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Destiny IslandClan -

Sora: Brown tom with blue eyes.

Kairi: Orange tabby she-cat with blue-violet eyes

Riku: White tom with blue-green eyes

Salphie: Cream and white she-cat with brown eyes (Friends with Kairi)

Disney Castle -

Donald: Black and white tom with light blue eyes

Goofy: Black tom with amber eyes

Queen Minnie: Black she-cat with blue eyes and white forepaws

Advicer Daisy: White she-cat with green eyes and black on her tailtip

Travers TownClan -

Leon: Dark gray tom with a scar on his muzzle and a lion pendent

Yuffie: Black she-cat with dark amber eyes

Aeris: Snowy white she-cat with sapphire blue eyes.

Cloud: Dark tan tom with a spiky tail and dark emarold green eyes

Cyd: Orange tom with ice-blue eyes

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