There for You

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Part 13

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When the lights go out
We'll be safe and sound
We'll take control of the world
Like it's all we have to hold on to
And we'll be a dream ~We'll be a dream; We the Kings~

With end of the semester tests rapidly approaching both were studying non-stop. They were determined to try and at least pass with minimal grades. Kyouya refused to fail, no way was he going to top of his class to failing. Though with everything that had gone on the school wasn't going to penalize either of them if their grades were less than perfect.
"I really wish you could take my math test "
"I am taking your math test remember, we have the class together."
"I know but I would willingly take your French for you if you could take my math."
"Well you can't so stop complaining and help me so I can help you." Tamaki sat back down next to Kyouya at the table to help him for his French final.
"Ma mère veut savoir si nous avons un nom por le?" *"My mother wants to know if we have a name yet?"*
"…Quoi?" *"What?"*
"Pour le bébé, elle veut savoir si nous avons decide sur un nom." *"For the baby, she wants to know if we decided on a name yet." *
"Non, j'ai pensé que nous pouttions en parter après l'école est sorti." *"No, I figured we could talk about it after school got out."*
After that Tamaki had to stop and breathe as Kyouya kept screwing up with major errors. Kyouya didn't find it funny but Tamaki was having the time of his life listening.

Both nearly had heart attacks as the grades were posted. They were at the top of the class again. "Tamaki who did you pay off to pass us and how much do I owe you?"
"Trust me, this isn't my doing."
"Did we really pass with high marks then?"
"I think so."
"We are so good."
Tamaki just shook his agreeing with him.

Tamaki got up on Christmas and looked out the window for a few minutes. It felt strange to be alone for the holidays. He had never spent them all alone before. Haruhi invited him to her place knowing it would be hard for him; he would have to call and see if the offer was still good. Kyouya was stuck at his place to spend the day with family so they wouldn't be able to hang out at all.

Haruhi opened the door and smiled to see Tamaki outside. She was worried about him for today and was glad to see he had decided to come.
"Hello Tamaki, welcome" Ranka came out through the other room to greet him and see if Haruhi needed help with the cooking.
"Hello Ranka, this is from my staff and myself to say Merry Christmas and thank you." Hoping Ranka wasn't going to knock him down he handed him a pastry box while he bowed. He was glad he came today because while he was here he was able to forget all that worried him. Even when Ranka brought the baby up to see if what the news said was true he didn't get upset. Although Haruhi looked ready to slap him for bringing it up.
"Its fine Haruhi, I'm curious to know what is being reported anyway." He didn't watch the news when Kyouya was over and Kyouya was always over. Neither needed to hear what was going on with them as they already knew and knew the truth not some lie.

When he got back him he called Kyouya to see how things went for him. He sounded exhausted though relieved to be talking to him.
"I haven't spent this much time home or with my family in months and I never want to again."
"It couldn't be that bad."
"Tamaki, I haven't been getting along with them for the last eight months. What makes you think I would now? Though I didn't argue with them I wanted to. Also we had dinner with a friend of my father. Tamaki I met the couple our child will go to."
Tamaki's hand fell from his ear as his hand clutched the phone.
"Tamaki? Hello? Are you still there? Tamaki?"
"Yea I'm here, sorry. Did they tell you that?"
"No, my father doesn't want me to know still but I heard them talking after and the wife was asking me all sorts of questions during."
"Do you like them?" He was trying to keep his voice strong as he asked.
"They weren't bad I guess, but I'm not planning on handing him over to anyone Tamaki. I thought that was why we were planning to go against my father."
"I know, it was just that, well, I know you haven't been crazy about the idea of raising a child so I thought you may have wanted to take your father offer now that you met them. I don't want you to keep the child to please me, I want you to do whatever you want to do."
"I want to raise the child, our son. Sure we have no idea what to do really but so long as someone from your house is willing to help us learn I think we can do it."
"Everyone here can't wait."
"Then stop worrying about thoughts I'm not having. Listen I'm going to go, today has been a long day for me."
"Goodnight Kyouya, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
Tamaki crashed on his bed and just stayed there, so Kyouya wanted to really keep the child but he was right, they were clueless on how to raise them. It wasn't helping that neither had any younger siblings that they would have learned a little from.
"Master Tamaki, your mother is on the phone." Sitting up he ran to the phone, he had been trying to talk to her a while now.

