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User Names

*Bella – Shield

*Edward – Mind Reader

Emmett – Muscle Man

Rosalie – Beauty Queen

*Jacob – Alpha Wolf

*Renesmee - Vampuman

Carlisle – Vampire Doctor

Esme - Vamp. Mom

*Alice - Physic

*Jasper – Soldier

*Harry – Voldemort Destroy

*Ron – Weasel King

*Hermione - Bookworm

*Malfoy - Pure blood

*Ginny – Weasel Queen

*Fred – Prankster 1

*George – Prankster 2

*Snape - Snake

*Dumbledore – Wizard Trainer

*McGonagall – Wizard Teacher

*Percy – Seaweed Brain

Annabeth – Wise Girl

*Grover – Pans Assistant

*Nico – Death Prince

*Thalia – Lightning Princess

Chiron – Demigod Trainer

*Hades – Death King

*Zeus – Lightning King

*Poseidon – Water Ruler

*Aphrodite – Love Queen

Silena – Love Princess

Athena – Owl Head

Chapter 2

Forks, Washington

"Alice how do you know we can trust them?" Edward hissed.

"We're going to have to" Alice replied calmly.

"Why?" Edward asked still not calm.

"I'll tell you when its time" She replied becoming irritated. "But-" Alice cut him off. "You will be online at 2pm. Goodbye."

Camp Half-Blood, Rhode Island

"Annabeth are you sure about this?" Percy asked.

"No, but my mom is and thats good enough for me" Annabeth replied.


Hogwarts, England

"Hermione how can we trust them they could be muggles" Ron complained.

"If they are we could pretend we are to" Hermione answered.

"I agree with Hermione" Ginny added.

"I second that" agreed Harry.

"So were going" Hermione said concluding the discussion.

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Physic: So is everybody here

Soldier: I'm hear

Shield: I dont think she meant you

Seaweed Brain: Yeah were here

Voldemort Destroyer: were here 2

Physic: good now lets talk abot the stuff at hand

Vampuman: what stuff

Physic: well we all just met the mythical beings trough chat thats the stuff at hand

Shield: ok alice wat r u hiding

Physic: wat do u mean notins goin on

Shield: dont lie 2 me

Physic: its notin really

Soldier: wat do u mean by notin

Physic: u no just the use the volturi comin

Vampuman: WAT! y r we just findin this out now

Physic: wait theres more and someone named kronos come back from the dead

Wise Girl: u hav got 2 b kidin me

Lightning Princess: didnt we just get rid of him

Death Prince: man and things were just startin 2 get normal

Physic: u guys really need 2 let me finish ok like I was sayin and this weird snake lookin dude named voldermort comes back

Voldermort Destroyer: WAT? it doesnt work like that I destroyed him once he came back then I redestroyed him he cant come back

Physic: hey I dont decide the future I just see it

Shield: is there more

Physic: yeah did I 4get they all decided 2 team up and take over the world

Alpha Wolf: who 4gets that

Physic: me

Shield: so wats the plan

Bookworm: yeah wats the plan

Wise Girl: she said that

Bookworm: I no

Wise Girl: then y did u say

Bookworm: bcuz I wanted 2

Wise Girl: well it just seems kinda of pointless

Bookworm: so does this conversation

Wise Girl: hey no need 2 b rude

Owl Head: no fighting we need 2 stay united if were going 2 get trough this

Physic: rite so the plan okay 1st me and my family will explain the volturi 2 u then each ur groups explain ur enemies bella u go 1st no 1 interrupt

Shield: ok the volturi r a group of vamps that rnt like us they eat human blood and there kinda like r

royalty we hav rules nd if we break them they come and destroy us edward ur turn

Mind Reader: um the volturi hav red eyes instead of golden bcuz like she said they drink humans um most of them hav powers aro- just touching ur skin he can read every thought uve ever had marcus- can feel emotional tyes alec- can cut off all ur senses chelsea- can change emotional tyes afton- ? Corin- ?

demetri- he can track u trough ur thoughts heidi- ? jane- she can cause over bearing pain reneta- she can make u think u want 2 go in another direction ur turn jake

Alpha Wolf: well aro he likes 2 hav unique things so wen he finds something he will stop at notin 2 get it nessie ur turn

Vampuman: well um the volturi r normally unopposed bcuz of there powers and years of training rose

Beauty Queen: they hav red eyes and were different shades of black cloaks emmett

Muscle Man:they liv in italy volterra nd u dont mess wit there unless u want 2 die go ahead mom

Vamp. Mom: um they use 2 b friends wit carlisle go on honey

Vampire Doctor:well I no they hav never officially lost jasper

Soldier: the only way 2 dfeat them is 2 banned 2gether alice

Physic:yeah thats pretty much it ill answer ur questions now we dont eat human blood we eat animal blood the rule is keep rselves a secret yes were breaking the rules sayin this 2 u but if we all want 2 live then were goin 2 hav 2 the only way 2 destroy a vampire is 2 rip them up nd set them on fire r powers r edward- can read minds alice- c the future jasper- can change emotions renesmee- can show pictures in ur head bella- can block out all mental vamp powers jacob- can turn into a wolf we no that bcuz we hav experienced c um bella wanted 2 do some extreme sports so she um jumped off a cliff nd edward who had left so he thought bella was trying 2 kill herself so he went 2 volturi nd ask 2 die nd they said no so he dcided 2 mess wit there city but me nd bella stopped him in time um bella was human during this time nd the rest of us were vampires xcept jake he was a werewolf yes bella was dating a vampire nd bestfriends wit a werewolf yes tat is a sine of mental promblems

Shield: hey

Physic: sorry bella ok back 2 questions yes carlisle used 2 b there friends but then he left bcuz of there eating differences nd wen we say officially we mean they hav never lost a fite we didnt fite them we scared them away wen we say ban 2gether we mean get all of the others we mean that last time we gather a bunch of vampires so thats it who wants 2 go nxt

Wise Girl: will go nxt percy

Seaweed Brain: ok um kronos is a titan and if hes in his original form mortals near him die yeah so take it away grover

Pans Assistant: um and kronos wants 2 take over the world thalia

Lightning Princess – um he want 2 dstroy us all nico

Death Prince – um he can make armies fast silena

Love Princess – um he use 2 b luke annabeth

Wise Girl – um chirons his son chiron

Demigod Trainer – he hated me nd all centaurs aphrodite

Love Queen – um he was mean athena

Owl Head – umhe swallowed his children hades

Death King – he hated his children posieden

Water Ruler – hades zeus nd I hav destroyed kronos (as a team) so hav luke percy nd annabeth (as a team) zeus

Lightning King – this is his third come back

Physic – ok um wizards

Voldemort Destroyer – well he killed my parents nd tried 2 kill me but my moms luv protected me so he was destroyed then he came back in my fourth year then I destroyed him in my seventh year ron

Weasel King – he has killed a lot of ppl nd he doesnt like harry hermione

Bookworm – he killed himself in a technical way malfoy

Pure blood - he used hoxcruxes ginny

Weasel Queen - he has followers called death eaters fred

Prankster 1 – hes evil nd in r seventh year no one thought he was back

Prankster 2 – he wanted some special wand but he couldnt bcuz he kept killing the wrong ppl snape

Snake – he hates me now bcuz he found out I tricked him 2 get information dumbledore

Wizard Trainer – he always thinks hes better than everyone mcgonagall

Wizard Teacher - one of his death eaters spit on me

Physic: ok we hav 2 go but back her at 2pm again deal

Wise Girl: deal

Bookworm: deal

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