Amy here. I'm writing this while on vacation. I was bored and was listening to "Yanderenka" too much on my music player and this spawned in to my brain. So, I"m writing this. By the way, I don't own Vocaloid. I don't even know why I'm writing that. Everyone should know Vocaloid doesn't belong to me. -Amy

She wasn't like all the other girls. She was different. Oh so different. Her vibrant eyes that never dulled. Her soft blond hair I longed to touch. That cute white bow atop her head.

"Hey Len!" you'd greet. "How are you?" you'd ask. She would always smile. She would always greet me. She would always treat me as just her friend.

"You're my best friend!" you'd happily say. "No matter what, I'll always be with you!" But that was a lie wasn't it? Your vibrant eyes shone brighter when looking at him. Your soft hair would be softer near him. Your cute white bow fluttered happily when you were with him, right?

"Len, I can't make it today." you'd say to me. "You could go without me, right?" you'd say, walking away. You'd go and share your happiness with him. You'd leave me.

"Len, I'm going on a date with senpai!" you'd say happily. "Aren't you happy for me?" you'd say smiling. I'd smile and nod. Even if my heart was breaking. You'll always like him better. My feelings meant nothing.

"Len... I'm sorry." your last words were. But isn't that a lie too? You were never sorry. I'm surprised you remembered my name all these years.

My grip on that cute bow you wore tightened. It was splattered red. Your vibrant eyes were now lifeless. Your soft blond hair I could finally touch was also red like your was white bow.

I smile sadly, holding you. The knife I held moments ago was now in your chest.

Even if you loved him more.

Even if you ignored me these past years.

Even if you cause me to break apart.

Even if you're dead.

Even if it's all your fault.

I'll love you. Now and then. And even now.

Even if my life end too.

I took out the knife from your chest. I aim it towards mine.

I love you.

I thrust the knife to my heart. I see blood.


I love you.


Soooo... That was bad... I suck at writing angst. Did you already know it was Rin as the girl Len loved at the beginning? Well, I sorta gave it away by the bow. So yeah. I suck at this. Don't even bother reviewing this piece of angsty crap. - Amy