Rating; PG/PG-13
Pairing; You'll have to keep reading to find out!
Genre; Crack, humor, romance
Warnings; Mentions of a drunk party, a sneaky pipe-fox, Mokona kisses, and abuse of a certain part-timer.
Summary; Just another 'normal' day at Yuko's shop.
...For now.

"Yuko-san…" It was a slow exhaling of the name as Watanuki looked to said person as calmly as he could.

"What is it, Watanuki?" Yuko stared back at him with her venetian red eyes, and although they seemed cool and calm to most, Watanuki knew better. He saw that her eyes were practicallydancing with amusement underneath.

"Why is the shop looking like the aftermath of a party of drunks…" Here, he took a sharp intake of breath, before all of that air came soaring out like a tornado.

"WHEN I ONLY JUST CLEANED IT YESTERDAY!" Voice rising in pitch and sound, his long arms extended forward to claw (at least, that's what it looked like from anyone else's point of view) at the empty air in front of him.

"Why, Watanuki you silly boy. Of course there was a party!"

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!" Flailing his arms in a manner which made it seem as though he were victim to a seizure, Yuko looked on calmly, sipping from her alcohol with a small sly smile.

"Calm down," She said, setting the ochoko₁ down. "You'll wear yourself out before you even begin your job, and we wouldn't want that now would we?"

"You mean you actually expect me to clean all THIS," He motioned wildly to, well, everything. "AND cook you your meals!"

"You're catching on, Watanuki! You're so smart!" As if to annoy the part-timer more, she began clapping in glee.

Nearby, nearly in the background but loud enough so that they could be heard without a problem, Maru and Moru crowed; "Watanuki's smart! Watanuki's smart!"

"YOU ARE SO UNREASONABLE!" Nearly giving himself an aneurysm, Watanuki was so indulged in his wild movements that he failed to notice a long, slender blur of white dart towards him until he felt it quickly slither up the bottom of his school uniform's shirt, along his back and coil around the base of his neck.


Goosebumps rose all over his skin where his hairs were, and he shivered as his arms scrabbled to his back, his body only now catching up with the pipe-fox's previous movements.

"Must you do that?" He asked, pouting (although he would stubbornly argue he wasn't if commented on) at Mugetsu.

Its only response was to lay a dozen kisses upon his cheek.

"Heeeeey! Mokona wants a kiss too!"

Before Watanuki even had the chance to respond - let alone react - he found that the world had abruptly gone black.

There was only one reaction that processed through and was accepted in his mind.


"A-AAHHH WHAT'S HAPPENING!" He yelled, his feet awkwardly moving across the floor as he became disoriented from the loss of vision.

It was no surprise that he eventually ended up tripping himself over a table and falling to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

"Hahahaha!" Suddenly, it became clear. Both literal, and non-literal. The teenager could now see, and see he did. He saw a blob of black. A blob of black that would soon become their dinner.

"MO-KO-NAAAAA!" Watanuki screeched as the black manjuu detached itself from his face.

Mokona only laughed again.

"You won't be laughing once I'm done with you! You just made this room even more of a mess! Of course it doesn't matter to you since you won't be cleaning it up BUT IT SURE AS HELL MATTERS TO ME!"

"Watanuki looks angry!" Mokona exclaimed, snickering as he bounced on Watanuki's head and promptly jumping off before the seer could grab him.

"Angry! Angry! Watanuki's angry!" Maru and Moro echoed beside them.

"DAMN RIGHT I'M ANGRY!" He screeched, scrambling after Mokona.

During the duration of this…display, Yuko had gone uncharacteristically quiet (she didn't even put in one word at Watanuki's amusing movements even though she was one of the main people who put her two cents in about them), staring at the shoji doors₂ in the room ahead.

Watanuki, of course, noticed (but not without a lot of yelling at a certain black manjuu before-hand) and blinked. "Yuko-san?" He asked, his silent question ringing, un-hidden in how he said her name.₃

Slowly, much to Watanuki's poor weary soul, she smiled. (That one smile that shows that she knows something. Or also known as the Let's-Stress-Watanuki-Out-To-The-Point-Of-Insanity-Because-We-Know-Something-He-Doesn't Smile.)

"It seems we have a customer."

1. Ochoko; cups used for drinking sake. They're usually small and cylindrical but can also be formed into flatter shapes resembling wide-mouthed bowls.

2. Shoji doors; a typical door, window, or room divider in Japan. It's made of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a sort of grid of wood or bamboo.

3. Watanuki, of course, noticed (but not without a lot of yelling at a certain black manjuu before-hand) and blinked. "Yuko-san?" He asked, his silent question ringing, un-hidden in how he said her name; In case you didn't get it, the silent question was one of curiosity and slight concern (not the oh-my-god-are-you-ok? But what's-wrong?).