Meet Me

A/N: Last chapter was very long, so this one might seem short in comparison.

Chapter 5 – The Message

Kaitou opened his bedroom door, locked it behind him, and let himself fall down onto his bed. He was exhausted and tired. It was about 12:30 in the middle of the night and he had finally returned home after his long train ride. He placed his chin up on his pillow and took out his cellphone. He flipped it open and opened the picture of him and Akira. The boy stared at it with blank eyes. He couldn't even believe it himself, he had really done it now. What was he thinking? The event replayed in his head.

"Yeah … goodbye, Kaitou. I will really miss you," said Akira, her eyes filled with sadness.

His emotions got the better of him when he heard that final whistle. Something had to be done before he wouldn't see her anymore. Thus, the one thing that popped up in his head, was to pull her close to him and plant his lips on her own. He quickly pulled himself back and hopped onto the train. Just before the door was closing, he said his final goodbye.


The door closed and he looked through the dirty window to see Akira's dumbfounded expression. The train finally left the station and Akira was soon out of sight.

Kaitou's face was red and his heart was pounding really hard in his chest. He kissed Akira. He wasn't planning on kissing her – it just happened. In fact, a lot of things happened today that he wasn't planning on doing. Not only did he erased his recorded message on her phone strap to replace it with a more embarrassing message, that was done in the spur of the moment – he had kissed Akira! Kaitou buried his head into his pillow; he felt so embarrassed, ashamed, and extremely happy. He really didn't plan on kissing her though … Then again, he really hadn't planned on realizing he had wanted to.

When Akira had shouted out to that one guy that she liked him at the theme park, something inside of him just clicked. It was something that shocked him to the center of his heart, and made him realize something. He was overjoyed to hear her say that, hence why his face couldn't stop blushing and he couldn't even utter a word to her. It was then that he realized he liked Akira. In fact, he probably liked her for a really long time, but just never found the time to figure out that he had the hots for his best female friend. Kaitou was overjoyed, and wanted to find the words to reincorporate her feelings.

Then when she heard him say it was all a joke, his world crashed down. He had just realized he was simply smitten with Akira, and then had her say that she didn't like him, it was just a joke. Even though she said that, Akira continued to do things around him that made him extremely happy. Maybe she was only joking about joking?

For one, when he was riding her bike she had decided to hold onto him and press her face against his back. Luckily she couldn't see his face – nor Yasuhiko – because it was as red as a crab. He was secretly very happy that her face was pressing against his back, and to have her small hands hold onto him. The whole ride he had entered some sort of dream state, as he barely registered that they had finally arrived at her house.

Then at her home, her guinea pig, or prairie dog or whatever, peed on his shirt and she immediately took him to the bathroom to wash it off. She didn't laugh at him, instead she made a joke to make him feel better. Standing in front of her like that, looking down on her made him feel all fuzzy inside. Then he had to go and be all creepy and sniff her hair. Such lovely hair she had, and such lovely shampoo she used.

While at the haunted house, she clung onto him like crazy. Kaitou knew it was a good idea to drag her inside, as he knew she'd get scared and would eventually hold onto him – just like during the bike ride. It was a sneaky and manipulative thing to do, but even though he felt guilty for tempting her to go in, he was yet again extremely happy at the results. She was all over him in the haunted house, first digging her nails into his shoulders, then hanging onto his arm as if her life depended on it. All of that touching made Kaitou extremely aware of himself, and he realized he was beginning to get rather excited. Good thing that chainsaw guy appeared out of nowhere and scared the hell out of him – otherwise he could never face himself ever again.

However, most importantly, the fireworks incident. He was just minding his own business, sitting next to Akira, and waiting for the show to start. When the first firework exploded in the air, he felt something grab his hand. It was Akira, though she was staring at the sky when she did it. Her hand was simply resting on his own. It wasn't a mistake, as she didn't pull back – then why did she do it? She wouldn't do this if she didn't want to, right? Feeling brave enough that she wouldn't mind, he simply clasped his hands around her fingers in return. His face was furiously red, but luckily it was dark, and luckily she couldn't feel him shake with nerves. Akira's fingers then went from resting on his hand to intertwining her fingers with his. He was sure he was about to explode from a nosebleed as too much blood was rushing to his head.

It was really nice though, holding the hand of the girl he liked. Though why would she do it if it wasn't for the fact that she liked him as well? When he noticed her staring at him, he turned to look at her. She gave him a warm smile, acknowledging she was indeed holding his hand and was happy about it. All Kaitou could do was melt in a puddle and shyly smile back at her. They were holding hands, and she wanted to.

Then again, she never mentioned a word about that incident afterwards.

