me:Hi. I'm writing this with my lil sis. May. We're in two stories because we aren't good at making new characters. or names

May:Hi. We don't own Naruto but wish we were in it.

me:Yes now on with the story.




d. o. b:June 15, 1998 looks:

Blonde hair down to mid back. Bright blue eyes. Pale skin.

outfit:black half jacket with white on the sides and bottom. Brown tank top. Black capris that go under her knees.

personality:Loud mouth, Short temperted, crazy

other:Loves cats. Is a Kankuro fan-girl. Hates that the sound for die. Hates Sasuke. Is a gymnest



d. o. b:February 19, 1998

looks:Black hair to shoulders. Brown eyes. Pale skin.

clothes:Neon blue sleeve-less colar shirt that shows off her stomach. Blue carpris that go under her knees.

personality:Loud, fun loving, protective, short attention span.

other:loves all animals. Is a Ukon fangirl. Hates Kankuro and Kiba. Is a cheerleader.



d. o. b:October 7, 1998

looks:brown hair 1 or 2 inches above shoulders. Brown eyes. Pale skin.

clothes:red sleeve-less colar shrit that shows her jacket that shows her stomach. blue shorts that go just above her knees.

personality:Happy, crazy, loves making people laugh.

other:Is a Gaara fan-girl. parents let her join the circus when she was five but she quit when she was 11.



d. o. b:July 18, 1998

looks:brown hair down to her shoulder baldes. Black eyes. Pale skin.

clothes: black shirt that shows her stomach. Blue half jacket. Blue capris that go under her knees.

personality:anger issues, kind, mean, sweet, loving

other:loves dogs. Hates sasuke at times. Has a dog named April that looks like akamaru.



d. o. b:October 12, 1998

looks:Dirty blonde hair 2 or 3 inches under chin. blue eyes. pale skin.

clothes:A green shirt like Tenten's but with long sleeves. Green shorts that go a little above knees.

personality:sweet sometimes, anger issues, mean.

other:loves cats. loves weapons. Wants to beat Kankuro to a bloody pulp. is a Choji fan-girl. Loves two cook.



d. o. b:February 17, 1998

looks:Black hair down to mid-back. Green eyes. pale skin

clothes:red sleeve-less color shirt that shows off her stomach. Black pants.

personality:anger issues. happy. crazy. mean.

other:is a Shino fan-girl. likes bugs. loves animals. Loves having fun.

~story starts~

no one's p.o.v.

Skye was absent mindly tapping her pen on the desk even when the teacher had told her to stop. May was listening to music trying to forget the fact that her teacher took April away. January was drawing a picture of Shino. August was reading her Naruto manga. Luna was writing the next chapter in her fanfic. Ammy was Drawing Sakon and Tayuya kissing. While the rest of their class was paying attention. The teacher realized three minutes before the bell rang that the six friends were not paying any attention. "Skye, May, Januray, August, Luna, and Ammy." She started they looked up, but May didn't untill Ammy tapped her shoulder. "Detention."

Their eyes went wide. "WHAT? BUT WHY?" They yelled standing up.

"This lesson was very important" She said with annoyence in her voice. The girls groaned and slumpped down in their chairs muttering about how their teacher needed to die in a hole. After the bell rang everyone but the girls and their teacher left. Ammy's eyes darted to the window and she smirked.

'hehe I have an Idea' She thought smiling. She raised her hand and the teacher looked at her. "Your car's getting towed" She said solomy. The teacher ran out of the calss room wide eyed. "May go get April." She said smiling. May ran out of the room and came back with her dog. Their teacher came back in with an angery face when she saw April.

"You set me up. My car was not getting towed." She said angerly.

"That's a lie" Skye said.

"No I did" Ammy said.

"OH yeah" Skye said laughing.

"That's it I'm going to talk to the princapal about you girls getting exsplade." The teacher said leaving the class room. The girls shrugged and started doing whatever they felt like. After five minutes the girls saw a portal open and they slowly backed away from it while grabbing their stuff.

"Januray. Please tell us this is one of your tricks" Luna asked neversly.

"No" Januray answered her friend. Before any of the girls could say anything else the portal sucked them and their stuff in.

me:so what do you think.

May:Towing the car was my idea.

me:yes and I wish you'd help more.

May:Whatever. Please reveiw. Or I'll sick Kiba on you.