This back story fiction I am writing does not connect to my Sukima series at all, EXCEPT for the very beginning, and the very end, which, in terms of timeline, should take place right before and after Sakuya is attacked by the vampires (Paradise Sukima Chapters 7 and 8) Other than that, this story stands on its own. It also contains bloody events, so if you don't like anything that has to do with blood, hit that back button. Note that although I tried to make this story as close as possible to ZUN's info, there are still things that ARE NOT clear about the story, so I will have to, and will add a few things from myself, so you may disregard this story if you like. It's just for entertainment after all. Also, I would kindly ask you to leave a comment/review, as it is important for me to know how I am doing with this. There is little, to no comedy in these, and more drama than what I'm usually used to write, so helpful comments/reviews are welcome.

Inside the gloom that is the room of the little sister of Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet, the two vampires meet again, for the first time in countless years; no Sakuya, no Meiling, no Patchouli, just the two Scarlet sisters.

Although there is a single candle dimly illuminating the gloom of the room, to the sisters it seems so dark, it is as if they are inside the darkness of the void.

Remilia's eyes hide under a thick and dark shadow cast by her own hair, and after much thought, she says "I thought I lost you again."

Flandre stands in a corner, away from Remilia, next to the door that's kept her shut in, safe from the evils of the world outside her room for so many years.

Holding on to the twisted rod she uses as a weapon on so many occasions, she twists her hands around it, her eyes hidden under the shadow of her hat, which she lowers with her right hand as she asks "w-what are you talking about, sis? I'm always here. I've always been here."

Remilia feels as though a large thorn has penetrated her cold heart, and it mocks her, keeping her alive while stabbing her repeatedly.

She raises her voice as she says "that's not what I mean, Flandre!"

The little sister flinches, then starts twisting her hands around her rod again.

Remilia takes a deep breath as she says "you called for them. Our mother and father. You reverted back to what you were... before..."

Flandre gulps as she raises her head to look at her sister, their eyes still hidden under a thick, black shadow.

Remilia keeps her face still, as though she's a statue, then says "That brought back so many memories I wish I never had in the first place."

There is a moment of silence between the sisters, then Remilia asks "do you remember them? Do you remember what happened before we came to live here? To this paradise?"

Flandre's body tenses, she clenches her rod tightly, and softly growls, then says "I don't wanna! K-keep them away from me!"

Remilia raises her voice again as she says "you are Flandre Scarlet of the Scarlet Devi Mansion! Do not disgrace your name!"

Flandre starts to sob as she says "but it hurts! I don't want to remember!"

Remilia lowers her voice again as she asks "are you not my sister? Won't you share the burden with me?"

Flandre calms down as she looks curiously at her sister, then says "onee-sama, I AM your sister. But why do we have to do this? Why now? I am here already, so what's the point?"

Remilia sighs, understanding how Flandre must be feeling the same thing as her, maybe worse.

She smiles, though this smile comes empty; a lie.

This fake smile manages to calm Flandre down a bit, then Remilia says "you were... such a happy little girl. If it wasn't for your powers, and those wings... you could have easily fooled everyone into thinking you were human."

Flandre sniffles, then says "I... I remember..."

In a foreign land hidden inside a thick mist, where a single, small village stands close to a forest, and a large, gloomy castle, home of the Scarlet sisters, Remilia and Flandre Scarlet, a terrible, fateful even is about to take place, and though she has the power to see and change fate, even she fails to foresee the events that are to unfold.

It's late noon, and the human maids all work diligently in keeping the castle spotless, as the mistress of the castle demands cleanliness.

Regardless of what other may think of her, just because she's a vampire, she too likes clean atmospheres.

All maids wear a red maid's dress with long skirts, and a bonnet for good measure and only the chief maid is allowed to wear a black dress.

Remilia wakes up and sits on her bed for a while, looking around her room just as a long haired blonde maid with light blue eyes enters the room and says "good afternoon, my lady. I hope you had a pleasant rest."

Remilia's lips seem to turn into a very faint smile as she looks at the maid and calmly says "chief maid. Good afternoon. Yes, I had a pleasant rest, though I must say, I feel rather odd today."