Back at her home, her friend decided it was a great idea to play Twister. Kaitou knew what would become of Twister; awkward touching in places they shouldn't, so he was hesitant at first. However, Akira wanted to play, so he went along. At first he managed to be able to play without touching Akira, but that quickly failed as arms and legs touched, then his chest, then his face, then her face and her chest – he didn't do it on purpose though – and finally, she managed to brush against his penis while reaching for a dot. It startled him so much that he basically yelped out loud and fell down. It was extremely embarrassing, but he was trying to ignore the fact she accidentally touched him there.

After that they watched a movie, and Akira had fallen asleep pretty fast, leaning against his shoulder. He didn't mind, and Yasuhiko and Risa didn't seem to notice either. However, Akira lost her balance and soon slipped away from his shoulder and rested her head on his lap instead. Now that Akira was asleep, he didn't feel that embarrassed about it, but enjoyed having her this close to him. He even toyed around with her hair a couple of times during the movie, though she would never know about that. It was during this time that Kaitou decided to change the message that was on the phone strap. He decided to delete the original message on the pone strap and record a new one. He did it because ... well … he knew he wouldn't be able to admit it to her himself, he was too embarrassed to do it. Then it was finally time to leave.

So there he was, with only a few more minutes until he finally went home.

It was really a spur of the moment kind of thing. He would never even dream of kissing Akira – yet there he was, his lips on hers. He smiled at the memory, then groaned out loud and rolled his eyes. He couldn't decide whether to be happy or to be extremely disappointed in himself. Alright, so he kissed her. Now what? He still had to face her one way or the other. Akira probably had some questions in store for him, and it terrified him to know that. Yet he couldn't stop thinking about the positive reaction he might get. What if she liked him too? Well it was fairly obvious that she clearly liked him, gathered from all her actions today, but did she like the kiss?

Then again, hell if he knew that Akira liked him back. He only recently realized that he liked her. Kaitou touched his lips with his index finger and thought back about the kiss again. Feelings coursed through his body as he thought of the memory. Mostly good ones, though. Maybe 'like' wasn't the right word for describing his apparent fondness of Akira. They had fought endless battles together, and she was always there for him, helping him, being his general pillar of support. Then he went all giddy over her picture, and even set it as his wallpaper on his phone. Then during the meeting, he realized he really liked her and every time she touched him, it send sparks through his body. Of course, there was also the spontaneous kiss, he couldn't forget that.

No, like wasn't the right word for this. It was too superficial to what he really felt for Akira. He never really paid attention to it, but he really did have deep and strong feelings for her. He always had, he just never really paid attention to them until now. Like definitely wasn't the right word here.

Kaitou loved Akira.

Yeah, that's right – he loved her. It was embarrassing, but completely true. Kaitou had no clue when he fell in love with her, or how it even happened, but the feeling was there. The feeling to want to be with her, to want to touch her, to always have him by his side as his respected partner. Kaitou's blue eyes stared at his window, wondering why he had never come to terms with these feelings before.

Maybe it was because he was too busy with The World. He was definitely worried about Akira, but he didn't have the time to reflect on his feelings for her – there were lives to be saved! Now, when everything was done and saved, he had the free time to collect his thoughts and emotions and interact with her without the impending doom of The World over their heads. Akira was a great woman, and he respected her greatly for all the things that she had done. Sure, she was two years older than her, but he really didn't care. Akira was his equal like no one else could ever be. She supported him throughout the entire time they knew each other, not once betraying her loyalty to him – and he wanted that to continue in the real world. To have her stand by his side, to hold his hand, and take on the real world.

"I am getting way over in my head," he murmured against the pillow.

So yeah, he just figured out he was in love with Akira, but that didn't solve his dilemma that he had forced a kiss on her and now had to face her. He couldn't very well spit out and say; 'I love you!' that would be way too embarrassing, as well as he was scared of her rejection. She had already said that her confession was a joke … three times! Once in a mail, once during a phone call, and once today! That girl really confused him.

If she really didn't like him, she would have never held his hand and touched him in so many different ways that he could imagine. Surely, it was because she wanted to, right?

Kaitou sighed deeply and decided to try and go to sleep.

The next morning, Kaitou was too scared to check his mail, fearing a mail from Akira as she yelled at him for kissing her. No, he couldn't face her right now, his feelings were still all messed up and he was extremely scared of her reaction. He decided that he wouldn't check his mail until tonight, after he had visited Yasuhiko. He was the only friend he could count on right now. Kaitou hadn't said a word to Yasuhiko about the kiss while they were going back home, he kept it a secret from him. Though, today he wanted to tell him, so Kaitou went to visit Yasuhiko's apartment.

"Heya! Boy do I have something to tell you," said Yasuhiko excitedly as he opened the door to greet Kaitou.

