Title: My Best Friend Tony

Disclaimer: They belong to CBS and not me.

Author's Note: I know I haven't finished Saved. I know! But I wanted to throw out this one shot, hope you like!

"Leave it McGee!" Tony shouted to his friend. The undercover operation was going to hell and he knew he had to get his partner out or they would both die. The terrorists had figured that they were federal agents.

McGee looked up towards the senior agent and grimaced, he didn't want to leave his computer behind, it contained too much information, but he also knew that if he delayed their escape any longer that both he and Tony wouldn't get out alive.

A barrage of bullets rained in their direction, and suddenly a painful groan could be heard from Tony's direction and McGee knew that the computer was lost. They had to get out and now!

McGee ran towards the exit only to find Tony resting against the wall, his shirt was soaked with blood and his face peppered with sweat and blood spatter.

"Tony, what the hell?", he raced to his friend's side and ripped open Tony's shirt, only to find a single bullet wound to his upper left chest just underneath the clavicle, it would certainly be a fatal wound if he didn't act fast.

"Guess I should have zigged when I zagged." Tony's words were spoken in a low gravely voice between ragged breaths. McGee couldn't discern if Tony was actually trying not to give away their location or if he was just attempting to breathe. The pain that the wound inflicted was vividly etched on his friend's now pale face and the blood flow from the wound seemed to increase with each breath Tony pulled in. It had to be painful to breathe because it was excruciating to just watch him as he attempted to pull air into his lungs.

"Well, lesson learned." McGee teased back as he removed his jacket and folded it so he could use the thick cloth jacket as a bandage. He knew Gibbs would be waiting outside, he just had to get them out of the building and right now it looked impossible, they were surrounded.

" I guess we learned a lesson." Tony continued to talk as Tim removed his belt and made a pressure dressing around the wound, by wrapping the belt tight around Tony's chest and pulling it so as to staunch the flow of blood from the open wound.

"What's that Tony?" Tim asked as his hands hurried at controlling the bleeding.

"Never tick off a terrorist Timmy. They are definitely very sensitive people." he moaned as the belt tightened around the painful wound.

"Sorry Tony." he apologized for the pain he knew he was causing but he also knew that it had to be tight if it was going to be effective.

Tony's right hand came up and patted Tim's back, "I'm good Probie." he lied through gritted teeth. Tony knew that Tim would soon have to make a choice to leave him behind and he would make sure that he did just that, he would not slow his partner down or cause him to be killed.

"We're close to the exit Tony, all we need to do is to have a distraction." Tim explained as he pulled Tony up into a standing position, the hail of bullets had subsided, both men knew it was just a reload period, it would not last for long.

"You need to make it out McGee. Get Gibbs. I'll be okay." he choked out, the taste of blood and thickened clots make him gag and he went into a coughing jag that rattled every bit of his being.

Tim held on to his friend, he had to think, Tony didn't stand a chance if he didn't get help soon.

"Damn!" Tony grabbed his chest and held it tight, it felt worse than when he had experienced the pneumonic plague.

"I'm going to place you into a fireman's carry Tony. I just need you to hang on." Tim would have to make a run for it but he would take out a few light fixtures first or better yet the main grid and then hit the exit running.

Tony didn't argue as Tim grabbed him around the waist and threw him over his shoulders. Within a few seconds of hanging upside down Tony murmured, "This reminds me of a movie. In The X-Files, Fight the Future where Mulder throws Scully over his shoulders while the aliens are grabbing for them. Mulder had to save Scully from the aliens." he paused then continued ,"But she quit breathing and he had to resuscitate her."

Tim's movements came to a sudden halt, "Tony, you're not going to stop breathing on me, are you?" his voice broke as he said the words, afraid for his friend.

A long continuous cough followed and Tim held his breath as he waited for a reply, then Tony spoke again. "Don't want you to kiss me Timmy."

McGee nodded, Tony was still breathing and his sense of humor was still intact. He watched the movements of their enemies as another storm of bullets hit, staying behind the cement pillar for cover. The splintering of wood and cement almost made it impossible to keep them in view but Tim held firm and waited for his opportunity to move and when it came he aimed his gun towards the power box that was still in sight and fired, then he ran, like he had never run before, hitting the exit door with all his might it flew open and he ran into the street carrying his friend.


Gibbs had exited his car, Ziva was at the wheel just in case they had to make a quick get away. He had his weapon pulled and pointed towards the warehouse door, ready to enter to rescue his agents if necessary. He would give them a few more minutes then he would make his move, back up had been called but they still hadn't arrived.

Suddenly the sounds of weapons firing echoed through the alleyway and he knew he had to act quickly. He pulled out the warehouse floor plans and looked them over, the warehouse had only one back exit and it would be their only escape. He would be there when his team exited to help fend off the terrorists who would certainly follow them out of the building.

He motioned for Ziva who took position against the door and as they were about to enter the door flew open and out rushed Tim carrying Tony on his back. "Ziva! Get them into the car!" Gibbs shouted as he returned fire.

Ziva assisted Tim in getting Tony into the backseat of his car, Tim crawled into the back with him, grabbing the make do bandage and applying more pressure than the belt could master.

"Gibbs!" Ziva yelled getting her boss's attention.

Gibbs saw that his men were inside the car and headed that direction, taking out a man on the roof as he entered into the car, pushing down on the gas pedal even before his door was completely shut.

As they sped away Gibbs couldn't help but to notice the reflection in the mirror, a very pale and bloody Tony sitting in the backseat, his wound had to be serious. "Tony, hang on!" Gibbs ordered as he watched Tim grab his friend and pull him close to him, attempting to ward off shock by keeping him warm.

Tony looked up at his friend, "You did good McFailsafe." he gave Tim a big Tony grin.

"Couldn't let you die Tony, you're my best friend." Tim patted Tony's shoulder as Ziva looked back, taking in the two men's appearances. She had been afraid for them but she found comfort in knowing that these two men were very capable of caring for each other.

"Ziva, call Georgetwon Memorial and tell them they have a critical patient coming in." Gibbs ordered, worried about Tony's color and his ragged breathing.

Ziva pulled out her phone and dialed.

Tim held tight to Tony's shivering body, he had to let Tony know that he had to hold on.