Chapter 1

Sam walked up in the middle of the night to a house that seemed uninhabited except for a dim light on the second floor. The moon seemed to light up the path to the front entrance of the quiet house, and her heels clicking on the floor resonated throughout the entire street. A bark echoed from somewhere down the street, and a few crickets rubbed their feet to make a wonderful noise that made the night seem more relaxing. Sam sighed, a tad bit embarrassed, and pulled out her hand from her coat.

Here she was, a grown woman, asking for sex from an absolute stranger.

She glanced down at the side of the door where a white button was framed by a golden square, and she pressed it firmly with one finger. She coughed, the sound awkward as it rang in her ears. What was she doing here? Moments passed, and she wondered whether the man she was supposed to meet was in the house at all. She pressed the button forcibly once more, her foot tapping subconsciously. A yell came from inside.

"I'm going!" The sound was muffled because of the door, and Sam rolled her eyes. She was getting a little bit anxious. She glanced down at her watch, and almost instantly the girl heard the door swoosh open.

Sam glanced up to see who she was dealing with, and noticed the boy was in fact, very good looking. He was taller than her, and his arms and torso seemed to be very structured and well built. His white t-shirt probably didn't do justice to the muscle that was probably underneath. Her eyes finally looked up towards his face, which she had been a bit scared to look at first. The first thing she noticed were his eyes, which were a beautiful aqua blue with dark blue rings circling around them. His eyes were complimented beautifully with his dark black hair, which was cut short, but was still long enough to cover some of his forehead.

The man stepped aside from the door, and Sam took the hint and stepped inside. Her eyes quickly shifted to glance inside the house, wondering what it looked like. As expected, his house seemed to be the usual bachelor house. Pizza boxes were here and there and a green beat up sofa was in the middle of the room along with a small outdated TV. Other than that, the room was pretty much empty. She glanced back at the boy, who was suddenly interested at staring at the wall.

"Nice place." Sam remarked. The man grinned looking up to meet her eyes.

"Yeah, I 'spose. Well…" The man's hand went to the back of his neck, scratching nervously. He glanced away, then back at Sam.

"Do you want to…ahem…get down to business?" The man said the last part with a fake husky voice, and Sam let out a snort.

"So that's why you can't get laid." The man's face turned red, and he let out a chuckle.

"I'm not good in the infatuating department."

"I can tell." Sam plopped down on the couch, and took off her coat. The blue eyed man went up to her and sat down next to her, taking her coat and throwing it on the coffee table. He was a little too close, but Sam didn't mind. It was why they were here, anyhow. Might as well get it over with.

"Alright, do you want something to drink?" The man asked her, and she could tell he was probably very annoyed with the awkward silence. She nodded her head.

"You have any coffee?" Sam questioned, and he nodded. He disappeared into a room she figured was the kitchen, and then came back with two steaming cups of coffee and a few cookies.

"Wow, cookies? Do you bake?" She smiled up eagerly and then followed the plate of cookies with her eyes as he placed them down on the coffee table. He handed her a coffee, and she smiled gratefully.

"No, I just know how to drive to a supermarket." Sam laughed lightly at the comment, and the man grinned as well. His smile-oh my God, it was amazing.

"So what do you do for a living?" She asked, and he stared at her a little shocked, as if trying to find words to say, and then stuttered something she didn't understand.


"An…uhm…eh…ehnjuneer." His words were drowned out as he sipped eagerly at his coffee, avoiding her gaze.

"Engineer…right…" Sam took it that he was probably not something that he was particularly proud of, so she dropped the subject.

"Yeah…" He smiled a bit awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

"Hm, so…you're how old?" Sam's thumbs stroked the blue coffee mug, enjoying how warm it was against her cold skin, which had been frozen from walking outside in mid-November.

"24. You?" Sam rolled her eyes.

"Oh right, the whole 'I'm a woman and I don't tell people my age.'" Sam let out a big laugh, his impersonation of a woman hilarious to her.

"Why did you give a woman a deeper voice than you?"

"I don't know, I give everyone a deeper voice. See this is my grandma. 'Hey you, get off my lawn!'" Sam laughed even harder, and wiped away a tear that was emerging from her eye. She breathed in deep after calming down, and then released it with a loud 'ah.'

"You're pretty funny." The man shrugged, then took another sip of his coffee. Moments passed, and Sam decided she was done drinking coffee and eating cookies. She looked up at him, got up, and then headed towards the kitchen.

"Hey, where are you going?" The man questioned, and she smiled over her shoulder.

"Just cleaning up. Looks like you could use a helping hand." Sam walked straight towards the sink, and began cleaning everything that she found around it. Dishes blue and red were covered with week old gunk, and she began working quickly. She wasn't sure why she was inclined to help him clean his dishes, it was really honestly odd. She just wanted to be….nice? Was that it? She wasn't sure.

"You don't have to do that." The man whispered behind her, and she looked up for a second, then directed her attention to the dishes once more.

