There For You

Author's note/ Warning- This story contains some things parents may not find suitable for young kids. Context more than language so please read with caution. I am not a total fan of this story but it was yet another dream that took over right before I went to sleep and with no drugs this time. My mind is going to hell…enjoy?

Part 1

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He heard screaming, screaming from someone crying, that person was screaming for someone to stop. Not to do this, that this was wrong. He knew that voice screaming but he couldn't figure it out. Who was it? Why couldn't he see where he was? Why couldn't he move? As the screaming for someone to stop increased he realized who it was. The voice was crystal clear, that was…

Tamaki shot up in the bed, breathing heavy he grabbed his head as it was swimming, he needed it to stop spinning. He was home, was that a dream? How did he get home, he thought he was at Kyouya's before? Yoshio had asked him to come over so they could talk, as strange as that sounded. Yet, he was here, at his home. Yea, he was with Kyouya last he was certain of it. Kyouya, he needed to talk to him about his dream, he realized he was the one screaming. He needed to make sure he was okay. The sooner he got to school the better. His hands were shaking as he tried to get dressed, why did his mind feel so hazy this morning? Whatever happened yesterday after school he couldn't recall. He was left feeling dizzy. What did Yoshio talk to him about?

Tamaki sat in his classroom waiting for Kyouya to show up. It was rare that he was running late. What if that dream was showing him that something horrible was happening to him? He tried to relax as a sick feeling washed over him. Kyouya was his best friend, he was strong and smart, nothing bad ever happened to him, he didn't allow it to. He wouldn't allow people to hurt him. Walking out of the room he tried to call him again. He called him before he left his house but the phone just rang. Crossing his fingers he hoped Kyouya picked up or he would at least see him coming down the hall. As the voicemail picked up he was ready to cry, why wasn't Kyouya here? Why wasn't he answering? Why couldn't he remember anything after school yesterday?

Everyone was in the clubroom. Tamaki canceled activities for today at least. He couldn't host when he was worrying about Kyouya. He still wasn't picking up his phone. Kyouya would be upset if he learned that they lost money by closing today but he would have to deal with it.
"He could just be sick Senpai. Maybe he has just been asleep all day and never heard his phone."
Maybe, but he could still hear him crying as he screamed for someone not to do something. He was telling that person not to do this, he didn't want this but what was the person's name? He knew he heard of them before but he couldn't recall it now. So much was hazy; as if someone tampered with his memories but no one could do that could they? And surely he would remember asking for such a thing.

All night he tried to contact Kyouya, he needed to know that he was okay. He needed to hear that he skipped school because he was sick. He was scared to fall asleep because he would dream again. Shima's wish for him to stop playing the piano and go to bed went unheard. He wouldn't talk to anyone yet they could all tell something was bothering him. He fell asleep only when his eyes couldn't stay open any longer but his mind was still going.

He walked down a hall with Kyouya, were they at his house? He didn't recognize this hallway as his own. They were talking about club activities when Kyouya stopped, suddenly scared. The color in his face washed away as he was pleading with the person behind then not to do this. Who was behind them? Why was Kyouya so scared? He never saw him cry before this. Suddenly everything went dark he couldn't see or hear anything. As his senses came back he again heard Kyouya pleading for the person to stop. He needed to help him as he heard him being gagged so he wouldn't be so loud. Yet, he couldn't move, he couldn't feel his body, he couldn't see. What was going on? What was happening to them?

Again Tamaki woke up shaking; at least he was certain this was a dream. He was certain he was home all night and fell asleep in his bed. Where were these dreams coming from? He tried to pull his mind from it to see two maids flanking him on his bed. Scared he tried to get away from them as fast as he could.
"Master, Master please calm down we aren't going to hurt you." Grabbing his shoulders they got him to relax.
"We heard you screaming your friends name from downstairs and we wanted to make sure you were okay."
"I…I'm fine."He was out of breath from everything that just happened. "Thank you both for checking on me. If you'll excuse me I need to get ready for school."
His voice wasn't strong and neither wanted to leave him. They decided to stay near the door outside of his room to make sure he was really okay.
"I just had a nightmare that's all. I'll be fine once I clear my head."

Kyouya hadn't been in school all week, that wasn't like him at all. Tamaki hadn't slept all week since every time he closed his eyes he would have the same exact nightmare. He still couldn't get Kyouya to pick up his phone which wasn't helping the nightmares any. Tamaki just stepped into the front door of his manor. It was later then he was hoping for since. But, they had re-opened the club again and he had planning to do before he left. The club did help him get his mind off Kyouya for a little bit until one of the girls asked about him. Not even getting halfway to the stairs he heard his phone going off, fumbling for it he noticed the caller id read Kyouya. Not wasting any more time he picked it up. None of his fears vanished as he heard Kyouya's voice over the speaker. It was filled with tears, and heartache, he sounded scared and ashamed.
"Tamaki? You're my friend right?"
"Yes Kyouya of course I am, you should know that."
"Then will you kill me?


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