Here's more nonsense! Sorry if there's typos, I just went ahead and wrote this all right now...I really should be working on my humanities essay...Anyways, thanks for the reviews, and keep 'em coming please!

I will not get "24601" as my first tattoo.

If I ever need to have braces, I will not choose to have blue, white and red bands. In that order.

I will not organize a vicious man-hunt for Hans Matheson and Nick Jonas. (well...I might actually do this one. Both of those guys should have never played Marius!)

I will not get a hat just to see if people like it.

I will not shout - "Vive la France!", "Vive la République!", "Vive la Résistance!" or any similar phrase as my dying words.

I will not use "delicate flower" as my nick-name for Prouvaire.

I will not write more Les Mis FF when I'm supposed to be writing an essay.

I will not ask Cosette to make me lint bandages.

I will not ask my humanities teacher to add the Brick onto the mandatory reading list.

I will not ask Jean to be my partner in a game of Chicken.

I will not give Eponine a padded bra.

I will not through a fit every time I hear a newbie mispronounce a LM character's name. (Unless their saying "Jean" wrong. That's just ridiculous.)

I will not make offerings at Victor Hugo's grave.

I will not force Enjolras to sing "Defying Gravity" with me.

I will not wear a trench coat and ugly hat and creep after Marius like a certain angst-filled teenage girl does.

I will not ask the Bishop for a loan of silver candlesticks.

I will not pierce Javert's belly button. (I'm not really sure where that idea came from, but just picture how disgruntled Javert would be with a girly butterfly hanging from his belly button.)

I will not buy books just because their summary mentions France or revolution.

I will not sing "Javert's Soliloquy" before jumping off the high dive at swimming pools.

I will not stalk various actors simply because they played in Les Mis. Though I already stalk Michael Ball :)

When asked what I want to do with my life, I will not say "be a student revolutionary, preferably living in France."

I will not tell Grantaire about the Jonas Brothers, just because I could see him developing a little crush and he's only allowed to love Enjolras and booze.

I will not turn my revolutionary belt into a magical lasso.

I will ask Les Amis to go skinny dipping.

I will not tell Gavroche that his part has been played by little girls before.

I won't tell Les Amis that their parts have been played by ladies either.

Most importantly, I won't tell Enjy that I dressed up like him last Halloween...and I'm a teenage girl. It'd just hurt his pride and probably scare him.

I will not say that my address is 55 Rue Plumet.

I will not ask Marius to tell Cosette - "Ursula, I found your scrunchie." (Props if you got that!)

I will not make Jean watch Zombieland, then tell him that the world is going to turn out just like that because he stole bread.

I will not ask Enjolras to slow dance with me.

I will not make Les Amis perform "Grease Lightening."

When people ask me how my life's going, I will not reply - "In my life, there are so many questions and answers that somehow seem wrong/ ect."

I will not introduce Courfeyrac to speed-dating.

I will not ask Combeferre to stop being such a square.

I will not slap the next Mizzie that asks me how Les Amis de l'ABC is a pun.

I will not tell Fantine about Susan Boyle.

I will not tell Marius that his grandfather had arranged a marriage for him, and that I'm his real bride, not Cosette.

I will not go crowd-surfing after I try diving off the barricade.

I will not re-enact Waterloo.

I will not make up an interpretive dance for "Master of the House."

I will not ask Enjolras and Marius to make up more pretty songs about colors.

I will not try to improve my French by singing the original lyrics.

I will not address my friends with LM names, even if they're perfect replicas of a LM character.

I will not initiate a snowball fight while Fantine is around.

I will not tell Eponine that there isn't a little fall of rain while she dies.

I will not make Grantaire attempt to walk on a straight line.

I will not ask Jean to give me a piggy-back ride through the sewers.

I will not challenge Javert to a game of Hide and Seek.

I will not ever admit that my love for Les Miserables has reached the point where it's definitely creepy.