Author's note: I realized that there aren't a lot of stories in this section. I feel it's pity since it was such a great movie. I wanted to share my version of the story through the eyes of Abigail. I promise to try not to make her a Mary Sue!

We were only kids. We weren't heroes that did this every day. Killing didn't come easy to us especially to me. How could you not think about all those people that you killed? They had families too. They were doing their duty to their country. We went to war against other countries too.

"Why are we any different than them?" I once asked Jed. "Because we live here" Jed replied. This is our story. The story of all of us. We really were just scared kids. But we had something that other scared kids didn't have.

We had heart. We loved each other in own way. We were like a big family, even before the war. In this memoir I will show you before and after the war through the eyes of a person who saw it all.

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