Kaitou entered the apartment and followed Yasuhiko to his room. His friend went to sit on the computer and opened a mail, which he proudly presented to Kaitou.

"Check it out," he said with a smile.

Kaitou shrugged and looked over his shoulder, reading the mail. He was shocked to find out it came from the sender BlackRose.

Hello Yasuhiko.

This is Risa, from yesterday, remember? Anyways, I just wanted to say I had a lot of fun hanging out with you, and wanted to ask your phone number so that we could chat every once in a while. Oh, I'm using Akira's mail address, because I don't have one of my own, so I apologize for that.

Kaitou sighed; it was only her friend using her mail address. His friend turned to him with a broad smile. "She totally likes me."

"Ah, yeah, I gathered that from yesterday when you kept talking to each other."

"Well she's a really nice girl, she knows when to crack a joke, I had fun with her. I'm glad you invited me to come with you! By the way, why are you here at my place?"

"Oh ... hm …" Kaitou shuffled on his spot, staring at his feet.

"Kai, you're turning red again, stop that."

Kaitou turned around in a blink of an eye, hiding his face. "Stop saying that!"

"Well spit it out, what do you want."

The boy took a deep breath; he was going to tell Yasuhiko that he kissed Akira and wanted advice.

"Before I boarded the train yesterday … I … k-k-kissed her …"

"What!" said Yasuhiko outraged. "You never told me that! But wow, way to go, I didn't think you'd have the guts to do something like that."

"It was just in the spur of the moment," he mumbled softly.

"And what did she do then?"

"Nothing … I kissed her then hopped on the train before she could even say anything at all."

Yasuhiko punched Kaitou's arm. "What an awful thing to do, so you just left her standing there? Didn't even wait to see what her reaction was?"

Kaitou rubbed his arm and glared at Yasuhiko. "The train was leaving! I didn't have much time!"

"Did you at least send her a mail when you got home? You know, apologize for the stupid thing you did."

Kaitou remained silent.

"You didn't! She must be super mad at you right now, boy do I have zero sympathy for you – you brought it upon yourself. Now leave me alone while I talk to Risa." Yasuhiko then shoved Kaitou outside of his apartment, slamming the door closed.

The boy blinked a few times; did he really just get evicted from his friend's home? He grumbled something nasty under his breath, then went back home. Upon arrival, he sat in front of his blank computer screen. It was turned off, and he was still too scared to check his mail. If Yasuhiko was right; Akira would be really mad right now – which made him even more scared! Yet, he couldn't keep on ignoring his mail forever, he knew he had to explain himself at one point.

Kaitou turned on his computer and saw it boot up. For some reason, this was even scarier than fighting any of the bosses he had before, all because he was too chicken to face the consequences. The computer was finally on, showing his desktop. Kaitou slowly clicked on his mail and logged in. With a lump in his throat, he checked his inbox. There were three messages from BlackRose. He knew it, she was angry and mad and taking it out on him. Kaitou slumped back in his chair, too afraid to click on one of her messages, but he had to, he couldn't avoid it forever. He hovered his mouse on the first mail and clicked it, closing his eyes in anticipation.

When he opened them up, he noticed she had only written one sentence:

Are you home yet?

Kaitou checked the time of the message; it was sent at 12 AM yesterday. Apparently she had stayed up all this time to see if he had arrived. He didn't even have the guts to say he was safe and home. Kaitou was absolutely relieved he didn't see any vulgar words in there though, and proceeded to the next message.

Please send me a message when you see this, we need to talk.

Sweat started dripping from his forehead as he read that last part. We need to talk. Oh god, he was surely going to get killed by her, or stomped to death, or go deaf from her cursing – either way, it wasn't going to be pretty. It made him so scared that he barely had the energy to read the last mail she had sent him. With a trembling finger, he clicked the final message.

I know you're avoiding me! Stop it … please, I just want to talk :-(

Great, he'd been ignoring her all this time while all she wanted to do was talk to him. Kaitou felt guilty as hell, so guilty in fact, that he clicked on the reply button. It was time he came face to face with his fears and talked to Akira. His fingers were resting on the keyboard, waiting for him to think of something to say. What would he say? What was there to say? 'Oh hey, sorry I kissed you, please forget about it!' wouldn't quite do it. Kaitou was way too embarrassed to even talk about anything remotely close to 'kiss', so he figured he'd approach the simple reply.

Sorry, I fell asleep right away when I got home.

Kaitou reread it; it seemed kind of cold, like he was intentionally avoiding the subject he knew she wanted to talk about – but what else could he say without embarrassing the hell out of himself? The boy groaned out loud and pressed send.

