These Colors Are Memories

A/N: I saw a challenge over at psychfic stipulating the use of various colors for chapter themes. I'm not technically following the challenge, but I still wanted to use colors this way. Each chapter is a short oneshot somehow relating to color. The italics at the beginning of each chapter were taken from sites about the meanings of color. This was a really quick, spur of the moment idea. It may not be my best work, but it is fun and a cure to writer's block. There will be friendships, slight Shules romance towards the end, and a little unexpected angst to make it interesting.

Shawn and Blue

Blue is the most soothing shade of the spectrum.

They spend the summers of their childhood under clear blue sky and sunshine. They ride bikes and make up games, get into trouble and just wander as the sun looks down at them.

Sometimes, they spend entire afternoons laying in grass and staring into the endless blue above them. It's times like these when Shawn feels like he could fall upward, with Gus at his side, and just float away.

He can forget about his parents fighting and the cop training and the self-doubt, and can just smell grass and hang out with Gus and be happy.

At age nine, as they lay under the sky, he asks Gus, "Will we really be friends for our whole lives?"

"Of course," says Gus without missing a beat.

Years later, at eighteen, they can still be found under that same blue sky in the last days of summer, just as Gus is preparing for college and Shawn is preparing for the unknown. And Shawn asks again. "Hey, Gus...even though we're both leaving...we'll still be friends, right? Even when we're all old and my hair is gone and you have to use a walker?"

Gus snorts. "Of course."

And Shawn can only sigh contently, stare at the endless blue, and believe his best friend.