Naru, Naru, Panic!

Chapter 1 (Pilot!)

I had a brilliant Idea Tuesday and you wouldn't believe what popped into me head. Here is my newest creation!

~Mugan Von Hellscream~

It was the strangest sensation ever, the feeling of weightlessness. It wasn't flight, yet it wasn't falling either. This was the sensation that Naruto Uzumaki felt as he awoke.

What in the...

And as soon as he felt it, it was gone as if it never were. Naruto landed hard in the dirt and grunted as he cracked a single eye open. "Ow..." Naruto pushed himself up onto his knees and gazed about with sleepy eyes. "What..." He muttered confusedly as Training Ground Seven filled his eyes. "Why am I... crap, must have fallen asleep training..."

Naruto rose to his feet and rubbed his eyes sleepily. "I wonder what time it is..." Naruto looked up with squinted eyes at the sky above. The sun was just coming over the tree tops. "... about six o'clock..." Naruto's eyes suddenly widened. "SHIT! I have a mission today!" Naruto took off from the training ground and dashed through the trees. "Damn, Damn, Damn! Sakura's going to kill me!"

As Naruto finally came out of the forested training ground he ran down the dirt path leading back to the main part of the village. He soon was running down the nearly empty streets he began to notice something rather odd. Naruto's head turned left and right with a large frown. Some of the shops had painted their buildings different colors and some had painted theirs back to the ones they had prior. "Oh come on!" he growled. "I spent four hours painting that house two days ago!"

Naruto shook his head and kept running. It was as he was running past the Ichiraku Ramen Hut that he froze in his tracks. "Wha..." Sitting in his favorite stool was a girl wearing an orange short skirt with white spandex shorts that went to her just above her knees, and a fishnet shirt with a sleeveless orange vest that stopped right above her stomach. Her skin was a tanish color similar to his own and her hair was the exact same shade of blond as his hair. It was long and traveled down to just above her skirt and every few inches small blond spikes jutted out like his own.

Naruto blinked and blinked again. Who is she? Naruto thought staring. Then Naruto's eyes drifted to the clock of the Ramen stand and his eyes widened again. "Damn it I'm going to be late!" Naruto dashed off and soon arrived at the Hokage tower. As he ran up the stairs he noticed a Gennin Team coming down the steps. One was a very muscular man in a green spandex jumpsuit with a jet black bowl cut.. Naruto's eyes widened in shock. Holy shit! look at those eyebrows!

Naruto eyes then drifted to the others and his eyes widened. There's another one! Naruto's eyes flickered to the others. A Hyuga boy with long dark brown hair and a tan jacket and a girl in Chinese style clothing with her brown hair in two buns. Naruto was just about to pass when the girl noticed him. "Naru-chan what are you doing looking like that?" She asked with a giggle.

Naruto paused. Naru-chan? I'm not a little kid anymore! but... this girl knows me and I don't remember her so... He then gave a small hesitant smile. "Well, you know its just..."

"I know, I know... but you better hurry up and get to the mission room, Team seven just walked in." The girl said as she continued down theirs with her team. "Don't want to make Kakashi-sensei mad again."

"Right... uh see you later!" Naruto called after her. She gave a small wave and Naruto turned around going up the stairs. Ok... I really need to remember that girls name...

Naruto continued on and soon arrived at the mission room doors. Skidding the right door open with his foot he walked in with his hand behind his neck. "Sorry I'm late, I passed out training and..." Naruto trailed of as Team seven turned towards him with raised eyebrows. "What?"

Sasuke scowled and turned away and Kakashi sighed and turned back towards the Hokage and Iruka who were staring at him intently. Sakura had her hand on her mouth trying to suppress a giggle and failed miserably. "What the hell Naru-chan, did you finally give up and decided to go butch?"

Why is everyone calling me Naru-chan! Naruto thought with a growl. "Stop calling me that! My name is Naruto, not Naru-chan!"

It was as soon as he said those words that there was a giggle. "Someone, say my name?" All eyes then went towards the door to see the girl Naruto had seen earlier. She looked like a younger version of his Oiroke no Jutsu form except for the lack of pigtails. Her crystal blue eyes widened in shock as they locked with his.

There was a moment of silence until Kakashi sighed. "Alright, this gag has gone on long enough." Kakashi pulled out shuriken and casually threw it at Naruto.

It embedded itself into his right arm and he hissed in pain. "Ah, what the fuck!" Naruto turned to Kakashi with angry eyes. "What the hell Teme!"

"Oh, then she's the clone..." Kakashi flicked another shuriken at the girl and she barely dodged with the shrunken nicking the side of her face. "What the hell sensei!" She cried as blood began to fall from her cheek. "You could have killed me!"

As blood began to fall from both teenagers Sarutobi stood up straight. "Kakashi, you and the rest of your team are dismissed." He then turned to Naruto and snapped his fingers. In that moment two Anbu appeared at his side. "Take the boy to Ibiki and Naruko to my office."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock. "Wait what are-" He wasn't given a chance to finish as he suddenly felt a hand chop across the back of his neck. All went black and the last thing he saw was a pair of worried blue eyes.

Hope enjoyed this very brief pilot