Akira hadn't noticed it at first; she was merely twirling the little tennis racket around her finger. Kaitou had given it right before he … Akira turned red and laid down on her pillow. It was then that she noticed the button on the tennis racket. Funny, she hadn't noticed it all this time she'd been toying around with it. Curiosity got the better of her and she pressed it. When the voice of Kaitou suddenly boomed through the racket, Akira jumped and accidentally let it go. She grabbed the racket again and brought it up to her face to examine it; so it also recorded your voice. Akira pressed the button again, as she didn't hear it clearly before. Once more, the voice of Kaitou emerged from the speaker.

"I like you, Akira."

Her eyes widened at the message. Did she hear that correctly? She pressed it again just to make sure.

"I like you, Akira."

Akira brought a hand up to her face, as if to hide herself. "Kaitou, why must you torture me so," she mumbled and pressed the button to hear the message once more. Akira felt like she was laying down on a bunch of fluffy clouds, as everything felt wonderful to her now. She also couldn't seem to stop pressing the button to hear Kaitou say that he liked her. Yesterday still felt like a dream, and that message was the only part of it that made everything seem real. Akira held the racket close to her heart as she played the message again, finding it hard to stop listening to it.

She really wanted to see him again. Yesterday was merely a teaser for her, and left her hanging for more. She definitely wanted more, as crazy as that sounded. Especially once he … Akira found it hard to even think about it; clamming up and breaking out into sweat. It was simply too unreal to believe it happened, but it really did. It did happen, Kaitou did in fact … kiss her. Right before he boarded the train, he kissed her lips. It wasn't an accident, it certainly wasn't after he forcefully pulled her close to him and bent his head down to reach her lips. No, he definitely did it on purpose, and Akira had been stuck with thoughts such as 'why' ever since.

Why did he kiss her? Akira pressed the button again.

"I like you, Akira."

Because he liked her, that's why. Because he wanted to kiss her. He wanted to do all those things yesterday that Akira had liked. He didn't mind she was holding him during their bike trip, and he certainly didn't mind the second time. There was also the hand holding part, which was the most obvious one, as he never pulled his hand back when she intertwined their fingers together. No, Kaitou wouldn't keep on holding her hand if he didn't like it. It was obvious, wasn't it – Kaitou had liked it all. Or at least, didn't seem to mind. Well, Akira was fairly sure that he did like all those things, because he had kissed her at the end.

Kaitou kissed her.

Akira touched her lips, remembering the scene from yesterday. It was fast, really fast, so fast she could barely remember what his lips felt on top of hers. Though, she did remember her own mind shutting down for a few seconds when he did, and the amount of confusing feelings surging through her body afterwards as she watched him disappear into the distance.

Akira liked it, and she wanted to do it again, but this time properly. Not having to do it right at the end, when there wasn't much time left. No, she wanted to do it again when she was alone with him. Somewhere private, where she could take her leisure time staring into his eyes, then leaning forward to catch his lips with her. Yes, she wanted to take all the time in the world to kiss Kaitou – for the second time that it. If there was ever going to be a second time. Was there going to be a second time? Her finger pressed the button.

"I like you, Akira."

Why wouldn't there be? Kaitou couldn't very well leave her with a final kiss, then completely ignore her and never see her again. No, he had set the wheels in motion now; she couldn't possibly leave him alone now. Not when she wanted it as bad as he did. If only he would actually respond to her mails so that she could talk this through with him.

Kaitou hadn't said a word to her after he had kissed her and left on the train. Not even a small message stating that he was safe and home. He was ignoring her, she knew he was. Maybe he really was under the impression that the kiss was the final thing he'd do to her, then walk out of her life completely because he was afraid she might hurt him or something. How could she? This was Kaitou, her best friend, she couldn't do those things to him. Especially since she wanted him to do all those things to her, and had certainly enjoyed their time together (especially the physical parts). She wasn't mad at him for kissing her, in fact, she was kind of proud he did. Who knew Kaitou had the guts to pull off a stunt like that? Well, he was kind of gutsy in-game, but he was a complete wimp offline. Then again, the kiss proved otherwise.

Kaitou leaped at the chance and kissed her. That took guts. Now it was time he faced her after the kiss, because Akira seriously needed to talk to him. She really wanted to talk to him, to tell him that it's alright he kissed her. She obviously liked it, wasn't the hand holding proof enough for him? All that touchy stuff wasn't for nothing. If it were any other person, she wouldn't dare touch them like she had casually touched Kaitou. Wasn't it clear to him that she held him for a reason during the bike trip? That she had reached out to hold his hand during the fireworks? To show him that yes, Akira liked him as well? Maybe he was dense? Well, Kaitou could be really dense, but who can deny that hand holding was seen as something romantic between couples? Surely he understood that significant action, right?

