guts, but you will do right by my baby. I'll see you in court, asshole." With that, she turned on her heel and stomped off. The big guy handed me an envelope before taking off after her.

Tanya walked up, eating a loaded hot dog. With a sigh, she snatched the papers out of my hand. "You're in the shit, Cullen. Let's get in the car so I can get your ass out of here before the big time media show up."

I was still rubbing my cheek as we got into our chauffeured limo. I didn't know why Bella had kept my child from me, but I was determined to find out and make her sorry. I may have been a rolling stone, but I took care of mine.

As the car pulled away, I found myself hating the new Bella Swan. Apparently the girl I'd loved was dead and gone, and in her place was a bitter, lying shrew.

You want a fight, darlin'? Well you got one.

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