By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead

What is death?

How do we cope with something

That always tends to leave us so

Fragile in the end?

How do we predict who's going to die

Next? Or are we fully capable of

Knowing but we turn a blind eye

Towards it?

What is it that we tend to do

In these types of situations?

Cry? Throw things? Or do

We just cut off all of our

Full fledge emotions to the world?

Do we curse God, that is if we believe in him?

Do we pretend that their death never

Happened? Do we just move on

Not really noticing or caring

Or fearing anything ever again?

What is death, life, love,

What are all the emotions

That we end up giving away

To others without even knowing


My death it was like all the others,

People try to make it like the person

Who died in their life's

Where special, meaning that

They died differently

Though it isn't true.

I died just like everyone else who

Has died before me

Horrible and cruel like

Shot, stabbed, gutted, tortured, beaten.

And not in that particular order,

I write this to you not before or after

But during the torture that I had to


I say goodbye to the world because the

World doesn't seem to want me


We die the same way we live life once

We're born,

Innocent and free.

Not a care in the world.

Death is something that makes us see

What the world is really like, not what

Your mother told you while growing up

Rainbows, and happiness all the time.

It's dark, and scary, and real

Do any of us think death will happen to us?

If we think it won't we're all just

Fooling ourselves, we live the life that

We believe will make ourselves look

Good when really it's just the routine

That you mastered and when time runs

Out so does that routine.

Never really knowing if it was time to

Die or if someone just decided to

End it.