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Sonny with a Choice

Chad's POV

"Hello, I'm Ryan Loughlin, this year's host of the Tween Choice Awards, coming to you live from the red carpet. It's a veritable who's-who of 'who can't stay out past ten'." Ryan announced into the official microphone he had been given just for tonight.

The red carpet show had already started, and Sonny and I had arrived along with the Randoms (much to my dismay) in an enormous limo. She insisted upon being with her friends, and I couldn't just say no when she might be crying on the way home due to her show's brutal loss to Mackenzie Falls. Of all of the things in this world CDC can't handle, a crying Sonny would be one of them.

The brunette next to me pulled me along the carpet as we posed for pictures, hearing paparazzi comment things like, "Chad! Sonny! Have you two kissed?" "How's the relationship?" "I heard you both still fight!" If there is one thing I hate, it would be nosy reporters.

"Oh, look at this! I'm here with tonight's hottest couple!" I internally groaned as we got forced into the way of Ryan Loughlin and his camera. Speaking of nosy reporters…

"Sonny, tell us what you are wearing." Ryan gestured to m'lady's purple lace dress that Blondie had helped her pick out last week. Sonny smiled and looked down at her attire as if just now noticing it.

"Well, Ryan, I'm wearing an outfit that says 'I'm thrilled to be here' and 'hey, Erik Olson who blew me off for Junior Prom, how do you like me now?'" Sonny exclaimed throwing an annoyingly cute smirk at the camera, similar to the one she gives me on a daily basis.

I put the same smirk on my face, not willing to look like a fool while Sonny gets the attention. "Yeah, Erik, you blew it big time, suckah!"

Sonny giggled which, in turn, made me crack a smile.

Ryan looked as if he was completely uninterested. "So… sixth consecutive battle between So Random and Mackenzie Falls, but the first one between boyfriend and girlfriend. Your thoughts?" He asked, shoving the microphone in our faces.

"Actually, we don't really see this as a battle. It's just an honor to be nominated." Sonny grinned. Ryan rolled his eyes and turned to me, hoping to get a better response.

"Which is something the loser always says. Am I right, Chad?"

I looked into the camera and smiled my award winning (no pun intended) smile. "Ryan, there are no losers…" I snuck a quick glance at Sonny. "…yet."

The girl next to me grabbed my hand, signaling for me to shut up. "What Chad is trying to say is that we have agreed. Tonight isn't about winning and losing, it's about taking the high road. Right, sweetie?" She squeezed my hand.

I laughed. "Absolutely. High road, high road."

Sonny yanked me away from Ryan as quickly as possible after that, but not before I turned back around and flashed him six fingers to symbolize our soon-to-be six wins.

"What are you doing?" Sonny raised an eyebrow, catching me just as I was about to mouth the word 'six' to Ryan.

"Nothing." I zipped back around to face her.

Who says that while on this high road you can't take a couple of shortcuts along the way?

After the red carpet portion ended, we all scrambled to find our seats. Sonny had ours' memorized, even more excited than I thought possible.

"This is so exciting! I'm so nervous." She rambled, giggling in-between.

I chuckled at her behavior. "Aw, you first timers are so cute. Let me give you a little advice."

She sighed and raised an eyebrow, signaling for me to go on.

"When Mackenzie Falls wins, the camera will be getting your reaction, so even though you are incredibly jealous, you want a look on your face that says 'I'm so happy for my boyfriend'. Now show me that look!" I prompted, receiving a scowl instead. "Ooh, needs work."

Just then, the lights in the theater dimmed and Ryan walked onstage, holding the award with my name written all over it.

"Welcome back. Well, we all know who's going to win tonight's biggest award for Best Tween Show, so let's get right to it. The Choicy goes to…"

I smirked and stood up, preparing to make the trip to the podium.

"Mack-aroni and cheese! It's So Random!" Ryan exclaimed.

I began to move when the audience gasped and what Ryan had said finally registered in my head. We… lost?

The Randoms all stood up and cheered, exchanging hugs and celebratory high-fives as they made their way up to where I was supposed to stand. Sonny turned back around quickly and gave me a 'who knew?' shrug before smiling wider than I had ever seen before. I sat back down in my seat, not even wanting to deal with my cast at the moment.

Blondie was the first to grab the microphone out of Ryan's hand. "All right! Woo! Well, I've just got one thing to say to our friends over at Mackenzie Falls—"

"High road." Sonny mumbled, load enough for us in the front row to hear.

Tawni groaned and started speaking again in a sickly sweet tone. "Mackenzie Falls, it's an honor to share the category with a cast as talented as yours." She sighed and smiled as the audience erupted into "awws" and applause.

"I never get 'awws.' I like this high road!" She clapped her hands together and turned to Sonny, the mic still in her hands. "I don't think it's a coincidence that the first year we won is the first year Sonny Munroe's been on our show. I'd like to give her a chance to say a few words." She finished, surprisingly handing the mic and award over to Sonny, whom was equally surprised at her kindness.

I shook my head as my girlfriend, the one who was supposed to be in her seat right now applauding for me, stood at the podium.

She held the award high as if in taunting. "Wow! First, I want to thank all of my So Random cast mates; you guys rock. This is a dream come true and I don't really know what to say except… in your face Mackenzie Falls! You thought we'd lose but we won! We won! Take that, suckahs! Woo!" Sonny shouted happily, making everyone's jaw drop in the audience including mine.

Her chocolate brown eyes widened when she saw the expression on my face. "Oops. That didn't come out the way I thought it would." She muttered to herself as her cast rushed off stage. But I didn't even have time to notice them leaving, I was too busy trying to register all that had happened.

Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't do humiliation… but Chad certainly does.

So here is another scene from my script. Once again, all of the lines are real. Sonny seemed really out of character the way that the writers made her here in the awards show. Hmm. Review telling me your opinions? :)