Chapter 25: All's well that ends well

February 21 2010

Isabella POV

I loved Florida. I loved the warmth, the trees, the grass, the beauty. Even in February, it was pretty. I was praying that Eddie and his family had still decided to go on the vacation that I had given them for Christmas. If they weren't here I would have to figure out another way to reconcile with Eddie.

Today was my birthday. And my present to myself was Eddie. At least I was hoping that it was Eddie. I had checked into my hotel last night, glad that I was able to get a room in the hotel at the last minute. I was lucky that it was February. If it had been later in the year I would've had a very hard time getting a room.

I had asked the employee at the front of the desk if the Cullen family had checked in yet and she said that she wasn't allowed to tell me because of privacy rules. I rolled my eyes thinking that was ridiculous, but walked up to my room anyway.

This morning I woke up with a plan. I dressed and walked downstairs. I left my contacts out. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything about my hair, I'd just have to let it grow out. I sat down in a big, fluffy chair in the hotel. If they were here, I would see them when they got off the elevator. I was scared to death that he wouldn't want me anymore, that he had moved on to someone else, or that he was mad at me. I sat there for about thirty minutes. I was starting to think that they hadn't came, that they had forgone the trip. And then I saw her. Alice came out of the elevator, dressed as only Alice can dress. Behind her was Jasper. I stared at her while she walked across the lobby of the hotel. She stopped mid-stride and looked right at me. Jasper, who wasn't paying attention to where he was going, walked right into Alice's back.

"Isabella?" Alice says, looking right at me.

"Alice," I say, looking back at her.

"Your here," she says. She's just staring at me with a dumbfounded look on her face. Jasper is on his phone, typing furiously on the keyboard. "And your blonde."

"Yes I am here and I am blonde." I say. I feel stupid. This is not the way I planned on this going. I was hoping that I would be seeing Eddie first, not Alice. I didn't have a plan for this.

She walked over to me and gave me a big hug. "We've missed you," she whispered into my ear.

I was so caught up in Alice's hug that I didn't see him as he exited the elevator and walked over to me.

Alice pulled away from and before I realized what was happening, I was in his arms again. He was hugging me so tightly I could barely breath. I turned my face to his and found his lips. We kissed for what seemed like forever. I was back in his arms. Feeling his hug, his kisses and his love. I was in heaven. This is where I was meant to be.

One Year Later

Isabella POV

"You ready honey?" I turned around to face my father. He looked stunning in his tuxedo, my mother was standing next to him in a light pink gown. They were still a dashing couple after all these years.

"Yes," I say.

"Here," my mother says, handing me a baby blue handkerchief. "It's your something blue."

"Thanks, Mom." I say giving her a final kiss.

I heard as the music in the sanctuary started to play. I could imagine my sister, Rosalie and Alice walking down the aisle followed by the twins pulling Alice's daughter in a wagon. She wasn't quite old enough to make it down the aisle. My nephews would be train bearers and were following my father and I out as we walked down the aisle.

It had been an eventful year. After the whole ordeal involving James, I was able to return to Richmond, and continue my life with Eddie. I was no longer in any danger. James was dead, and Lauren was locked away, no longer a threat to anyone. After reuniting in Florida, we went back to Richmond and continued our relationship where it had left off. After six month of dating, Eddie proposed. Soon after that, Alice gave birth to a daughter, Ella, and Rosalie and Emmett announced that they were expecting another child.

I was reunited with my family. My mother and I were able to continue our relationship where it had left off, my father and I had some healing to do, but were well on our way to how we used to be. My sister and I were so thankful to have each other in our lives again that we forgot the way we used to fight, and had an instant bond. It was nice to have my family back. It was even nicer to have them here with me today, when I married my love.

After exchanging vows and rings we enjoyed our reception at the Jefferson Hotel. It was an event to remember and because of Carlisle and Esme's standing in the community, it seemed like everyone in the area was there. It was fantastic and we all had a great time.

Six Years Later

"Boys," I say, yelling out the front door of our home, "dinner's ready." I watch as my twin sons run into the house, covered in dirt.

"Go wash up before you eat, your father will be home soon."

Eddie and I had been married for about six months when we decided to start a family. Knowing that my chances of carrying a child to term were slim to none we decided to try surrogacy. After going through the selection process we were pleased to find out that we would be having twins, and that they were boys. Edward could not be happier to be welcoming more boys into the family and I was pretty happy that I was just getting the children that I always wanted.

Edward had gone back to medical school and had finished his training. After moving onto his internship and residency, he went into private practice with a local pediatric office. We had built our dream home on the land next to his parents, and the boys got to spend lots of quality time with their grandparents.

Several minutes later my five year old twins, Joseph and Christopher came back into the room, much cleaner than before.

"Joseph, please set the table," I watched as he blew air out of his mouth and his bronze bangs flew up. He hated setting the table, but it was his turn and he had to get used to doing his chores.

"Christopher, get the drinks please." I watched as Conner turned around and headed to the refrigerator, his brown hair completely out of control, just like Edwards.

I turned around in time to see Eddie come through the door. "Hey baby," he grabs me and gives me a kiss and then kisses my bulging belly. She was an unexpected surprise, but a happy one.

"Hey boys," he says, giving the twins a hug. "Have you been good for your mother today?"

"Yes," they say in unison. He looks over to me and I nod my head in agreement,

"Good," he says. "Let's eat. I'm starving."

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