"I like you, Akira."

Akira snuggled the little tennis racket. "I like you too, Kaitou," she mumbled back to it.

It took her a while to admit it, to say it out loud; but Akira definitely liked Kaitou. Probably a lot more than that word could ever portray her real feelings. She had for a long time, but never really admitted or acted upon it. Not since yesterday, when all those emotions were driving her crazy and overrode her sane mind, making her do stuff she wouldn't have done before. Such as holding his hand.

Then he kissed her.

Akira groaned out loud in frustration; she really needed to talk to Kaitou! She couldn't wait around for him to finally respond to her. Akira took her phone and was about to dial his number, when she figured she should check her mail first before calling him. Maybe he had finally sent her something while she was day dreaming about him.

The girl sat behind her computer, typed in her password and logged onto her mail. To her surprise, Kaitou had finally replied. That nervous feeling was starting to build up in her stomach again. She slowly clicked on it, wondering what he had said.

Sorry, I fell asleep right away when I got home.

That's it? That's all he wrote? Akira frowned at the screen, which then turned into a glare. That pissed her off! No, she must be calm, acting hysterical wasn't going to achieve anything. Kaitou was probably being his weird self again and clamming up when he should be discussing his feelings with her. So to make sure that the subject would be about them, Akira started to type.

I'm glad that you're safe, I was getting kind of worried because you didn't send me a message.

I also wanted to thank you for the birthday present. It's really cute, I'm glad you remembered I like tennis. It was only an hour ago that I figured out it had a recorded message on it.

Akira stared at the screen. What should she say after that? So she heard his message, what would she say to him? 'I like you too' seemed way too cheesy, and in a way, it seemed like was losing to Kaitou by saying it personally to him first. Alright, he managed to say it first, but it was pre-recorded! It didn't count! She was not going to admit it first! Akira childishly stuck out her tongue to no one in particular and sent her message as it was.

It took a while before she got her reply, she had been sitting around, browsing the internet as she waited for his reply. She looked at the clock, and realized it took him an hour to respond to her Akira quickly opened it up.


She frowned; sorry? What was he sorry about? Why was he suddenly lacking words from his vocabulary? Did he lose the ability to type coherent messages? A bit annoyed, Akira wrote her reply.

Sorry about what?

Then hit send.

Akira tapped her foot on the ground impatiently, awaiting his reply. She knew he was at the computer, so ignoring her right now was obvious and really rude. He wouldn't dare ignore her again. Her computer chimed; Kaitou had sent her mail.

About … that.

He was being really vague, wasn't he? He was doing it on purpose too; Akira knew he was avoiding anything that had to do with what happened yesterday and what was recorded on the tennis racket. She really couldn't help keep her annoying tendencies intact and started to write her angry reply.

Stop being so vague and avoiding the subject! Type like a normal person, you moron.

Alright, so she was getting pretty mad right now. It was his fault though! Being so annoyingly vague with his very short mails. He should know better than to aggravate her. Within a few minutes, Kaitou's mail came in.

I'm sorry I kissed you.

Akira reread that line several times. Suddenly, she felt pretty hurt, as if someone decided to rip out her stomach and dance on it. He was sorry he kissed her? Well, that was pretty damn insulting. It was like he was referring to it as a mistake, like he wanted to take it back and pretend it never happened. How was that supposed to make her feel when she actually liked it?

"Well, so-ry mister, but you can't suddenly say something like that and expect to get away with it," she said out loud. She positioned her fingers on the keyboard and started to type away.

Really? I wasn't aware that you kissing me was a mistake. I'm glad to know that now, Kaitou. Thank you very much for saying you're sorry about it while I was sitting here, thinking maybe we can meet up again. But I can tell you don't want to, so goodbye Kaitou.

So maybe her mail was filled with lies to rile him up – but he deserved it! For being sorry about kissing her! She wasn't actually going to stop talking to him, she only wanted him to feel guilty for saying something like that, because she was happy he kissed her. Saying 'I'm sorry I kissed you.' was a big slap in the face. He had to get it through his thick skull that she liked it.

Another chime, and another mail came in.

Wait, you're not angry about it?

Akira rolled her eyes and wanted to hit her forehead because of Kaitou's stupidity.

Geez Kaitou, yah think? The only thing I'm angry about is you avoiding me and saying that you're sorry for kissing me!

Well guess what, I'm not sorry! :-(

There, maybe he'd get it now. She still didn't want to admit it first though, that she liked him that is. She wanted to hear him say it again, even though he technically did say it. Though, that didn't really count. Really. She waited for her inbox to update so that she could see his mail pop in.

