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Her heart was racing, her blood flowing double speed – rushing up her cheeks, the pulse behind her ear was beating erratically. Breathing uneven and sweaty palms that were pressed up against her back door. Even in the hot weather, she never really wears anything that's too showy, but the heat was unbearable and she ended up in shorts and a thin tank. By now the night summer air should be bearable but while she was in the middle of making lists and having debates in her mind she concluded that the only reason she felt suffocated was not because of the weather outside – all the heat was coming from herself.

Jess reached up and traced his finger down the pulse behind her ear, feeling it beat under his finger tip. He took a step forward where he could better see her blush in the light from the one that hung above them.

She swallowed as his finger ran down her throat. Then he dipped his head and placed a soft kiss on the left side of her neck. Rory was sure by now that he could hear the butterflies in her stomach and the beating of her heart. He then moved up, closer to her jaw and took her skin lightly through his teeth.

Rory gasped, "Jess".

He straightened up and left his hands on her hips. "Rory." His eyes seemed lighter than usual, almost teasing, despite the night backdrop behind him.

"Um, w-what are um," She sucked in air, "Are you my boyfriend?"

He breathed out a laugh, "You're kidding."

"No, I mean I joke a lot with mom, but right there… that was the serious tone. No kidding." She said, her voice tripping over the words.

He paused for a minute. Then he leaned in quickly and pecked her unsuspecting lips. "Night Rory." He said. Then he turned and walked down the steps, quickly disappearing into the night.

She pushed shakily away from the door and wiped the moisture off her forehead before opening the door. After she turned with the door and shut it, she turned back to head for her room

"Ah!" She yelled and almost fell back into the door.

"Ah!" Lorelai yelled right after. "You scared me!" She accused.

"No! You scared me!" Rory yelled back.

"Well, what are you doing creeping in the back door like that?" Lorelai asked, her tone high.

"Coming home… What are you doing in the kitchen?" Rory asked, her eyebrows bunching.

"Well, I – See. You scared me!" she stuttered.

Rory crossed her arms and looked at her skeptically. "Uh huh."

"You were necking!" Lorelai shouted playfully, pointing her fingers.

Crimson flushed in her face, "No I wasn't!"

"You were! You were!" Lorelai started dancing in place. "So, he finally said you're boyfriend, girlfriend?" She asked.

"Well –

"You're kidding." She cut her off and folded her arms, becoming serious.

"Why does everyone seem to think that I'm in such a joking mood?" Rory asked and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge.

"I'm definitely not joking anymore."

"Mom, come on." Rory said, opening the bottle and taking a sip.

"No, Rory. It's been days and you don't even know if you're his girlfriend yet. I told you-

"Told me what?" Rory asked, her tone getting defensive.

"I don't like this! He's using you! For- for necking and stuff!" Her argument sounded better in her head.

"Mom, please. If Jess wanted to use someone for necking you think he would choose me of all people?" She rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I do Rory. He already came in and ruined what you had with Dean and now he's setting out to ruin you."

"That's not fair!"

"Well he doesn't seem like a kid who ever plays by the rules." Lorelai spat.

"No! I mean you! You aren't being fair to him."

"I know that you like him and I know he seems like he likes you but-

"No! No buts! I'm tired of this same conversation." She rolled her eyes. "I'm sick of you not liking Jess."

"I think I maintain the right to not like the guy that is using my daughter."

"Jess is not-

"Yes he is! You don't see it because he's playing games with your head."

"He is not playing games with my head!"

"Yes he is Rory. You have to believe me. I thought that it would be okay if I gave this a chance but-

"No!" She yelled, almost desperately. "You don't get a say! I hate that you're ruining this for me!" Then she bolted past Lorelai and into her room. Slamming the door behind her.

"It's hot." She huffed and put her book down onto the wood she was sitting on.

Jess just nodded and turned the page of his book. She took off her right shoe and sock and stuck her foot back down.

"My toes can't touch the water from here." Rory grumbled. She scooted up so her butt was on the very edge of the bridge and stretched her right foot out, hoping the graze the water with her toes. When he didn't reply, she started to bring her foot back and turn towards him, ready to confront him because he wasn't talking to her. "You know – Ah!"

Crap. The air bubbles came out of her nose and mouth and she opened her eyes to see them float up her face. Kicking a little bit, she felt herself float up. Breaking the water surface she breathed in deep then brought her hands to her eyes to push the water from them.

