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Juliet and Gold

Gold represents service to others.

Over the years, a lot of people have tried to describe Juliet as having a heart of gold. Her mom and dad especially liked to say it. "She's so sweet, always wants to help everyone. She really has a heart of gold," they'd say.

Even as a little girl, Juliet thought that was pretty silly.

She wasn't special. Her heart wasn't golden. If anything, it was the rest of the world that was golden, not her heart.

Every time someone acted especially sweet and genuine, they were golden. They were treasures, even when they didn't realize it.

Like when her older brother Ewan would lift her onto his shoulders to give her a piggy-back ride.

Like when her other older brother, Finn, would make up games with her.

Like when her father would kiss her goodnight, or when her mother would brush her hair.

And then later, after she moved to Santa Barbara, she still saw the gold within people.

Her partner was golden in his determination and loyalty.

Gus was golden with friendship.

Vick was golden in her strength, Buzz in his optimism, Henry with the love for his son.

And Shawn? Shawn was nothing but gold. Light and happiness and promise.

Juliet never once thought of herself as giving off that kind of perfect energy.

Until Shawn's lips touched hers in their first real kiss.

It was sweet, genuine, shy. It was honesty, stripped of false starts and guarded emotions. It was simple and affectionate and them.

And the moment was golden.

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