I thought you'd be angry at me … and I kind of didn't want to face you after that. What about the message? You're not ... angry about that either?

He was referring to the recorded message telling her he liked her, right? Akira shrugged, and figured she'd type something without admitting she liked him.

No, I'm not angry about that at all. I liked it.

There, she said she liked 'it', but not him specifically. She was playing a really childish game with him, trying to get him to say it before her, but she was allowed to have some fun, right? Teasing him was a lot of fun, especially since she knew he'd be all flustered right now. Alright, maybe she was flustered as well, but by focusing on getting him to admit it first took away some of her nerves. Akira smiled as she waited for the next mail to come in. Maybe she should call him, so they wouldn't have to mail each other anymore. Then again, it would make everything more awkward, and she wasn't quite sure if she knew what to say on the spot. Her computer chimed again.

I'm not quite sure if I follow you, you're not angry about the kiss, and you're also not angry about the message I gave you. Then what are you?

Akira tapped her fingers on the keyboard, wondering what her response should be without admitting she liked him first.

Happy :-)

She was happy to hear those words and to have kissed him. Very happy indeed.

Does that mean you like me?

And I don't mean as friends.

Darn, he was forcing her to say it first. Akira thought about how she could answer this mail without losing to him and being the first one to admit to liking the other. She cracked her mind, but found no way of answering the mail without admitting that she liked Kaitou. The girl sighed in defeat; he had won the round, she would finally admit that she liked him. Akira swallowed hard and slowly started to type her reply with her heart beating in her throat. Even though she knew he liked her back … it was still making her palms sweaty as she tried to type.

Yes Kaitou, I like you very much. I'm pretty sure that was obvious since yesterday.

Akira hadn't noticed it till now, but her body was actually shaking a little bit. She was full of nerves and excitement. Even though she was merely discussing this with Kaitou, and she already knew that he liked her, she was still feeling plenty of weird emotions that made her happy. Oh yes, Kaitou liking her back made her very happy. Really happy indeed – it made her finally admit she liked him as well. More than friends, a lot more than friends. She probably had for a long time, and Akira did notice it, her feelings for Kaitou, they were buried deep within her, but her pride refused herself to admit to really liking him. Well, that was until yesterday.

Well, you can be very confusing you know. You've said you were in love with me 3 times, and each time you said you were joking afterwards. It's nice to know for sure :-)

Akira rose her eyebrows at this; had he been keeping count? She thought back to how many times she said something like this, and could only remember two times she said she loved him, then joked about it right afterwards. Once was in the mail about two weeks or so ago, then the other one was yesterday at the theme park. Where was the third one then? She shook her head and started to type her question that had been burning in her mind. What spurred Kaitou on to kiss her? What made him take that chance and do it?

So I've been thinking about this since you left; why did you kiss me? I know we held hands before, but I never expected you to do that.

She wondered what went through Kaitou's mind when he kissed her. She'd really liked to know.

I don't know … I just wanted to, I guess. Are you sure you're not mad about it?

Akira smiled; of course she wasn't mad. She was super glad that her first kiss had been with Kaitou. However, she wasn't going to admit that so fast … not yet anyway. Though the kiss had been rather fast and Akira couldn't remember the feeling as much (except for the feelings that came afterwards), and very much wanted to repeat it and do it right. Yeah, she really wanted to do it again.

Want to do it again?

She wanted to see him again, badly. Ever since Kaitou had left her side, she had been missing him like crazy. Which was absurd, considering they were only together for a very short amount of time, and she was already missing his presence around her. Even though that presence did sometimes make her feel awkward, she very much liked having him around, it was a really nice feeling having him close.

What exactly are you asking for?

Akira rolled her eyes at Kaitou's denseness.

I'm asking if you want to do it again, you idiot. It means I want to see you again.

Akira was beginning to really dread waiting for his reply again. Maybe calling him wasn't such a bad idea right now.

Well, of course I want to see you again, I just don't have the money anymore :-(

That's it, she was going to call him, she hated interacting with mail now, she wanted to hear his voice. Akira grabbed her phone and selected Kaitou's name from her list and dialed his number. The phone rang for quite a while, and Akira suspected that Kaitou was too chicken to pick up and face her in real-time. It scared her a bit too, to talk to him right now, after they basically admitted they liked each other. She was pleasantly surprised when he did pick up and answered the phone.

"Hi," he said softly, sending chills down her spine. Hearing his voice was so much better than reading his mails.

"Hey," she greeted, equally as soft as his voice. It was a bit awkward, especially since they were talking about kissing and hand holding and liking each other …

"Erm, d-did you read my last mail?" She loved it when he stuttered.

"Yes I did. Which is why I was going to say that you don't have to worry about the money."