When she opened her eyes she could see Jess sitting there, pulling out his cigarettes but still looking at the pages of his book. Fuming, she took in the amused smirk playing on his lips.

"You pushed me in!" She yelled, her body bobbing up and down in the cool water.

Then he looked up from his book, visibly swallowed a laugh and lit a cigarette.

"Jess! I cannot believe you just pushed me in the water! Why would you do that?" She yelled. He continued to stay quiet.

"Ugh!" She huffed. Her eyes narrowed and when he still didn't look up to at least notice her annoyed expression she pushed herself to the land, coming up to the left side of the bridge. As soon as her tennis shoe-covered foot and her bare toes squished onto the grass, she made her way to him.

She stomped the entire way, feeling the water rise between her toes every time her shoe hit the ground. She was more satisfied at how loudly her footsteps became on the bridge. When she got up to him, his eyes still hadn't strayed from the pages of his book so she bent down and ripped the cigarette from his lips and threw it behind her.

He looked up, surprised and yet still amused. "Hey!" He teasingly accused.

"You pushed me in the lake!"

His eyes were dancing, but he said nothing. "Talk!" She yelled.

"I've been with you for…" He paused and checked his watch, "Almost three hours." Then he looked back up to her burning eyes. "And in that time, you have managed to only speak about things that are aggravating you. You were hot, I cooled you off." He smirked.

Slowly, she leaned away from him, standing up-right and he looked back down to his book. She peeled her tank top off of the spaghetti strap one that was underneath. After managing to keep that tank top on and taking the top off, she balled it in her fists and wrung it out over top of his head, flattening most of his hair while streams of water ran down his face and fell onto his book and some on his clothes.

She grinned and threw her tank top onto the bridge and put her hands on her hips. Slowly Jess put his book down and then calmly looked up to her. He stood up like nothing had happened and got close to her. The expression in her eyes changed from angry, to amused, to lust in the matter of a minute.

He looked down to her chest and her face flushed crimson. Then, Jess put his hands just above her hips, but snaked his hands under the hem of the tank.

At the contact, heat pooled in her stomach and the water that was falling from her hair started to feel like sweat. He pulled her body to his and dipped his head down to her collarbone. Two sloppy warm kisses were placed there, and then three short ones placed on her neck. She felt dizzy when his bottom lip grazed the bottom of her ear lobe before her placed a kiss in front of her ear. Grabbing onto the side seams of his shirt, he pressed his lips to hers and just when she started to react he pulled away.

"So?" He asked casually.

Waiting for her heart to restart, "Um, so?" She asked.

"What's the deal?" He asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Um, w-with what?" She stumbled over her words.


"Oh, um" She reached up and wiped the wet hairs off her face, "I had a fight with my mom."

"About?" He asked, looking down to her tank top.

"Just, um, stuff." She wasn't really expecting him to ask about it. Jess Mariano didn't strike her as someone to talk about his feelings.

"Me." He guessed, glancing up to her face for a second.

"No." She answered quickly. He laughed humorlessly and shook his head. Bending down he picked up her tank, her sock, and their books then let the wet garments fall into her hands. Then he walked away and she followed after shoving her foot back into her shoe. "Where are we going?" She asked, keeping pace.

"I have to work."

"Oh." Her voice sounded disappointed.

They didn't say anything in the rest of their short walk back to her house. For some reason, the air felt heavy. When they reached her front yard she stopped short,

"So…" she said quietly.

"I'll call you later." He leaned in kissed her forehead and before she could utter a goodbye, he was back down into the street.

She stood there for a minute, and then looked down, taking in her soppy appearance. "Yuck."

"So I'm going over it all in my head last night, and I don't see how I'm doing anything wrong. I'm thinking: When did it all start? Why did I go from being against it to not being against it? How come I'm so concerned if she's in a serious relationship, I mean she's only 17. And as I'm thinking about all of this I remember, when I was 17 she was already alive. She makes good decisions I should trust her and why am I doubting giving the situation at least half a chance, she deserves that. So anyways – is there fresh coffee? But then I remember that he's a jerk and I shouldn't have to give anything a chance because I'm the mom and she's the kid. I don't want to be like my mother."

"All in one breath." Sookie said, half amused, half exhausted.

"What?" Lorelai asked, taking a sip of coffee.

"Okay, you know I love you and I love Rory but sweetie you've been going on like this for a half hour!" she turned around and started stirring her sauce.