During their school break Kyouya started to more clothing and small objects that wouldn't be noticed to be missing if his father walked in. Tamaki told him that he would have a week or so to take everything he wanted out of his room and house before his grandmother took it over to sell it. Kyouya was counting down the days until he guessed he would have the baby. He couldn't take it anymore, he was sleeping like crap, he was always uncomfortable and it wasn't helping that the baby was always moving it seemed like. He blamed Tamaki for that since he just had to be the father and could never sit still. He knew with school starting again soon he was going to go crazy. He was really hoping Tachibana would have heard about the due date, but he was told nothing and never heard anyone talk about it.

Tamaki was sitting with his normal customers as the host club had reopened with the school after the break. Today seemed to be busy even though they had already been opened for a full week. Profits were breaking daily records so far, Kyouya was excited to see how long this could last. The room filled with people talking, Tamaki could hear the twins doing their act as their girls were trying not to faint. That was a sound he would always remember, since before he met them he never knew fainting made any noise. Everyone was having a good time including Kyouya who was talking to the two girls across from him. Whether he was faking the enjoyment from their company of not he seemed to be enjoying the conversation.

Tamaki jumped in his seat as his phone vibrated in his pocket. Not very often did his phone go off when he was at the school. Normally it was just the club members that called him and they were all here. It also surprised him to see it on since he thought the battery died in class earlier. Fishing it out of his pocket he opened it to see he had a text message, from Kyouya. He never text anyone, could his phone just be broken? Maybe, since he could have sworn it died. As he read the simple two word message his eyes glanced over to Kyouya who was now alone. Glancing back at his phone he looked back at Kyouya and back at his phone. The phone just read 'come here', what could he need to tell him right now? The club only had five minutes left, couldn't it wait? As he excused himself from his seat he noticed Kyouya was clutching the table he was seated at tightly with his hand.

"Hey are you okay?" Kyouya waved for him to bring his head closer.
"I'm going to say this only once so listen; I'm in a lot of pain right now. Apparently what I felt in class earlier wasn't just the baby moving on something. If I had to guess I would say I'm in labor."
"Do you want me to get the girls to leave or no, do you want me to just help you to the car?" Kyouya was a little taken back by how calm Tamaki was right now, he was expecting him to freak out.
"Have them leave."
"It's going to take me a couple minutes, its busy still."
"You have three minutes before I get pissed."
"Got it." Turning around he walked to the center of the room. "Everyone, Kyouya just informed me that he was notified that the school is closing early today so we must close early. I know we only have a few minutes but I must comply with the school wishes." The other members excused themselves from their guests to walk over to Tamaki.
"Mi' lord, what's going on? Why do we have to close?" Tamaki just looked at Hikaru. Why were they questioning him? Did he have a look on his face that told them he was lying?
"It's just as I said Hikaru so can you help me?"
"Senpai we know your lying so just tell us already."
"Alright fine, I have to help Kyouya. He thinks he may be going into labor. I'm going to be a father soon!" With that everyone separated to get the girls out so rumors wouldn't get out before Tamaki or Kyouya wanted them too.

The others had walked out with the girls except Mori as he walked over to Kyouya, Tamaki was right behind him curious to know what he was up to. Moving around Mori he stood on the other side of Kyouya. "All the girls are gone now Kyouya."
"About time! You know this still hurts like hell!"
"Can you get to the car?"
"It's a baby not a broken leg you dumbass!" Even though that was true he had trouble standing. Before he could double over Mori had him in his arm, not giving Kyouya the chance to protest he just said.
"This is faster for you." With that he carried Kyouya to the car with Tamaki close behind. Once he was in he went to look for Hunny.

Haruhi ran down the hall with the others. She didn't know where she was going but Hunny seemed to know as she had never been to Kyouya's before now. She figured they were heading in the right direction as she could hear Kyouya's screaming getting louder.
"Senpai!" Tamaki looked up from his seat on the floor outside of the lab. "Hey is everything okay? Kyouya-senpai seems to be…" She stopped as he started screaming again. It was hard to listen to without wishing there was something they can do.
"Well, I'm not sure. He can't get anything and they haven't done anything yet since we keep losing power for some reason. The doctors don't want to start when the lights keep going out."
"Well there are reporters outside of the house and his father's police are everywhere, getting here wasn't easy." Everyone looked up at the ceiling as the lights went out again. Tamaki groaned as he put his head in his hands. "This is my grandmothers doing I just know it. She couldn't wait a few more hours before she took over Mr. Ootori's assets and went public with the truth."
As the lights came back Tamaki stood up to pace the floor. He couldn't take this anymore; everything seemed to be happening at once while nothing was really happening.
"Senpai, why aren't you with him? I thought you told us he wanted you to?"
"He did but he changed his mind coming over here." Looking up he heard movement above them. What the hell was going on here? It seemed like everything was falling apart around them and all they came here for was so Kyouya could have the baby and that wasn't even happening yet.

