Just a sexy one-shot, might be continued if you like.

"Why weren't you there on time? None of this would have happened if you'd just done your stupid job!"

"If I'd done my job? What about your job? Isn't this whole damn place your job?"

The voices echoed down the hall, the words distorted by both distance and anger by the time they reached the knowing ears of the various other transgenic residents of nice, peaceful T.C. Peaceful. Right.

"All I'm saying," one of the voices went on, clearly straining for control, "is that it is not my fault that no one was supervising the 6s when I was busy running your errands."

"Right," the second voice retorted, distortion gone as they came around the corner, "like it was for my benefit that you wasted a morning smuggling in pre-Pulse wine."

"Well," Alec said throwing his hands up in tightly-wound frustration, "it would have been, if you'd made it even to this evening before pissing me off!" Max snorted, long legs pumping to keep up with him. The others kept silent, looking quickly down at their hands as the two warring Alphas passed.

"Oh, don't even say that. Like I'd drink with you." It was Alec's turn to snort.

"And why not?"

"Oh, I don't know, because you're an arrogant little prick who can barely even think, but when he does, it's only for himself?" They shoved their way through the door at the opposite end of the room, and everyone else breathed a quiet sigh of relief.

"Ah, baby, that's never stopped you before. And I'm anything but little," he added, the smirk audible.

Max had to keep herself from growling, had to tame the cat enough to reach out and shove Alec instead of going for his throat.

"Don't call me that," she snapped, ignoring the zing of energy that leaped from his shoulder to her palm at the contact.

"I'll call you anything I want, Maxie," he said, shoving her back. Max's expression went murderous. She was not about to get into a petty fistfight in the middle of the hallway. She was not about to get into a petty fistfight in the middle of the hallway. She was not… "You know you like it."

She swung at him, lip curling in a snarl. Alec caught her fist and twisted, sending her arm up at a painful angle behind her back. She stomped the heel of her boot down on his instep, and at his hiss snapped her head back into his nose. Alec's grip on her wrist loosened enough for Max to whip herself around. Unfortunately, he didn't actually release her, and she found their position awkwardly switched so that her back was to his front, one of his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, pinning her left arm across her stomach. In an instant, Alec took advantage of her surprise and lunged roughly forward, slamming her front-first into the wall. Max grunted and tried to get enough of an angle with her free arm to shove them away, but only managed to scrabble helplessly against the plaster before Alec leaned in, pressing them firmly into a Max sandwich.

He put his face close to her neck, and Max froze. His breath, warm and ragged, puffed against her skin. His back was warm too, almost hot, and she could feel all of it.

"Calm down," he breathed, and something in his voice was dark and sly and predatory. She twisted her head, trying to get away from that dangerous mouth, and succeeded in turning it sideways enough that she could see his face, see the darkening of those hazel eyes to a burnished shade of forest green, and oh god his lips were only an inch away from hers.

"Fuck you," she bit out, struggling away from the wall. He slammed her into it again, and this time his hips arched in such a way that she felt him against her ass and what breath had not been knocked out of her with the impact left with a whoosh of shock and arousal.

"Calm down," he said again, lips curving in a way that would earn him a slap as soon as she was free.

"Fuck… you…" she said again, more slowly, softer this time, unable to look away from his mouth. Alec bent his head, free hand sliding up her waist to brush against the side of her breast, until his lips were just a fraction above hers.

"I'll bring the wine," he said, and she felt his mouth move against hers as lightly as butterfly wings. "You bring everything but your clothes."

"Like I said," she told him slowly, eyes fixed on his, lips brushing Alec's, "arrogant."

"Yeah?" She rolled her hips, felt him tense, heard his sharp intake of breath.

"Yeah." In his moment of distraction, Max dropped out of his suddenly-lax grip and slid neatly out from between him and the wall. Her body cried out at the loss of touch, of Alec, and she quieted it with a mental smack. Backing away from the boy with a smirk, she took in the way his eyes snapped with lust and excitement and frustration.

Max smiled.

"But maybe next time."