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Order and Chaos

Unsettling Instability

Sasuke had watched Naruto flee the room and had stood staring at the door long after the other man had left, wondering exactly what had just happened. What had he been doing? What exactly had he been thinking? The questions had rolled through his mind in a confused gurgle of his inner voice, leading him to his current location.

He stands in front of the main door to the condo building, staring at it with narrowed eyes that say he is angry, yet all he can feel is utter bewilderment. Logically it makes no sense. He knows what was running through his mind; he knows what his body had ached to do. But it is an inexplicable urge that he has no desire of actually acting upon. The thought of having even felt such a thing, no matter how brief, towards another man makes him feel sick to his stomach.

And so he has come here to this place that used to be his own private escape in order to set things straight, if only because of his pride and because he is nearly certain that the blond male will go and blab to Itachi that Sasuke "wants" him.

Which he doesn't. Not ever, because he is not a faggot like his brother.

The word causes his lips to curl in a displeased snarl. Such a disgusting thing to desire. He blames his momentary lapse on the fact that he has not partaken in the joys of flesh in far too long. He needs to get laid. He had merely been reacting to the warmth of another body pressed against his own. Yes, that's the reason.

Besides, he doesn't really need to explain himself to his brother's plaything. He just wants to set things straight. He doesn't want the blond thinking something unsavory.

He walks into the main building and makes it to the elevator with his scowl firmly in place, waiting for the doors to close before he leans his back against the wall and watches as the numbers slowly tick by. This is irritating; he shouldn't even be doing this. But again, his pride rears its ugly head at his thoughts and makes him bristle like an indignant dog. No, he has to set things straight. There is no other way to prove to the other man that he isn't at all interested in-

Sasuke blinks away his scowl, his brows furrowing in puzzlement. As the doors ding open he pauses only momentarily before stepping through them and coming face to face with the only door on the entire floor, the one that allows entrance into the Uchiha family condo. He doesn't move to unlock the door because his mind is absorbed in something else.

He had looked disgusted.

Why would he have looked disgusted?

Sasuke tilts his head ever so slightly to the side as he examines the door as if the wood grain obstacle would give him the answers to the questions plaguing his mind. There is no doubt about the look he had been thrown. It was of disgust, as if the blond had been grossed out by the fact that Sasuke had reacted in any sort of way towards him (not that Sasuke is admitting that he had actually wanted the other male).

But why would a gay man be disgusted by another gay man seemingly having an interest in him? Sure, he is currently dating Sasuke's older brother but…that makes the fact even stranger. It makes no sense. Sasuke is aware of the fact that he is good looking, and that's not being disputed. It's a known fact. All male Uchihas are born with that special something that sets them apart from everyone else and makes them…for lack of a better word…pop. And Sasuke would even begrudgingly admit that he and his brother look fairly the same, with the exception of Itachi's older visage and sometimes unnervingly shifting eye color.

So then, why?

Shaking his head twice to rid himself of his thoughts, he checks the door handle and finds that it opens easily, meaning that he was right in his assumption that the blond would come straight back here. It seems that he is not the only one who finds solace within the walls of this semi-house.

He shuts the door behind him quietly, though he doesn't really realize that he has done so on purpose. His current thoughts are on finding the male and setting down the law, while his subconscious mind seems to have separate ideas. His soft footfalls ease him into the dwelling as if he is creeping up on prey.

The overturned chair in the living room draws his attention first and stops him short. He blinks at the piece of furniture, not really comprehending until the wheels in his mind start turning once more. He drags his gaze around the rest of the room.

The decent sized crack in the window wall is taken in with a quick huff, and he pivots towards the kitchen and leans to the side, taking in the piles of broken glass scattered around the floor and on the countertop. He shakes his head at the scene. The blond obviously has anger issues.

A nasty little voice in the back of his mind crows that if Sasuke had been the one to be raped, he would probably have anger issues, too. He ignores it.