"I want to."

Perhaps it was the way she cleaned the dishes that made something click in the man, or maybe it was just the sexual tension he felt in the dark room. Whatever it was, he was suddenly very serious. He wrapped his arms around Sam's small waist, pressing her against him. She continued washing dishes, attempting to concentrate, but then found it increasingly hard to do so as his soft lips trailed kisses in the back of her neck. She shivered, and closed her eyes. She turned off the running water and her hands gripped the edge of the sink, and she breathed in deep. His hands grabbed a hold of her neck, and he tenderly placed a kiss along her shoulder. Sam turned around, and his lips instantly met hers. She kissed softly, no aggressiveness in her mind, only wanting to savor the moment. His hands cupped her cheeks, and she clawed her hands to the front of his shirt, wanting to be closer. Closer, damn it, she kept thinking. It wasn't enough.

He picked her up, placing her on the white countertop in the middle of the kitchen. She grabbed a hold of his black hair, placing more soft sloppy kisses on his lips. He groaned in pleasure for a second, his hands on her back running up and down. She stopped, needing to breathe. He continued kissing her neck, his hands tenderly pushing away her hair. She shivered, his hands so warm against her skin. She breathed in deep, and then let out a laugh half-heartedly.

"You're…mm…really…ah….good at this…." The man looked up to meet her eyes and then smiled warmly, pushing her hair out of her face. She stared at him, lust smeared all over her features.

"So are you." He whispered, and slammed his lips onto hers. This time, she sensed aggressiveness coming from him. He hadn't been particularly needy up until now, his hands forcing her face to be closer to his. She let out a small whimper, painfully turned on. His kisses became deeper, harder, he wanted more and she was giving it all to him. Finally he parted, breathing deep. His hot breath made Sam want to continue even more, but she couldn't even figure out how she hadn't already suffocated from going without breath for the longest time.

The man grabbed her back and then placed an arm carefully in the crook of her knees, and then Sam was lifted up. She nuzzled up to his chest, clinging to his shirt. She began to kiss every square inch of skin on his body that she could reach. He gripped her tightly as they walked up the staircase by the living room.

"I'm trying…to…climb some stairs." He whispered, and Sam stopped and smiled. She looked up at him, laughing.

"Really, I hadn't noticed." The man kicked a door open, and Sam figured it was probably his bedroom. She was thrown on the bed, and the man quickly climbed on top of her. Her fingers lingered to the bottom of his shirt, and she pulled it up. He pulled away from kissing her, threw off the white shirt furiously, and resumed making out. Her hands slid down his stomach, bumps of muscle very visible.

"Washboard abs? What kind of engineer are you?" She said in between kisses. He blushed, moving his attention elsewhere on her body. He played with the bottom of her shirt, almost too shy to take it off, but then quickly lifted it above her head. He threw the fabric somewhere in the room, and kissed trails of kisses down her chest. His rough hand grabbed a hold of her breast, and she arched her back. She felt weird, being so sensitive to a stranger's touches, but at the same time it filled her with ecstasy.

"Jesus." Sam hissed. His left hand crawled to her back to keep her how she was now, her back inches from the bed. His lips kissed her nipple tenderly, and she groaned. He flicked his tongue once, curious to see what would happen, and she groaned even louder. Her eyes wandered down to see him carefully caressing her breasts, and it threw her over the edge. She moaned, fully, throatily, begging for more.

His lips finally trailed down lower, and he shimmied her skirt off. He kissed her thighs, then looked up at her confused.

"Um…how do you take these off?" He asked, and she sat up. What was he talking about? She then realized what was in his way. Damn garters.

"Let me take that off." She said. She climbed out of the bed, then stood straight up. She could feel his eyes all over her, tracing lines on her exposed skin. She took the opportunity and leaned down slowly, allowing him to fully see her backside. She stretched out a leg in front of her, and then delicately took off the band that held her underwear and stockings together. She threw the elastic band somewhere in the room, and then did the same with the other leg, just as sexy and careful.

"You're killing me here." The man groaned. She hitched up a leg on the edge of the bed, and carefully rolled her stocking down. She glanced up at him, his eyes looking at her face with what could only be described as hunger. She smiled, took off her other stocking, and then crawled on the bed like a tiger. The man smiled, shaking his head.

"Do you do this often?" He asked. Her finger landed on his collarbone, and then she made zigzag all the way down to his waist. Her fingers gabbed a hold of his belt buckle and then delicately took them off. Her fingers grabbed a hold of his jeans and she slipped them off quickly. His arousal was very visible through the thin fabric that his boxers provided, and she smirked evilly at him.

"Maybe." She said. He groaned loudly as she grabbed his bulge, caressing it softly. She took off his boxers and threw them with the rest of the stack of clothes that was accumulating. She looked down, a little surprised at how big he was. She had been only been with a few men, but he was by far the biggest.