As Remilia jumps off her bed, the chief maid stares at her curiously, offering a clean set of clothes as Remilia's pajamas fly to the bed, then asks "do you wish to reschedule your visit to the village, then?"

Remilia raises her voice slightly as she quickly says "no! No, if I miss the visit they might start talking. Ugh, ever since dad..."

The chief maid keeps quiet and looks away as the room becomes silent, then Remilia, who is now fully clothed in white, wearing her usual poofy white hat and matching dress, says "our relation is already delicate as it is. No, Shurelia! If I skip even once, it could get dangerous for us. Not everyone feels friendly towards a vampire."

Remilia looks at her long clawed hand and softly says "and who can blame them."

Shurelia stares at Remilia with saddened eyes, unable to find comforting words for her mistress, but she is soon brought into attention by Remilia, who snaps her fingers and says "keep focused. You're my chief maid after all!"

Shurelia gasps and panics for a brief moment, then bows and says "please, forgive me, my lady! I'll gladly get your meal ready! Please come to the dining room whenever you are ready."

Remilia stares neutrally at the chief maid's face, then slowly blinks once as the maid turns around and leaves in a rush to the kitchen.

Remilia looks out the window of her room, the thick curtains keeping the harsh sunlight outside so it doesn't disturb her, as she thinks "this world is changing too much. Magic is being replaced by technology too quickly. People are forgetting their values and they culture."

She walks out her room and slowly makes her way to the dining room with a most serious expression in her face as she thinks "but all that is of no concern to me. As long as I have my sister and my castle, we'll all be fine."

Meanwhile, puppy barks and giggles can be heard echoing from the stairs leading down to the castle's basement.

One of the maids approaches the stairs and calls "miss Flandre, is that you? Your breakfast is getting cold!"

The maid feels as though a small carriage has run her over, and finds herself flying against her will toward the wall at an unforgiving, and uncontrollable speed, yet she doesn't feels the expected impact on her back, and instead finds herself floating just above the ground.

She slowly lands back down on to the ground, and as soon as she's safely on her feet, she turns around and finds Flandre looking up at her with tears in her eyes, nervously saying "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! I didn't see you, and... and."

The maid smiles and bends down, patting Flandre's head while saying "it's alright young mistress. Look, I'm fine. You don't need to cry."

Flandre rubs her eyes with her forearms and sniffles, then the puppy barks resume to her left.

The maid picks up a little white puppy with a brown patch on the center of its torso, and another on the right half of his face and a little red collar around his neck.

She offers him to Flandre with a smile and says "see? Inuki doesn't like it when you cry either, so why don't you smile for us?"

The little puppy stares at Flandre and wags his little tail as rapidly as he can, making Flandre smile and giggle after a while.

She accepts the puppy and picks it as gently as she can, and while still smiling she looks at the maid and says "thank you. And sorry for hitting you. I'll be more careful, I promise."

The maid giggles and pats Flandre's head, saying "run along now. Your sister should be at the dinner table right now."

Flandre's eyes seem to close up as she smiles and nods, then says "ok! See you later~"

Holding her puppy with both arms, Flandre runs to the dining room, while the maid smiles widely and waits for Flandre to leave the area.

As soon as the little blonde vampire is out of sight, the maid sighs and holds her stomach as she gets back up in pain, then whispers "that really hurt. Ugh, that poor sweet girl. She still can't control her own strength."

She limps toward the other side of the corridor, and after a painful chuckle, she says "I guess I better head to the infirmary again."

Even though she's in pain, she continues to smile as she limps her way to the infirmary, thinking of ways to help Flandre control her power as she does.

Flandre arrives to the dining room with her little puppy in her hands, looking everywhere for Remilia, and the moment she finds her sister, she lets the pup drop on the ground, then runs toward her sister with a big smile and her arms extended in the air.

She jumps on Remilia, even though she's already on her chair, and exclaims "onee-sama~ Onee-sama you are here!"

