Hello fellow FanFiction-ers. Just got back from vacation and I couldn't wait to start writing again, starting with my promise to post some of my Sonny with a Choice script lines. :) I decided to post the hardest scene for Channy fans first so that we can get that out of the way. DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED ON THE EPISODE. Here is my take on how this scene is going to go thought-wise along with the real dialogue.

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Sonny with a Choice

Chad's POV

I smiled to myself as I walked down the hallway to Sonny and Tawni's dressing room. After all of the commotion with the Tween Choice awards two nights ago, and how So Random had supposedly beaten Mackenzie Falls for the Best Show award, I had finally figured out a way that everyone could be happy. As long as m'lady agrees to it, of course… which, she will.

"Hey, Randoms. How are we this fine day?" I strolled into the room, the smile still on my face. The Randoms were sitting on the couch and chairs, all crowded around the prized possession given to them only a few nights before.

Sonny was the first to turn around towards me, her smile matching mine. "Well look at you, Chad Dylan Chipper." She commented, standing up beside me.

"That I am, that I am. Cause I figured out how to solve our little problem." Immediately, the rest of the casts' heads turned towards me, appearing more anxious than thrilled.

Sonny looked over to them, annoyance across her features. "Uh, guys. Can we have five minutes?"

Zora (Yes, I know her name. It's amazing what having Sonny as your girlfriend can do to your memory) raised her eyebrows at the two of us and stood up, motioning for her friends to do the same. "Hey, who wants to take a ride on the studio shuttle and see where they make Chad park now?" She exclaimed, and within a second all of the Randoms were out the door, leaving just Sonny and I.

"So I was thinking about what you said. About how I was letting So Random's win get between us. And… I wanted to fix that." I grinned.

Sonny looked ecstatic. Just the reaction I was hoping for. "See? I knew you'd get past this."

"I did." I continued. "And you know how? By getting to the truth."

"I'm so proud of you." She replied, going in for a hug.

"Well, you are really going to be proud of this – I ordered a recount of the votes for Best Tween Show!"

Sonny froze just as she was about to hug me. "You did what?" She asked. All tones of happiness were replaced by seriousness. My smile dropped a bit; why wasn't she thrilled?

"I ordered a recount and great news! So Random lost." I explained. What about that wasn't amazing?

"I can't believe this." Sonny finally spoke up, now about a foot away from me. So much for the hug.

"That you lost?" I chuckled. "You'll get used to it. I did."

Her once friendly and kind brown eyes had now turned darker, and frankly, it kind of scared me. "No, you didn't, you ordered a recount. Why would you even do that?"

I gulped; this wasn't going as I expected. "Because you felt weird about winning, and I felt weird about losing. Now neither of us have to feel weird anymore." However, her expression was definitely out of the ordinary. "…And yet, you have a very weird look on your face."

"It's called disappointment, Chad. You were so miserable not being the center of attention for one day that you actually went out and got a recount!" Her voice was now louder, in a tone I never heard her use with me before.

"I just… wanted things to get back to normal." I avoided her eyes. Then she did something that made my heart sink: she laughed.

"Normal? This isn't normal. Boyfriends and girlfriends are supposed to support each other. Root for each other. I can't be in a relationship with someone who always puts himself first!" Sonny exclaimed.

"I-I did it for us." I stuttered.

The brunette forced another laugh, which did nothing for my heart. "There is no 'us'. " She responded, and then added, "I don't know if there ever was."

Sonny turned around to the table and grabbed the Tween Choice award off of it. "Here." She pushed it into my grasp. "I hope you two will be very happy."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Are you breaking up with me?" After I didn't receive a response, I muttered to her, "I thought I was helping."

She shook her head at me. "And that's the worst part of it. Goodbye, Chad."

And without another word, she forced me towards the door. "Sonny, I-"

Sonny sighed. "Please, just go."

I was already halfway out the door when I decided to try one last time. "But-"

That's when she folded her arms across her chest. "There's no second chances this time. You won the recount, but you lost me."

My heart finally broke. With nothing else to say, I gave one last look at her, then down to the award in my hands. The award that caused so much trouble for me. I walked over to the table it was on before and set it back down, then walked out the door right past the girl who had once been mine.

It wasn't until I heard the door close behind me that I knew she wasn't going to take me back. I had lost her.

Such a deep scene, huh? It was really sad for me to sit here and write Chad's point of view, because honestly, he didn't get a fair shot in my opinion. Sonny didn't give him any chance. (No pun intended)

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