"N-no, I can't accept money from you!" he replied hastily.

"What? No, I don't mean like that. I meant that I could come visit you instead, you know, so you won't have to pay to come see me."

"Oh," he said. Then after a while of silence, he said something again, his voice wavering. "Look at me … I can't even hold my phone correctly because I'm shaking so much …"

Akira was practically shaking too; there were too much emotions coursing through her body, and it was making her feel very faint and weak in the knees. Good thing she was already sitting down.

"I know, me too," she admitted in a tiny voice. "I don't even want to know what my face looks like right now." She really didn't; she'd been avoiding touching her cheeks or looking into anything shiny so she could avoid her reflection. She already knew she was blushing like no tomorrow, but she didn't want to see. Just knowing how much her emotions had an effect on her body was enough for her to know her cheeks were burning red.

"Hehe," chuckled Kaitou nervously.



He paused for a while, probably to ready himself, and she could hear his unsteady breathing in the phone. "That message ... erm… how should I say this. It wasn't entirely true …"

Akira held in her breath; what did he mean by that? His message wasn't true? Did that mean he didn't really like her?

"I uhh …" he stopped to remove the phone from his head and she heard him curse in the background. Akira was still too stricken with fear that he'd been fooling her all this time to really care though.

He brought the phone back to his face. "I don't just like you," he started, and Akira finally let go of the breath she'd been holding.

"You're a great person, Akira … always been by my side, always helped me out whenever I needed it. Sometimes even when I didn't need it. B-but that's not the point," he said in a big rush, sometimes stumbling over his words. "The point is … yesterday I realized I was really happy with you. I-I'm pretty sure you noticed though, I get nervous and shy quite fast around y-you," he admitted, and ironically enough, he said it 'shyly'.

Akira giggled as her body shivered at Kaitou's words. She leaned back in her chair, thinking she was going to lose consciousness or something from all the feelings that were emerging right now.

"Anyways, it just made me realize s-something which I have. .. felt … for a while. Uhm, yeah … I-eh … God why is this so hard to say!" he suddenly snapped at her. Akira was taken aback to hear Kaitou so frustrated; he had always been the calm one. "I'm sorry!" he hastily apologized. "I'm just a … wreck right now." She heard him take a deep breath to calm himself down before he started the next sentence. "Alright, here I go … Akira I … I …"

"I love you."

Akira felt her heart stop as he said those words. Thinking it had only been her imagination, she quickly responded with, "say that again," her voice barely a whisper.

"I … love you. There, I said it, twice."

There were tears, oh god there were tears streaming down her face and she had no idea why. Hearing those words really knocked all the sense out of her. So it wasn't just 'like', was it? Kaitou loved her, and Akira couldn't be happier at this revelation. Honestly, she was in love with him as well. Had been all this time. 'Like' just seemed easier to say than 'love', which is why she didn't mention it. It was already hard enough to admit to liking Kaitou, and her pride was preventing her from saying anything about 'love' to Kaitou, but hearing him break down in front of her to finally confess that he loved her … it melted her heart and her pride was thrown out the window. So she said the one thing that was on her mind as well.

"You've always helped me as well," she softly whispered back to him. "Always so honest, always helping people … but I always felt happier when you helped only me, and talked only to me. Yesterday just confirmed my already growing feelings for you, Kaitou. I never thought I'd say this, but …. here goes."

"I love you too …" she said with a big smile and tears in her eyes. "That one isn't a joke," she added with a small laugh. Kaitou laughed with her. Albeit both laughs were filled with anxiety and nerves.

Akira wiped away her tears and tried to calm down her beating heart. "You're not joking either, are you?"

"N-no, of course not!" Kaitou said a bit hurt. "I wouldn't embarrass myself so much if I was joking …" he mumbled more to himself. "Hah, this is so strange … I think I need to sit down."

Akira chuckled a bit. "What were you doing standing up then?"

"Well ... your phone call kind of scared me and made me jump out of my seat."

"Literally?" she asked while laughing at him.

"Yeah … haha … I know, I'm pretty pathetic."

"That's alright though, I still like you."

Akira couldn't wipe the smile off of her face as she held the phone closer to her ear, kind of wanting to cuddle it for bringing her good news. There was a short silence, with neither of them having anything to say (probably due to nerves and general shyness).

"So …" he began, pulling Akira out of her thoughts. "Does this mean we're together?"

"If by together you mean boyfriend and girlfriend, then yes, we are together. At least, I better hope we'd be!"

Kaitou loved her, and she loved him back – it was really a dream. Who knew yesterday's meeting would turn into this? Into a big confession? Who knew he loved her back? Kite, the Twilight hero, was in love with BlackRose, and they were now boyfriend and girlfriend – or whatever seemed more deeper than that. Her feelings were returned, and she was really happy about that, that he felt the same. However, she really had to see him again, especially after all this. That second meeting was definitely coming up.