Remilia can't help but crack a smile, and after patting her sister's head, she says "I am happy to see you too, Flan, but we must remember our table manners."

Flandre immediately backs away, placing her finger over her mouth while saying "oops. Sorry onee-sama."

Remilia continues to smile as she says "there's someone else you should apologize to, Flandre."

The little blonde vampire looks all over the room, thinking the maid she crashed on to is in there, but instead, she sees Remilia pointing downward, and when Flandre looks down, she finds her puppy wagging his little tail at her while panting and looking up.

Flandre gently picks him up, then Remilia says "you just dropped Inuki like that. Flandre, I told you that you had to be very careful with him, didn't I? He's fragile. More so than a human."

Flandre's eyes turn watery as she looks up at Remilia with a reprimanded look, then nods and looks down at her puppy and says "s-sorry Inuki. I'll be more careful, I promise."

Remilia's smile seems to vanish when the doors open, and two maids enter the room with covered silver colored plates on their hands.

Remilia clears her throat while looking at Flandre, who gasps and quickly moves to the other end of the table, where she places Inuki on the ground with great care, then struggles a bit before finally managing to sit on her chair, trying to mimic Remilia's own sitting pose.

While this happens, Remilia stares at her sister quietly and thinks "Flandre... I know it's not your fault that you were born with all that out-of-control power... My dear sister, when will be finally be able to control those powers of yours?"

After the maids place the sisters their meals on the table, they open the silver covers to reveal perfectly prepared meals with red sauce on them.

Flandre giggles as she waves at her sister from the other side of the table, but soon remembers that she must have manners, so she lowers her little arm and puts on a neutral face, then gently picks up her spoon.

Before digging in, she watches as a third maid enters with a small silver bowl and places it on the floor with food for the pup to eat, then looks up at Remilia, noticing the calm stare on her sister's face, then asks "onee-sama? Why is our food always covered in this red sauce?"

Remilia lets a smile and a quick chuckle escape her, then says "it's something special for us, Flan. I'll explain when you're a little older."

By the time Remilia is done speaking, Flandre has already eaten her meal, and is smiling back at her with red sauce, which is actually blood, all over her cheeks.

Still smiling, Remilia takes her first bite and thinks "geez. Still a long way before she learns some manners... that sister of mine."

The sky outside the castle turns gold by the time Remilia is ready to leave to visit the village.

Shurelia, the chief maid, walks beside Remilia down the stairs to the foyer, holding a closed pink parasol on her arms as she asks "are you certain you don't wish for me to come with you, my lady?"

After reaching the bottom stair, Remilia raises her hand to receive her parasol from Shurelia, and after grabbing hold of it, she says "no. I want you to stay here and take care of things while I'm gone. Remember what happened with Flandre last time."

A sweat drop falls down the back of Shurelia's head as she scratches her cheek, smiles sheepishly, then says "right. I'll take good care of miss Flandre while you're out."

Remilia smiles lightly and nods, then reaches for the door.

Before she opens it, Flandre calls "onee-sama~ Onee-sama, are you leaving?"

Remilia turns around and finds Flandre holding her puppy while smiling.

Remilia hugs Flandre with her right hand and says "I have to. You know how those villagers get. Now you be a good girl and behave, you hear?"

Flandre nods while still pressing her head against Remilia's chest, then says "see you later, onee-sama."

Remilia lets Flandre go, then opens the door, opening her parasol before going outside.

Before closing the door again, she looks at her smiling sister, her puppy and the chief maid staring back at her.

She can't help but smile and wave her fingers at them, then closes the door.

She looks at the solid gates for the large walls surrounding her castle, and after making sure the gates are locked tight, and that everything is set, she takes flight and heads straight to the village.

As she flies, she decided to go a little higher to hide over the clouds, thinking "it's been a while since I've done this. Mmm, feels so nice once in a while."

As she continues her flight to the village, she is unaware of the danger below, in the thick forest just before her castle.

Under the trees, hooded religious extremist, and a large number of men from the village slowly make their way to the castle.

The man leading them looks back through his hood and shouts "hurry men! It's almost dark! We must strike this demon while there is light!"