"Tamaki, come here I need you!" Tachibana came of the doors looking for him.
"What's wrong is everything okay?"
"Those assholes fled when the lights went out just now."
"What? You meant the doctors just left but?"
"Everyone including Yoshio, he lost everything just moments ago. It's already all over the news. Tamaki I need you in here now. It isn't healthy for Kyouya or the baby to wait any longer."
"R…right. I'm coming." His hands started sweating as he wasn't sure what he had to do.
"Go Tama-chan, Takashi and I will make sure no one comes after you guys and we'll find Yoshio, he won't get far." He looked at both of them half smiling.
"Thanks you guys. Give em hell but be careful okay."
"Come on Tama-chan it's us, everything will be fine. Come one Takashi."
"Right." Both ran off back down the hallway, Tamaki stared after them until Tachibana yelled at him to move leaving Haruhi with the twins.

Kyouya's hands and legs were already tied to the side of the bed so he couldn't move and get seriously injured by the time Tamaki walked in.
"What do you want me to do?"
"Just help him relax and breathe. This is going to hurt him more then we could ever imagine.
"Can you do this Tachibana?" He noticed he was making sure he had everything before he started. He would be alone and didn't have any space for an error.
"I should, it's been awhile since the last baby I delivered was actually Kyouya but I am having no trouble recalling the procedure. Now take his hand."
Taking his hand in his own he felt Kyouya squeeze it tightly. With his free hand he had Kyouya look him in the eyes. They were watery to amplify the fact that he was in extreme and unimaginable pain and it was about to get ten times worse.
"Hey Kyouya focus on me okay. Don't take your eyes off me. Don't focus on Tachibana. Just try to breathe and relax as best as you can for me, you can do this, we both know you can." He couldn't answer as a blood curdling scream left his lungs as the scalpel cut through his skin. No matter how many times he was cut it still hurt the same, it wasn't something he could get used to.
"Eyes on me remember, don't move them off mine. It won't help you if you focus on what is going on around you so don't focus on it. Listen to me; call me an idiot if you want to. I know you want to, because you're in pain and I'm trying to get you to just relax and breathe. I bet in your mind your telling me to shut up and burn in hell for trying to get you to relax. Just think of the baby, your son. This is all for him and you can't wait to meet him. Everything will be okay soon, I promise. You're doing great, I knew you would. Just focus on me."
Kyouya squeezed harder on the others hand as he could feel everything happening to him at the moment. He wanted Tamaki to just shut up or have him deal with this. He felt something causing him to let out the scream he was trying to suppress. Tachibana was hoping he would have passed out from the pain by now to make this easier on everyone. Of course he was a fighter and didn't just pass out from pain. It wasn't helping now though as his body was tight from the pain and he was having trouble delivering the baby. If Kyouya was relaxed he could have been done already.

A cry broke out in the room taking Tamaki's eyes from Kyouya for a second. He got to see his son for a split second as Tachibana wrapped the newborn up and placed in the medical crib so he could finish. Looking back at Kyouya he smiled. "Hear that? That's your son, our son. You did it Kyouya." Kyouya couldn't smile or say anything back as stitches were placed in. Tamaki felt the pressure on his hand lessening as Kyouya's eyes were started to close.
"Hey! Kyouya are you okay? What's wrong?"
"Tamaki check his pulse, he may have just passed out. Make sure it is steadying not stopping." Of course he would give out now, now that he was just about done. Following Tachibana's orders he checked to find a fast pulse, but it seemed to steading little by little. His breathing was quick as well but it didn't seem labored.
"I think he is okay."
"I'll check, I'm done here. Thank you Tamaki for your help." He stood up and did a few things for a second before he was able to check Kyouya, he was fine. He was right he had passed out from the pain and let exhaustion from it take over. He untied the bands around Kyouya's body before walking over to the child. "Before you hold your son let me check his vitals to make sure he is okay." He lifted the baby from the plastic crib and walked over to some machine to check weight, length, and all organ functions.
"Congratulations Tamaki, you have a healthy son at seven pounds five ounces and nineteen inches. Everything seems to be good and strong."