"Ugh!" He screamed, and she licked the length carefully. He continued moaning as she explored his manhood carefully, then stuffed it completely into her mouth. His hips bucked upwards, wanting to be further inside of her. She kept bobbing her head up an down, and he placed a hand on the top of her head, wanting her to continue.

"Stop." He choked out, and she looked up, slightly surprised. He grabbed her by the arms forcefully, then threw her on the bed, her back pressed against the bed. He grabbed her leg, propped it up with one hand, hastily pushed her underwear aside, and then entered her quickly.

At first, Sam didn't feel anything, but as soon as he slid out of her quickly the friction caused her to feel an immense amount of pleasure. She arched her back and gripped the bed sheets tightly. She was feeling wonderful.

"God damn…" he muttered as he thrusted into her, not even for a second being gentle. Her nails sunk into his back, and she felt so good it almost hurt. His forehead pressed against her shoulder, the bed moving with each thrust. Sam wanted to stay like this forever. She was so surprised by how good a complete stranger made her feel.

"Faster." She hissed, and he complied. His hand reached down, and his thumb found her soft spot near her entrance. She screamed, everything too much to handle.

"Do you do this often?" She muttered, and she could feel him smiling.

"Maybe." He said, thrusting into her roughly. She was gasping, her eyes shut tightly. Anyone who saw her face might think she was in utter pain, but it was the exact opposite. She was in utter ecstasy.

"Fuck!" He screamed, picking up the pace. Sam yelled, feeling herself rise, everything finally being too much. Her walls clenched, and she released, moaning. She felt him try to pull out, but she stopped him.

"Do it." She said roughly. He slipped inside of her a few times forcefully, and finally he released inside of her. She looked at his face, wanting to see how good it felt to him. His eyes were wide with pleasure, and she could have sworn she saw them flash neon green for a second. Sam let out one last moan, then dropped down, exhausted. Sweat was all over her forehead and body, and her black hair clung to her face. She gasped for air.

"That was amazing." The man said. He slid out of her and fell on top of her, and she wrapped herself around him affectionately. He scooted both of their bodies up so his head was on a pillow, and she placed her head on his chest, tracing flowers on his bare skin.

"Tell me about it. What the hell are you doing looking for a girl to hook up with on Craigslist? I'm sure girls are wanting to fuck you left and right." The man chuckled.

"Let's just say it's in my best interest to keep a distance from everyone." Sam wasn't sure what he meant, but she didn't really care. The man pulled her up and hugged her warmly, almost a bit protectively. She felt tired, but she loved the way she felt in his arms. He stroked her hair tenderly, and she pressed herself more tightly against him, falling asleep to the sound of his breathing.

When she woke up, no one was there.

She blindly searched for the man that was supposed to be right beside her, but she found only cold cotton bed sheets. She finally fluttered her eyes open, and looked around the room. Was he still there? No. He wasn't. She sighed, knowing she shouldn't have expected some sort of warm breakfast together talking about how good last night was. She got up, feeling dirty and sticky and sweaty but ignoring it.

She looked up and saw there was a bright orange note stuck on the wall by the door, and she ripped it off with her left hand.

Dear You.

Thank you for last night. I had to go to work early in the morning. There are doughnuts and coffee downstairs, and you can use my shower. Anyhow, thanks again.


P.S. You really are great in bed…whoever your future husband is, he's a very lucky man.

Sam smiled, shaking her head. It was Sunday, who the fuck worked on a Sunday? She grabbed her clothes off the floor and then looked inside of a door she figured led towards the bathroom. She looked around to find a simple white toilet, sink, and bathtub. The floor was covered in blue tile, except for a part by the tub where he had placed a rug. She quickly stepped into the shower and turned the water to cold, and it spurted out quickly. She washed herself off, feeling better that she no longer felt like she had just been through a very long lacrosse game.

She stepped out of the shower and dried herself off with a towel that smelt like the man from last night. She felt strangely comforted by the smell, and although she would have loved to stay there and roll around in his towel she decided she had to leave the house quickly and get home. She slipped off the towel and dressed quickly, and she realized she didn't have her second garter. After a few minutes she sighed in defeat, having looked everywhere for it. She would just have to buy a new pair.

As she walked out of the house with a doughnut in hand, she couldn't help feeling like she was leaving something important behind. It wasn't her garter…it was something else. She couldn't really place what had her feeling so distant and empty, but she pushed the feeling aside as she began the walk of shame towards the main street. She took another bite of the chocolate doughnut in her hand, and then stopped mid-walk.

Wait a second.

She didn't know his name.

She looked down at the note he had left for her that was in her coat's pocket, and then realized, a bit shocked, she had no idea what his name was.

"D. What the fuck, I don't even know his name?" Sam rolled her eyes, annoyed by how she could have forgotten to ask him such a basic question. Sighing, she pushed the note back into the pocket of her coat. She'd just have to forget it ever happened-it was only a one-night stand anyhow.


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