One of the men, a short haired blonde man, approaches the leader and loudly asks "but sir, the Scarlets have never attacks our village before! How can you be so sure they'll attack us now?"

The man stops, making all his followers stop as well, then turns around and strikes the blonde man across the face with his hand, making him fall to the ground on his back.

He approaches the blonde man and helps him up, then says "son, wake up! These creatures are demons!"

The hooded man raises his voice as he says "a demon that goes against the laws for nature itself! Think! They need blood, OUR BLOOD, in order to sustain themselves! They are MONSTERS; BEASTS! Who is to say they won't attack us soon!"

The other men cheer as the blonde man stares back at the hooded man, then says "right... I guess you are right. For my children, and my children's children!"

The hooded man smiles, then shouts "that's the spirit! ONWARD!"

After just 10 minutes of flying above the clouds, Remilia reaches the village, and slowly lands close to the village's fountain plaza, where there are many people at the time.

Some of the people, mostly younger ones, yelp at the sight of the vampire, while others, mostly elders and adults, smile and welcome Remilia with open arms.

Remilia lands to the far left of the fountain and smiles at the male elder that approaches her, who says "miss Remilia, we were starting to think you weren't coming."

Remilia continues to smile lightly as she replies "well, I had to spend a little time with my sister."

The old man chuckles and says "family is very important, miss Remilia. You do what you must."

While the elder and the adults approach Remilia, the younger humans glare, some even mouth rude and unwelcoming words as they leave the area.

Remilia's smile disappears, yet she keeps her calm neutral face, as the head of the church approaches the plaza, saying "demon from the darkness, why do you torment us with your presence? Leave at once, and let us live our peaceful lives."

Remilia stares back at the priest, and simply bows and turns her sight away, then walks to the nearest bench, where she, the elder and his wife take a seat and start talking amongst themselves.

The priest's rage becomes evident in his snarling face as more villagers, even a few of the young ones, approach Remilia, who seems to be laughing while speaking to them.

Some of the other young humans approach the priest instead, and look up to him with longing in their eyes.

The priest fakes calming down, then pulls out a small wooden cross from his robe, then throws it straight at Remilia's head, shouting "the power of the benign one will smite you, you fowl demon!"

The people around Remilia gasp in shock as the wooden cross flies straight toward her head, but she grabs its bottom and just stares at it.

The priest shrieks in horror and shouts "but the GODS! You are a most powerful demon indeed!"

The elder stands up and says "sir, please. Remilia is no demon."

The priest shouts back "you are all going to be sorry! One day, she'll turn on all of you! You'll see! She will kill you all!"

As the priest walks back to his church accompanied by the young humans, the elder shouts "miss Remilia would never do that! You just need to get to know her better!"

Remilia calmly says "sir, please. Let him be. I don't want to cause any trouble."

The elder stares back at Remilia's cool face, then accepts the cross from her hand with a sigh.

Meanwhile, at the castle's gates, the men use a hammer and chisel to break the last chain that holds the gate closed, and just in time before the sun fully sets.

Once they are inside the yard, they whisper to each other, planning their attack.

The first to reach the front door is the hooded leader, who turns around and starts speaking loudly, saying "whatever you may see in there, REMEMBER! We are inside the castle of a DEMON! All those who serve this demon are beyond our help, and must be cleansed through death! You're not taking away lives, men! You are saving innocent souls!"

The men start cheering and raising their pitch forks, torches and swords along with the religious extremists, whom all have silver swords with them.

From inside the mansion, three maids hear the cheers just outside their doors and look at each other, one of them asking "huh? What is that noise?"

The chief maid lets out a commanding shout, making the three maids climb up the stairs to stand behind her.

Just as they take their positions, the front doors break open, and the religious extremists enter first, stopping at the first steps of the stairs.

The villagers all exclaim in awe, some commenting on the cleanliness of the castle, as well as commenting about the maids, and how normal they look.

Shurelia bows elegantly and says "welcome to the castle of mistress Remilia Scarlet. I'm afraid the mistress it out, and I will have to ask you to leave and come another day."