Both turned as the doors opened and three people walked in. One being Tamaki's grandmother, he was happy to see her through he never saw the two she was with before.
"Grandmother, the baby is fine, I am now a father!"
Blowing off Tamaki she walked over to Tachibana
"Hand me the child." He was hesitant as he could tell she didn't want the child to look at him as an excited grandparent.
"Grandmother what is wrong? What is going on?"
Tamaki moved closer to the bed as her guards came in. He had to protect Kyouya who was still out, Tachibana could protect his son.
"Don't make me tell you again, thank you for delivering the child in place of someone else now hand him to me."
To prove she wasn't playing around one of the guards pulled a gun out of his coat pocket and pointed it at Tachibana. Fear struck Tamaki as he saw the small gun being pointed at the other.
"D…do it Tachibana. I don't…I don't want either of you to get hurt."
"T…Tamaki what is going on?" he whipped his head around to see Kyouya waking up. His voice was hoarse from screaming so long. Trying to sit up he failed as his body was too sore at the moment. Facing Tachibana again Tamaki watched him hand the child over. Walking past Tamaki completely she walked back to the two she entered she walked back to the two she entered with. As he watched her hand his son to them he knew he had been betrayed by her. She had no intention of helping them from the start.

"Tamaki…what is she…what happened?" Kyouya forced his hand to take Tamaki's to get his attention.
"Tamaki, what would make you think I would let you raise a child with this man? Not only are you only seventeen but you are not married, the other person is male and this male has nothing. You are the only heir to the family name and I will not allow you to ruin it more then you already have." With that she had the other two walk out with his, their, son still in their arms as she followed.
"No! Don't do this, Grandmother!" Releasing Kyouya's hand he fell to floor completely defeated. How could this have happened? They had been so careful so this couldn't happen, what did they do wrong?
"T…Tamaki, how did we miss this?"
Standing up he took Kyouya's hand and cried on it. "I failed you. I failed our son. I'm sorry."
"Sirs if you give me the word I will go after them. They shouldn't be able to just take him without Kyouya's written consent."
"No, Tachibana you can't go. My grandmother will go after you and I couldn't forgive myself if you were hurt."

Kyouya just laid there and listened, he couldn't figure out how he didn't see this coming. Closing his eyes he tried to get his mind away from the lingering pain. The pain from having a baby, a baby he never got to meet before they were taken away. After everything he went through to bring his son into the world he should have been allowed to see him. He could suddenly hear the gang talking to Tamaki; they were trying to think of something, he didn't even know they were here before now. A radio or TV was turned on as well as he could hear some sort of news report. He thought to open his eyes but he was too tired. Maybe if he slept this nightmare would end. He wanted his son back. At least his son would be safe and taken care of, any family he went to would treat him well.

