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Tutelage I

Kurosaki Ichigo was getting his ass handed to him.

His pride as male wouldn't be able to take it, even if it was just training; he was not going to lose this fight. Tightening his grip on Suzemebachi, he lunged forward, swinging downwards before changing the direction of his strike into an upward arc that would knock her off balance, maybe even disarm her. He could see the surprise in her eyes, he was already thinking of the words he would say. He could see her twisting? Ichigo didn't even have a chance to see the swing that sent him back towards the rock that he was well acquainted with over the past few days.

"Get up." She purred, approaching him with the a confident swagger in her hips, one he both hated and admired so very much. "Get up now, Kurosaki, or so help me, I am going to drag you up by your-

Ichigo flung himself forward, dissolving into a black blur as he took the third step. He hadn't gone more than three feet when a sharp blow to the head stopped him cold, throwing the shinigami back onto his rear. Glaring up at the offender, Ichigo rubbed at his sore skull and swore virulently.

"FUCK! Ever heard of pulling your punches!"

His attacker answered with another chop to the neck.

"Less talk, more focus, Kurosaki!"

Kurosaki raised his right arm, wincing as the bone went numb from the blow. Then he had her by the wrist, and his heel found its place in her solar plexus, casting his attacker off, into the ground. She lay there for a moment, twisting about to recover her footing, using the board of wood beneath her feet as a springboard. Ichigo hissed in surprise, snapping a fist outward, shattering the plank upon contact with his knuckles.

A soft chuckle was the only warning he received. As the splinters from the broken board sprayed wildly about, she leapt forward, her lips curling into a feral smile as she absorbed the look of utter shock he wore. Sliding one foot back, and the other forward, she thrust one open hand out.

"SOUKATSUI!" She laughed, sneering as doe brown eyes went wide with surprise. The first shot slammed into the school field, creating a small cloud of dust, for its intention had never been anything other than to give birth to the smokescreen. Something hard crashed into his face, and Ichigo tasted blood in his mouth for the second time that day. He staggered back, rubbing at what had to be a broken nose and a split lip.

Behind him, she thrust one finger forward, the single digit of her pointer finger jutting out prominently from her closed fist. He turned, glancing over his shoulder at first, then coming about completely as the current crackled loudly, announcing its presence to its prey. Too close. Much too-



Ichigo bellowed back a second later, a wide arc of yellow flame jetting from his palm to meet the azure blast head on. The twin blasts careened into one another, creating green as they warred for dominance with only mere centimeters to spare. Ichigo snarled, and the wide swath of golden fire surged forward, tearing through the lightning bolt, to strike its disbelieving target head on. When the smoke finally cleared, her uniform was a bit ragged, but other than the burn mark she bore on her shoulder where she'd lost her right sleeve, Soi fon was completely unharmed, if not utterly embarrassed for being knocked on her ass. Tsking, she took the hand Ichigo now offered and allowed herself to be hoisted to her feet.

"Gods." Soifon grinned, tousling Ichigo's hair. "You catch on quick, for a human."

Ichigo chuckled.

"Well, I am a soul reaper."

Kurosaki Ichigo had not been quite so quick to warm up to the idea, not at first. But what he'd witnessed that night was irrefutable, as was the katana that materialized at his side whenever he was ejected from his body, the proccess of which he believed Soi fon could be a great deal more gentle about. It was all too real to dismiss as some wild hallucination, a theory that most sane individuals would cling oh so desperately to. The concept of hollows, and the shinigami who slew them, was not even remotely logical. Perhaps it was due to the fact that this realm was neither.

After the first week of endless sparring, he'd found Soi fon to be quite likable. Once he'd gotten past that ever so arrogant 'I'm better than you can ever hope to be' exterior and actually landed a blow on her, she'd sulked, as anyone would, but not a day later, she'd ratcheted up his training, insisting that he learn how to improve on his combinations after he landed the first blow, instead of standing there like an overconfident buffoon.

It was slow, tedious work, but it gave Ichigo something to look forward to, and even appreciate, when the school day was done. Such was another stipulation. Soi fon had insisted that Ichigo's studies come first, the sole exception being if there was a hollow attack during class.