The extremists take off their hoods and turn to the villagers, then their leader, a man with little brown hair on his head, shouts "do not be deceived! Remember, they are under the control of a demon! You must kill them all!"

Shurelia gets a bit frightened, and signals the maids to run away as she says "sir, what is this? Please, just leave us in peace and..."

Before she finishes, two of the religious extremists run past her and stab the maids standing to her side, then both men stab the one directly behind her at the same time.

With a terrified look in her face, Shurelia turns around to see her subordinates fall to the ground, blood spilling all over the carpet from their wounds and mouths.

The leader shouts "spread out! Kill everyone on sight! Free their souls! Send them BACK to the hands of the benign one! FREE THEM ALL!"

Shurelia finds herself unable to stop them, and as if lost in her own mind, she repeats "please, sir. Leave us in peace... Leave us now, please!"

Without realizing it, she's been stabbed in the abdomen by the extremist leader's sword, and falls to the floor next to her fallen subordinates.

Unsure of what happened, she lifts her hands from her abdomen and looks at them. They are all bloodied up.

Her hearing returns to her just to fill her up with terror as the screams of all the other maids reach her, and in the despair, she ignores the pain in her body and takes a deep breath, then shouts "Flandre~"

Up on the second floor, unaware of what's happening in her home, Flandre plays with her puppy just around one of the many corridor's corners.

The little puppy runs around in a circle, then suddenly stops and sniffs toward the right corridor.

Flandre looks at where he's sniffing at and asks "Inuki, what's the matter?"

Flandre yelps in a fright when she feels a pair of hands force themselves on her from her left, but she relaxes when she sees the face of the same maid she bumped on to, hours before, her favorite of all the maids.

Though she notices the terror and urgency on the maid's face, Flandre still smiles as she asks "oh, is it bath time already?"

The maid embraces Flandre, exclaiming "by the spirits, you're safe! Lady Flandre, listen to me, we have to run away, NOW!"

The maid releases Flandre, and she and Inuki stare at the maid with innocent and confused faces, so the maid edges Flandre to grab her hand, saying "trust me, lady Flandre! Please, just come with me!"

Flandre hesitantly reaches for the maid's hand, when a voice from the right shouts "I FOUND MORE OF THEM! OVER HERE!"

The maid desperately whispers "lady Flandre, let's go!", but it's too late, and they find themselves surrounded from both corridors.

Cornered and outnumbered, Flandre starts to tremble, grabbing hold of Inuki as he start to bravely bark back at the invaders, then crawls under a tiny ornamental table with a small potted plant on top, while the maid stands bravely between her and the attackers, shouting "please! Don't do this! She's just a child!"

One of the villagers stabs her chest with his pitchfork, saying "BE CLEANSED! Go to the light!"

Flandre screams and cries after witnessing the horrible event in front of her, watching as the maid's body falls lifeless on the ground.

Inuki starts to bark madly as the villagers get closer, then the blonde man, the same one that had doubts before, gets a better look at Flandre, and after seeing her strange wings he says "by the lord! She's one of them!"

Suddenly, one of the men shouts "WE FOUND THE DEMON!"

Another shouts "kill her now!", while others cheer and shout "burn her! Cleanse this land from her presence!"

Flandre cries inconsolably, sobbing while trying to say "get... get away from me", but her cries fall on deaf ears.

The extremists arrive at the scene bearing their swords and pointing them at the lone blonde vampire, ignoring her cries and pleas, then the leader of the invaders turns to face his group and shouts "do not be deceived! This is just a ruse to trick us, then kill us all! Let's kill her now and be rid of her!"

The men cheer, all thinking they are doing the right thing, that they are saving their lands, yet they ignore the terrorized and sorrowful cries of a little child.

The extremist leader lunges his sword straight at Flandre's heart, ignoring Inuki in her arms, then all of a sudden, he explodes, his blood spraying everywhere.

When they look at Flandre, she has her right hand raised chest-high and balled into a fist while having her eyes clenched shut.

When she opens her eyes and realizes what she did, she gasps and stares at the invaders.