Everyone looked at the double doors of the lab as gun shots were heard. What was going on? Why did it feel like a battle had started?
"Takashi let's go see what it was."
"Wait no!" Tamaki's words went unheard as Mitsukuni and Takashi ran out. Tachibana moved in front of the others to protect them from whatever was outside of the door. Looking at Haruhi and the twins he told them to move to the other side of the room just in case. Tamaki stayed near him to help protect Kyouya, who was asleep again and unable to move anywhere. A sick feeling washed over him another gun shot went off outside. Who was firing? Were Mitsukuni and Takashi alright? Was his son? This was all happening because of his son; they both knew this could happen. Uproars throughout Japan were going to start once they knew of the experiments being done. That explained most of the commotion outside, there were from the herds of people outside of Kyouya's house protesting in anger.
"Mi' lord, the reporter just said they the police arrested Kyouya-senpai's father, and some doctors. With the help of Hunny-senpai's family." Kaoru moved across the room to Tamaki. "What does it mean?"
"It means…"
"Tama-chan, Tama-chan!" Hunny skipped back in with Mori leading the couple that took his son before.
"Tamaki Suoh, I am Tetsuro Kimura and this is my wife Ayumi. Your father contacted us months ago and told us all that was going on. We are sorry about your father's passing and not telling you sooner of this but he asked us not to in hopes that we could see Yuzuru's plan work. We both want to apologize for taking your son from you." Ayumi walked around the others holding the baby. Tamaki's heart fluttered as he saw that he was okay and sleeping in Ayumi's arms.
"I believe you've waited long enough to see and hold your son. The papers your grandmother created to have your son live with us will be destroyed as soon as we are home." With her help he finally got to hold him and vowed to never let him go. He was perfect with Kyouya's lips, noise, and hair. Stirring in his arms he got to see his own lavender eyes staring up at him.
"Tama-chan, we need to tell you something." Hunny voice dropped the excitement he had earlier. "Takashi and I couldn't get to her fast enough and someone outside fired a gun from Kyouya's private police. Your grandmother was shot and taken to the hospital but it doesn't look good." Hunny hated the woman and had done so much to hurt Tamaki through the years but she was still his grandmother and he deserved to know.
"Thank you Hunny-senpai." He wasn't sure what he would do since she had betrayed him in the worst way but he was gratefully Hunny and Mori tried to help her. The crowd outside must be going crazy if they took someone's gun. Maybe he couldn't fix this the way he hoped; maybe their families were doomed to fall from all that happened to them. They would survive someway though, they had to, for their son.

"Arrangements were made to make sure you, your son, and Kyouya Ootori can live under one roof and you will inherit your family's fortune in the coming weeks as well as Mr. Ootori here. If you chose he can get his father's investments and assets."
"What? But my grandmother is still living as of present as well as Yoshio."
He looked up for a second at Tetsuro before going back to his son who held his finger.
"Perhaps, but she will have no choice but to hand over everything to you once all the truth of what she has done gets out. Your father made sure that you would be well off and that you would get what were entitled to as the only heir to the Suoh name. Since you are still in school you can appoint someone to run the school and other things your father worked at until you are ready. The exact terms Yuzuru set up for you we can go over at another time."
"So we are safe? Everyone is safe now from Kyouya's father and my grandmother?"
"Yes Tamaki, you are."

Haruhi walked over with the twins to see the baby. She learned as Tamaki did that Hunny's family along with the twins and Mori's parents all came together to arrest Yoshio and the others before. They also made sure along with the Kimura's that both Tamaki and Kyouya would be able to raise their son without being worried that he would be taken away.

"You are all amazing people. Thank you so much for all you have done for us. I bet Kyouya will be happy to hear this when he wakes up." Once the crowd outside started to lessen they left to leave the new family alone. Tachibana stayed in the background and watched the news while keeping an eye on Tamaki and Kyouya, who might wake up soon.

Tamaki was sitting in one of the chairs still taken back by how perfect their son was. Knowing that everything that had happened these past months was worth it knowing he got to hold him now. He looked up as Kyouya was stirring in the bed.
"Hey Kyouya there is someone I want you to meet." Standing up he walked over to Kyouya who was finally able to sit up better though he still hurt.
"Tamaki is that really…but how are you…?"
"I'll tell you later, right now someone want to meet his mother face to face." Placing him in Kyouya's arms he sat on the bed next to him. "Is he perfect or what?"
"He is, I can't believe I didn't want to have him at one point. What could I have been thinking back then."
"You were just scared but I told you, you needed the right moment to fall in love." Tamaki went on to tell him all that happened while he was sleeping.
"So your now the head of your family?"
"I am my family and its fortune. You know our son still needs a name."
"Your right he does."
"Have you decided on one yet, you told me you did."
"How do you feel about naming him after your father, Tamaki?"
"My father? I'm sure he would have been honored."
"Well then Yuzuru it is then. He is only here thanks to the help of your father so it's only right that we respect him."
"Yuzuru Ootori, I like it."
"It's perfect. You know he is going to be very lucky growing up. He won't have two parents, he'll have four. You, me and whoever we marry."
"Your right he will be but from the start he has been lucky so obviously that will stick to him as he get older." As he started crying in Kyouya's arms both looked at each other and back at Yuzuru, what did they do now? Tachibana walked over to help them. They were worried now since they had no clue how to raise a baby but nothing so far had been easy, why should it be now? They could do this though; they were best friends that tackled everything together. With their main fears conquered today they could focus on being the best parents for their son. They would make it all work, Tamaki had been right; a baby was never a bad thing.


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