Note: this story roughly follows the movie, and yes a lot of these chectors are from road to avonlea

Felix and Sarah Holmes were racing towards the docks. Their Friend Izzy had told them she found something exciting there. They hoped that their father, the great Sherlock Holmes would not be snooping around there. Not that they were planning on causing any trouble, but just in case (...just in case things didn't go according to plan?).

Meanwhile, the fashionable Felicity Holmes was shopping in the general store,

"Lastrad," said the ~~fifteen-year-old upon seeing him enter. "Which ribbon do you like better, the blue or the red?"

"Felicity," he said with a sigh, "Why are you asking me? You know men do not have any sense of womens' style."

"Men have their own sense of style and fashion," She retorted sternly. "Except for my brother Felix. "

"I don't think Felix minds a bit," Lastrad said with a laugh. "He's only ten years old."

Just then, a ragged old man with an eyepatch walked in. "Father-" Felicity started at her father in diszuise, but stopped when he put his hand up. He was on an important case. He put his hand on the blue ribbon and handed her some pipe tobacco he was meaning to buy sometime that day. He then followed the man to the back door.

This led him to the docks. Not too far off, Felix, Sarah and Izzy were examine a mysterious hole they had found.