She can see the surprise and terror in their blood-covered faces, then she shouts "no... NO! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! I'm sorry!"

The blonde man shouts "kill her now!"

Flandre cries as all the men start charging her, and in her despair, she lets go of Inuki and starts flailing her arms around, shattering weapons and breaking arms and legs while trying to defend herself, keeping her eyes closed while crying.

Finally, in her last attempt to defend herself, she blindly clenches her little hand, causing another bloodied explosion.

When she realizes the men are quiet, she slowly opens her eyes and spots the small red collar on the floor.

Her pupils shrink to the size of miniature marbles and her eyes expand widely, taking almost all her face, as she breathes deeply, and from outside the castle, her scream echoes far, then the sound of explosions and more deaths echo through the darkening evening.

Later that night, Remilia flies above the castle and immediately realizes something is wrong.

The lights are all off, the front door lies broken on the ground, the front gate's chains are all broken and the gate is wide open.

The moment she sets foot in her castle's yard, she feels a cold chill creep up her back, but keeping her usual cool face, she looks into the darkness of the castle and enters.

To a human, the darkness would be too thick to even see the tip of his or her nose right in front, but to Remilia, it's nothing at all, and the first thing she notices is the blood dripping down the stairs.

After looking at it for a moment, the sent reaches her, then thinks "this blood. This is Shurelia's blood!"

With her straight face, she rushes up the stair and immediately finds her chief maid and three more maids on the platform of the first set of stair.

Shurelia's head hangs limp down the very first step, her light-blue eyes widely open, showing her terror before her death, her blood staining her beautiful blonde hair as it continues its course down the steps to the ground floor.

Remilia kneels down next to her chief maid and gently closes her eyes with her hand, and with a calm and collected face, she says "I am so sorry. I didn't see this horrible fate. R-rest now, Shurelia."

She grabs and carries Shurelia away from the steps, and places her on the center of the platform before the second floor, saying "there. You should be more comfortable now."

She stands up with her calm face, hiding her sorrow deep inside of her, then looks around as if trying to find something, then heads up the right stairs.

As she walks down the corridor, she finds the bodies of all her maids, their blood all over the walls and floor, then spots one of her maids with a pitchfork still stabbed on her abdomen.

Though keeping a straight face, her deep sorrow slowly turns to anger, then suddenly reaches for the gardening too, and as she pulls the pitchfork out of the maid's body, she watches as the wound starts spewing out even more blood, some of it spraying on to her face, causing her to let out a small tear from her left eye as she breaks the weapon with her hand, clenching her hands and teeth, then recovering her calm face.

Remilia continues her walk down the corridor, finding more weapons and torches on the ground along with larger stains of blood on the walls and floor, then finds Flandre's favorite maid with various fork wounds on her abdomen and chest that go through to her back.

Finally, she finds what she was looking for, and after an excited gasp, Remilia calls "Flandre! Flandre there you are!"

Flandre sits on the floor, letting her arms and legs lie limp on the floor, her tears flooding down her cheeks as she stares blankly to her left.

Before Remilia can get close, Flandre yelps and trembles as she curls into a whimpering and trembling ball, shouting "no! Get away! No, I don't want to. No more! No more!"

Remilia stops when she notices Flandre's despair, then softly says "Flan, it's me. Remilia, your onee-sama!"

Slowly, Remilia gets closer to Flandre, noticing a crazed and desperate look in her eyes as she slowly lifts her face up, apparently giving up the fight, ready to allow the next attacker to come and finish her off.

Remilia touches her head and softly says "Flandre, it's me. Onee-sama. Remilia! Look at me, Flan."

Flandre continues to tremble, doing so even harder as she lets go of her knees, then looks at Remilia, her eyes still wide open and her pupils shrinking and growing uncontrollably, then says "onee-sama will come! ONEE-SAMA WILL COME! Help me, onee-sama! REMILIA! Save me!"

Flandre crawls to the corner under the now broken ornamental table and start to sob, and that's when Remilia notices the broken collar of Inuki on the ground.