"This feels so weird," Kaitou admitted.

"It feels weird to me too, I've never even had a boyfriend before you." Akira bit her lip, not really wanting to reveal she was so inexperienced.

"Is that right?" he asked a bit arrogantly. Then he chuckled at her. "I've never even had someone I liked before you … so I guess we're about the same, huh?"

Good, she didn't want Kaitou to like anyone but her, Akira was very possessive. Then she started to think about what made Kaitou think he was in love with her. The question was itching to come out of her mouth, and Akira simply obliged.

"When … when did you realize it? That you love me and all that stuff."

Kaitou was silent for a few seconds. "Yesterday?" he said unsure.

"Didn't take you very long to act on it then," said Akira with a snigger. "What exactly made you realize it though?"

"That guy, at the theme park. I was pretty angered that he kept trying to give you his gift … and then you joked about liking me."

Akira winced at the memory. "Yeah, sorry about that …"

"Don't be, because I was actually happy when you said you liked me … it kind of surprised me, but then I started thinking … one thing led to another …"

"So, it was a good thing I joked around about liking you?"

Kaitou laughed a bit. "I guess so. Then, what about you?"

Akira looked at the ceiling as she pondered his question. It was hard to tell when, because Akira's pride prevented her from admitting she loved Kaitou. She knew she had hidden feelings for him for a long time, she just never acted upon them or gave it much thought. Then she saw his picture, and everything started to snowball from there on. However, the one thing that really made her think about it, was the picture on his cellphone. Akira was Kaitou's wallpaper on his cellphone, and it really forced her to think about his feelings, and her feelings for him.

"Hhmm, I guess I'd have to say when I realized that my picture was your wallpaper."

Kaitou choked back a cough. "You saw that!"

Akira laughed at his reaction when his secret came out. "Yup, for a moment I thought you were some creepy stalker though."

"I can't believe you didn't even say anything about it … and I'm not a creepy stalker!"

"Suuure, why else was my picture on your phone, huh?"

"That's because I liked looking at you, okay?"

Akira's cheeks heated up even more and she smiled. That was a pretty nice answer.

"Anyways, once I saw that picture I couldn't stop thinking about why you had done it … so I figured, maybe it's because you liked me … and I liked that. I liked thinking that you liked me, however vain that might sound like. Which is why, well ... you know … I grabbed your hand during the fireworks."

"That's why you held my hand? Well, then I'm not sorry for having you as my wallpaper then," he said smugly.

"I actually kind of liked it," she said with a shy smile.

"What, the hand holding?"

"Oh, I meant the picture. But the hand holding, yeah it was nice. I want to do it again."

"Me too."

"And I want to kiss you as well," she admitted softly, her cheeks reddening.

"I'm so glad you're not mad about that … haha."

"I'm just mad you did it right before you left! Didn't even give me time to think!"

"I'm sorry! It was really just in the spur of the moment kind of thing! I wasn't planning on it …"

"Well, we'd have to redo it. When you're not on the brink of leaving."

"You mean a second meeting?"

"Of course! This time I'll come see you, and we won't bring any of our friends together this time … this time, it'll just be you … and me."

"You sure you have the money for it?"

"Yeah, I have enough for a bunch of trips actually."

"I guess we're going back to planning things again."

"First we need to figure out when … I can come next weekend, if you'd like."

"Sounds fine to me, I'm free whenever you are."

"And uhm … can I sleep over?" she asked hesitantly.

"Erm, why?"

"Well … one day is so short, don't you think? And because we live so far from each other, traveling will get pretty expensive … so staying over so we can spend two days together wouldn't be a bad thing, right?"

"I guess so … I'll have to ask my parents though."

"I'm pretty sure they'll be glad a girl is staying over – didn't you say that they thought you were gay?" She tried her best to hold in her giggle that was trying to escape.

"Don't say that! Either way, I think I pretty much disproved that point now, don't you think?"

"And why's that?" she cooed innocently.


"Come on, don't be shy, say it."

"Because I'm in love with you."

No matter how many times she'd hear him say that, it still brought all these emotions free that did several things to her body at once. Akira was overjoyed to hear him say it, she could never get tired of hearing that. Never.

"I said it, now it's your turn."

Akira gulped, finding it hard to say it as well. "Fine … I'm in love with you too."

"I can't believe BlackRose is my girlfriend."

Akira smiled for the umpteenth time. "I'm pretty satisfied that Kite is my boyfriend, he's pretty chill, you know."

Kaitou merely chuckled at her humor. "So about that second meeting …"