Ah, yes, school.

The day after the incident, Soi fon, somehow managing to pass herself off as a transfer student, had joined Ichigo's class. That was where all his troubles had truly begun, if being gang pressed into hunting hollows by a death god counted as trouble. And with the latter have holed herself up in his closet, Ichigo didn't have much say in the matter.

It was either that, or engage in combat with her every fucking day. Although Ichigo did find Soi fon's prescence rather enjoyable at times, so too, did he often find her loathsome and irritating. Especially when she dragged him out of bed at the crack of dawn to train in the empty schoolyard.

As such...

"Wanna grab a bite to eat?" Ichigo offered, glancing at his wristwatch. It was only five A.M. in the morning, and, seeing, as today was a Sunday, Ichigo didn't have any of his usual classes. That their 'session' had ended so early was a small miracle in of itself. The damage to the school was miracously neglible this time, too. Ordinarily, the police would be swarming over the yard by now, unable to understand the sudden catastrophe.

All the better.

Yes, Ichigo was quickly starting to find that his life had taken on quite the unusual routine. He would get up; eat breakfast go to school if it wasn't a Sunday, then train, the day usually ending in him lying unconscious or close to it. He'd had a very hard time explaining his injuries to his family.

Now, Soi fon regarded Ichigo dully through half opened eyes. It wasn't that she was tired, she always adopted this look when regarding the occasional invitation to one of the many eateries located in Karakura. She'd never really understood the boy's penchant for such low caliber food.

A meal in the Sereitei was far superior to this sub-par diner that they now approached. Her stomach, however, betrayed her, as it often would in situations such as these. Ichigo quirked an eyebrow, but said nothing to the heated glare the captain of the Onmitskido leveled toward him.

"That would be...acceptable. You will be paying for both of us, yes?"

...Sure." Ichigo scowled, knowing better than to argue. The last time he'd done so, Soi fon had levered him face first into a tree, something he did not care to experience again. Slipping back into his body, Ichigo stretched and winced as he worked out the kinks of being still for five hours.

In comparison to his usual uniform, Ichigo had opted for a simple red tee with an obscure logo on the back. The blue jeans he wore weren't particularly noteworthy either, though Soi fon noticed for the upteenth time that day that they fit well on him and allowed for optimum mobility.

"Then let us set off."

"Eh!" Ichigo suddenly waved his hands in protest, causing the shorter woman to pause in midstep. "Not like that! Y-You need to go back to my house and get changed first! If you walk into the restaurant looking like that everyone will think I'm a pervert!"

"Pardon?" Soi fon used the reflection in the glass door to appraise herself, and blinked at the disheveled woman that greeted her. Not only had she lost a sleeve during the brawl, but her skirt, ridicously short to begin with, was yet another casualty. The frayed fringes of the fabric failed to cover her exposed rear, and the black thong she wore there. Her top hadn't faired all the well either, and was missing three of its five buttons.


Thankfully, she'd remembered to wear a bra this time.

So that was why she had felt a breeze...

Ichigo slapped a hand over his face to shelter the expression there.

"Damnit." Soi fon groused sullenly, thankfully folding both arms over her exposed cleavage. "That's the fifth outfit this week! Why must all fabric in the world of the living be so damn flimsy? How do they expect uniform's such as these to sell if they lack any sort of proper durability!"

Ichigo felt his eye begin to twitch.

"I don't think durability is the problem...

"What was that?"


"Blast." Soi fon threw her hands up in exasperation. "I suppose it can't be helped. I won't receive another outfit from that man until the end of next week unless I pay him double. And, seeing as how I have absolutely no intention of doing that, I'll have to borrow one of your outfits, then."

"WHAT!" Ichigo nearly fell into the door at that remark. "Y-You can't be serious! I don't have anything that could possibly-

Soi fon was already receding into the distance.


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"How's this?" Soi fon emerged from Ichigo's closet wearing a T-shirt that was many sizes too large for her.

'Holy sh-

Ichigo had to bite his tongue to hold back that remark.