She looks back at Flandre, softly saying "Flan... what... but... that is..."

She looks all around her and all she sees is blood everywhere, weapons broken, the hoods of the religious extremists on the ground covered in blood, and that's when she notices the cross symbols on the hoods.

Again, she looks at her little sister, who is mumbling rapidly and incoherently, then snaps.

Remilia's calm face is suddenly replaced by a monstrous and furious look, her eyes turning completely red, her face twisting with blind rage, her fangs clenched and bare, looking even larger than normal, and her aura becomes visible, making it look as though she's being engulfed in flames.

From outside, it looks as though a bomb has just exploded on the back of the second floor of the large and gloomy castle.

Remilia has broken through the wall itself, holding on to a scarlet colored spear on her hand as she flies trough the night, heading straight toward the small village.

At the village's church, the priest paces around, grumbling to himself.

He looks out the window toward the forest that surrounds the Scarlet's castle, then says "those idiots STILL haven't returned! Oh benign one, please, send me news of their success. Give me a sign that your will has been done!"

As he speaks, the priest walks toward a giant wooden cross in the very center of a white altar, then closes his eyes as he kneels and waits for a sign, a sign he hopes to be a beam of light, or the arrival of his comrades.

He opens his eyes and gasps with fright as the sign that comes is the rumbling of the church's roof instead.

He stands on his feet and staggers toward the window again, then spots Remilia flying next to his church, lunging large scarlet colored spears to the roof of the church, screaming loud to the air and causing the entire village to wake up.

She finally breaks through the church's roof and rapidly enters and grabs the priest by his neck, and lifts him out into the open night sky.

With her fangs twice as large, her face turned demonic with rage, and her eyes glowing bright scarlet, she squeezes the priest's neck, piercing it just slightly with her claws and making some blood trickle down to his robe as she shouts "TRAITOR~"

Her scream echoes all over the village, making the elders walk out of their homes, curious as to what is happening.

Remilia take a furious bite off the priest's neck, spits the chunk of flesh to the ground, then tosses his dying body to the air, where she burns it to ashes with a fiery scarlet cross made by her own hatred toward him.

After his death, she looks down at the villagers and screams "you killed them all! You monsters~ Die, die, die, die~"

The elder, who was laughing with Remilia earlier, screams "miss Remilia, what happened? Miss Remilia! Miss Scarlet, stop! NO~"

Unable to reach her, Remilia's scarlet spears quickly turns the elder to ashes, and as Remilia swoops down to destroy the houses with her bare claws, she shouts "how dare you do that to Flandre? Give me back Shurelia! GIVE HER BACK~ Give me all my maids BACK!"

The people scream and try to flee for their lives, but the second Remilia lays her eyes on them, she kills them, whether by furiously biting them, turning them to ashes with her scarlet spells, or ripping them in half with her own claws, she continues her relentless attack on the village, killing without pause.

Her rage has her completely out of control; the memory of her maids killed by the villagers gardening tools and the church extremists sword sill burning in her mind, but the most painful though is the one for Flandre.

The thought of the pain her little sister went through fuels her rage even more, keeping her blind to what she is doing.

Her tears don't stop as she continues to hunt down the remaining villagers, tearing their houses to the ground with her own body and scarlet spells, and finally, after the last of the humans dies under her feet with a scarlet spear stabbed on his back, Remilia finally collapses, holding her face as she kneels on the ground and lets her tears run free, yet keeping from sobbing or wailing.

Finally, after her tears stop, and her eyes and face return to their normal state, yet frowning and scowling, Remilia takes flight back home, determined to help her sister.

Back at the castle, while Remilia destroys the village, Flandre sways back and forth in the corner, staring at Inuki's collar while tears escape her eyes, repeating "onee-sama will come. She'll save me. She'll save us, little puppy. What? Your name? W-what's your name? I... this is not the time. We have to hide, puppy. We... have... to... E-heh... heh, he, ha, hah. AHAHAA! AH, HA, HA, HA. Let's play... L-let's play~"

A few minutes later, Remilia arrives to the castle and manages to turn on a few lamps, the damage all through her castle becoming more evident, now that there's some light.

