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Well... I just sat down and barfed this up. Yeah, that's basically all this is. Barf. But, I felt like putting it out there. This is going to be the beginning of my new story... that might...yeah, most likely,...take a while to write. Haha. Sit tight people, I hope. :) Ummmm... idea for this was the fact that I was tired of stories where Aang leaves Katara and she just sits there... like a wimp... all those years. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE those stories to death. I love the relationship Aang and Katara have when the meet again for the first time in years, and their reactions. I just wanted to do something different. :) Forgive me if I sound harsh. I don't wanna be. Anyways. I didn't think I would be starting another story this soon... so here's a treat for ya!

Oh, and reviews are like candy for my sweet tooth. Go ahead and give me some. I savor them and love them to death. Mmmmm. candy.

Disclaimer: There is no chance in the world that I own Avatar: the last Airbender. I just have to deal with it like everyone else. Well... except Mike and Bryan.

Okay, can I tell you a secret?

No, really. I mean it.

Okay, here it goes. Well… somewhere along the way, I fell in love. Yep, the undeniable truth. Ugh, don't remind me. It makes me feel all tingly and squirmish just thinking about it. And who it is.

Okay, deep breath. *breathe in* *breathe out* I fell in love with the Avatar.


Yeah, that's what I thought too. Ugh. Man, don't ask me why. Well, actually, what you should be asking is why not? That's right. Why in the world he would fall in love with me, on the other hand, is out of my mental capacity. He must be stupid enough to love me. But the Avatar isn't stupid. Then why in the world does he love me?

Gosh, just thinking about him makes a smile creep across my face. Wipe it off Katara! Yeesh. I'm such a pathetic person. What happened to Katara the master waterbender?

Well… I honestly don't know. But I will find her. Mark my words.

Just after I find Aang.

Uh, yeah. You heard me. He's gone.


Oh man, my stomach just took a nose dive. It's the same feeling I felt when I saw Zuko get zapped by Azula on the day of Sozin's comet. Yeah, it's that bad.

Don't ask me where he went! Because I don't know! Stupid guy just leaves me behind and thinks I don't need him. Well, he's wrong. Dead wrong. I do need him. Badly. My heart feels like it gets ripped apart every time I see something that reminds me of him, or when I hear his name, and especially when I am just sitting alone and thinking.

I guess I can shake my head all I want, and shed all the tears I can manage, but…it won't do me any good.

The only way I can cure this broken heart is to find him. And beat the crap out of him. Well, it might be hard, him being the Avatar and all. But then again, he probably wouldn't even want to fight me because… well, that whole thing about him saying he loves me and all.

If he loves me so much, why did he leave?

When he left, he said it was for my own good. Yeah right. It's been almost two years, and I am sick and tired of waiting for him to come back around. I am going to head out and find him on my own. And figure out what in the world he is up to that is so much more important than being with me and kissing….err… forget that last part. Still trying to get used to the idea that we are together. Kinda. Sorta. Before he left and all.

He'd better not have some girlfriend that he left me for.

He's dead meat when I find him! Girlfriend or not.

Oh man, I miss him.

Aang, I am coming to find you. You'd better be prepared, because you have some explaining to do.