His eyes find a few buttons on the ground, and sure enough, what he finds next is a crumpled up shirt lying next to the wall. He follows that direction and comes upon hastily removed shoes and a pair of splayed out jeans, one leg nearly inside out. It looks as if the other man had been in quite the hurry to get undressed.

Sasuke stops his progress towards the bedroom, warily taking in the sight of the door. Could Itachi be here? No, his mind helpfully supplies, business meetings all day. Even still he hesitates. Could the blond be dumb enough to have someone else here?

He takes a look at the upturned furniture and shattered glass once more and decides that that's a funny thought. Unless Naruto is into that sort of thing, what with the overturned furniture and all. Maybe he likes it rough?

Sasuke blinks and chases the thought from his mind as he reaches out to turn the knob to the bedroom door, somewhat bothered that he is even thinking of such things. Well, as long as he doesn't start-

Sasuke's mind hits a very abrupt brick wall.

There before him has to be the most confusing and sensual thing he has ever seen in his entire life.

Naruto is splayed out over the bed, legs bent with feet propped up against the mattress to support himself, head thrown back against the headboard in abandon. And, to top it off, he is utterly exposed. Long, tanned fingers are wrapped around a dark-headed erection, stroking with vigor.

Sasuke can only stare in, what he later reasons with his mind, is fascinated disgust as the blond continues to jerk off in front of him. Blue eyes are mostly closed and rolled up towards the ceiling, hips raised off of the bed in abandon as lips part in panting pleasure.

And Sasuke can't look away.

He doesn't know why. Hell, it's another man, for God's sake! But he can't tear his eyes away from the sight of that glistening body arching in pleasure, can't block his ears of the shuddering moan that comes from those parted lips, can't ignore the strange tears that track down tanned cheeks as fingers plunge into his own anus.

Sasuke is, for lack of a better word, shell-shocked.

And then he is witnessing the other explode, the action causing something within him to twitch to life. He feels his pants tightening as Naruto's fingers are coated with his own juices, and Sasuke clenches his teeth together tightly to push back the raging…whatever it is…threatening to swell up within him. It's ridiculous, really.

But he can't offer any words when somehow he is confronted with an ocean of blue, caught in his blatant act of staring. And really he doesn't even know what to say when a sweaty blond head tilts to the side, lips twitching.

He wants to apologize. Obviously he has interrupted something personal. Something delicate, if the tears are any indication, but he isn't one to apologize. Uchihas don't have to apologize for anything!


It starts out low and deep, and at first he confuses it with a choking noise. That would make more sense. But after a few seconds he realizes that the other man actually is laughing. Hysterically. As if this is the funniest thing he has ever encountered. And Sasuke…well. To say he is confused is an understatement.

Then that tanned, sweaty body is moving. Sasuke watches as Naruto unfurls himself, feet languidly meeting the ground, stretching like a cat with an arched back and shoulders still shuddering with dark chuckles. So blue. Everything about Naruto is blue.

Sasuke's own eyes widen, fractionally before opening all the way, as a sly little grin arches over that tear-streaked face, a wild look in those so blue eyes as fingers sticky with his own…his own…

Black eyes watch as Naruto curls out a pink tongue and drags it up the inside of his palm, ending with a curl around his middle finger. His lips drag over it in a little suck, as his other fingers curl down.

Sasuke can feel his heart thundering in his chest. Galloping. Fluttering. His palms are sweating, but why? His mouth has gone dry and, without him realizing it, his breathing has hitched and become shallow. And then Naruto is saying something, Sasuke's eyes still locked with true blue, and the words break through the haze of…whatever it is…that he has been thrown into.

"You're welcome to have a taste."

The words are husky, a mixture of throaty sex voice and hoarse cry voice, a combination that sounds almost like music in Sasuke's ears.

There is a tense, almost suffocating, silence that stretches between them like a taut string…and then it snaps as Sasuke backs quickly out of the room, turns towards the door and with a barely muttered, "Forgive my intrusion," he is gone as quickly as Naruto had been gone before, almost as if the Hounds of Hell are on his heels.


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