Without pause, and ignoring that her dress has turned scarlet, Remilia grabs a lamp and rushes to where she left Flandre, only to find that she is gone.

She looks at the carpet and notices the blood-stained footsteps of her sister heading away, then notices Inuki's collar is also gone.

She sighs, then thinks "I have to find her. I have to make sure she's alright!"

Following her sister's sent, she finds herself heading down the basement, a place she rarely visits, but the love she has for her sister makes her forget everything else, and simply rushes down the stairs.

She flies past the great library of the castle, then sees more blood-stained footsteps on the floor, headed straight toward a room with a large, thick grey door.

Remilia sighs with relief as she thinks "good. She's in her room. Maybe she's calmed down by now."

Remilia pulls open the door and softly calls "Flan, are you in here?"

Remilia's eyes widen with surprise as she lets out a sudden gasp.

Inside, she finds Flandre hugging her knees while swaying back and forth on her bed, a crazed expression filling her face.

Her smile seems twisted, and her eyes seem to be lost from the world.

Remilia enters the room and softly asks "Flandre? Are you alright?"

Flandre notices Remilia, and with that twisted smile on her face, she rushes to her sister, her hands trembling as she grabs hold of Remilia's arms, saying "o-onee-sama. You came. The puppy missed you. He... he wants you to say hi to him! Come... COME!"

Remilia softly says "Flan. Flandre, what's wrong? Please, Flan, don't do this. Stay with me. I need you here, Flandre! Please, stay with me."

Flandre's face suddenly twists from a crazed smile, to an insane frown, and with that, Flandre pushes Remilia out of her room with all her might, sending Remilia crashing against the wall just outside the door, then shouts "onee-sama has to be more lady-like! You offended the GUEST! You THINK about what you've done!"

After slamming the door shut, Flandre starts to cry and sob, her sobbing slowly turning to mad laughter, saying "play! I'll play with you! I will play!"

As Remilia gets back up, she can hear the sound of ripping fabric coming from the room while her sister giggles in a strange and twisted manner.

A sharp, cold pain strikes Remilia's heart, and although she keeps her straight face, she can't hold back the flood of tears that course through her cheeks.

Unable to take it anymore, Remilia walks away from her sister's room, down the dark and gloomy corridor of the now empty castle.

As she slowly walks in front of the large library's door, she stops and swipes the tears off her face, then looks at the door.

She bursts through the doors and immediately heads to the center of the large room, quickly looking through the piles and piles of books left on the dusty desks, looking for something she's not really sure what it is.

Finally, she comes across a book with a thick black cover, titled in gold "Ancient Arcane Spells", and as if knowing what to do, she opens the book on one of the last pages and reads through it.

Without even flinching, she cuts her left forearm with her claw and draws a complex magical circle with her blood on the carpeted floor.

After she is done, she places the book on the desk, summons her scarlet spear and strikes the center of the circle with it.

Leaving the spear there to activate the circle, Remilia flies just above it, and starts speaking in an ancient tongue.

As she speaks the incantation loudly, she thinks "Flandre, I'm taking us away from here. Far away from this place! I'm not sure where this spell will take us, but to hell I'll allow you and me to live in this world anymore!"

As she thinks this, the bodies and the blood all over the castle become energy for the spell, even Inuki's collar, to which Flandre merely waves goodbye, saying "see you someday, mister puppy~."

The ground begins to tremble and rumble hard and loud, then the entire castle slowly glows scarlet under the light of the moon.

While this happens, Remilia thinks "whatever happens now, Flandre, know that I'll do my best to be there for you. Just please... Please, Flandre, don't leave me alone!"

As the very tip of the castle's clock tower starts glowing scarlet, and Remilia finishes the incantation, she looks outside the window and watches as the night sky outside turns bright white, and everything seems to disappear in a mixture of white and scarlet.

To be continued...

Characters and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

JUL 14 2010

Written by

Willie G.R.


Note that this story has been and will be used as base for anything concerning the SDM's cast history on my stories, unless noted otherwise.

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