"Really?" Lorelai glanced down at her watch.

"Yes, really." She eyed her. "Rory's a good kid. I know you hate fighting with her. Maybe you should just apologize –

"I don't think I should."

"This is what happens every time you two have a fight. Its because you're so stubborn – the both of you – that it lasts so long."

"I don't trust him."

"No one is asking you to. Just, like you said, give the situation a chance – give the kid a chance. And let Rory be her wonderful angel-like daughter self."

"I guess you're right." Lorelai mumbled. "Why are you so pro- JessRory relationship?" She popped a few blueberries in her mouth.

"Have you seen the look on that kids face? She is one love-sick girl. Its more than puppy love, it's big shaggy doggy love."

"Okay!" She half yelled and shut her eyes, "Please quit referring to the RoryJess thing as shaggy doggy love. Ew."

"Maybe, honey, you're just gonna have to accept it."

"Accept him?"

"That and, maybe it's not First Boyfriend like-love anymore… Rory's growing up."

Lorelai paused and looked down to the table in front of her, her eyes tearing up. "I need a cup of coffee."

"It's right next to you." Sookie said, her tone warm.

"Oh, right." Lorelai picked her cup back up, "I, um, have to go get something from the house."

"Rory?" She yelled, entering the house. "Oh!" Her heels slipped on the wet floor, and she grabbed the desk to steady herself. Once she stood up straight again, she set down her keys and purse and looked at the water on the floor. "Rory?" She asked again.

Following the water trail to the bathroom she opened up the door cautiously.

Clad in her wet clothes, Rory was laying in the bath tub. The curtain pushed all the way to the side.

"Did you fight the shower?" Lorelai asked.

Rory glanced up at her and rolled her eyes, then fixed her stare back on the shower nozzle.

"Why are you soaked? Did you forget to take off your clothes?"

Rory sighed loudly.

"Okay," Lorelai said quietly, "Not in the mood for funny." She paused. "Hon, tell me why you and my house are wet."

"Jess pushed me in the lake."

She gasped a little, "What?" She put down the toilet seat and sat on top.

"You heard me."

"Did he… break up with you? I mean I guess I can't call it breaking up because you guys may or may not be officially together but-

"I was hot and he pushed me in the lake."


"I was in a bad mood and its all your fault and I was complaining so he pushed me in the lake." Rory fiddled with the hem of her tank top.

"I don't know what to say, because I don't know if we're mad at him or –

"We're mad at you."

"Okay, that clears it up. We're mad at me."

"I was in a funk all day because of our fight and Jess pushed me in the lake to get me out of my funk and then he asked why I was in a funk and I said because I got in a fight with you and he guessed it was about him and now he's in a funk."

"That's a lot of funk." Lorelai laughed lightly.

Rory glared.

"Okay, still not funny… Hon, I'm sorry. I just-

"I know." Rory grumbled.

"No, just let me explain –

"I know, mom. I know."

"I just want you to be careful."

"I am." She reassured her.

"I don't want you to think I'm not happy for you because I am. I am team Rory-happiness."


"Fight over?"

"Fight over." Rory nodded and smiled a little. They sat there for a few minutes quietly. Then she spoke up again, "Mom?"

"Yes angel?"

"Can you leave? Wet jeans are uncomfy."

Lorelai nodded, sat up, patted her on her head and then left the bathroom.

She jumped slightly at the sound, capturing her legs in the sheet. Quickly she looked over to her window to see Jess standing outside. She let out a breath, and untangled herself and walked over to her window, opening it.

"Hey." She said.


"What are you doing here?"

"I thought you would want-

"No I mean here, at my window. We have a door you know. Two, actually."

"I didn't know if it was okay to knock."

"Why wouldn't it be?" She questioned.

"Your mom?"

"Oh, no. It's fine. You could have knocked."

"Okay." He nodded.


"Yes." Jess said quickly.

"Yes?" her eyes were confused.

"If that's what you guys are fighting about, don't."

"Okay, see I know being a guy of few words is part of your charm but you're being kind of cryptic." Rory crossed her arms.

He looked down to his shoes and mumbled.

"What?" She asked.

He looked up, annoyance written on his face and sighed. "I'm your boyfriend." Then he broke eye contact again.

She paused and studied his face for a minute before a grin grew on her face. "Good." Then she leaned out her window to kiss him.

Lorelai stood, her ear pressed to Rory's door. And smiled.