Title: Silenced

Chapter: 1/5

Pairing: Diggy, Scott/Summer, Gem/Flynn/Gemma-ish, possible Kenaya.

Summary: When Ziggy is finally silenced, the team realize just how much his constant noise helped them.

The day had started out like any other. Well, no, honestly it hadn't. The Rangers and Dr. K had been awakened by the smell of something good. They all trudged out and into the kitchen. Ziggy was at the stove cooking and looking like he'd been up all night. As usual, Dillon wasn't far and was sitting at the bar watching Ziggy cook. As they walked in and sat down, Ziggy started his normal rambling.

"Morning, Guys! I'm making pancakes, and eggs, and bacon…oh, and sausage…some biscuits, toast…and I can heat up bagels…and there's coffee if you want some…and wow, Summer, red looks great on you…and blue sort of brings out your eyes, Gemma…and yours too, Gem…are-"

" breathe, Zigs…breathe…" Dillon instructs.

" sorry…someone…" at this, ziggy glares at Dillon " wouldn't let me go back to sleep so I've been up since 3 and I made cookies, and cake, and brownies…and I ate ¼ of it…there's some left for you guys…"

" thanks Ziggy…" Summer smiles.

After everyone was done eating breakfast, Ziggy got started on the dishes. Halfway through, Dillon comes up and helps him by drying them. They were just finishing when the alarm went off. They take off to the Fury.


The fight had been going well. They had been putting a hurting on the Grinder's and the Attack bot. Tenaya wasn't even there to make it worse. Dillon, Flynn, Gem, and Gemma were taking out the Grinder's while Scott and Summer were trying to take out the attack bot while ignoring Ziggy.

He was near them, rambling as he got shoved around by his own set of Grinder's. Don't get them wrong, he'd been getting better in the last few months. He just tended to fall back on old habits when he panicked.

He was just calming down his panic and was actually fighting, when he looked over and saw the attack bot throw both Summer and Scott into a wall, causing them to demorph. He noticed the gun as the attack bot leveled it at them. His brain shut off and he fought viciously through the Grinder's and ran in front of Scott and Summer just as the beam shot out.

The beam hit him straight on and he put his hands up to try and protect himself as much as he could. It seemed that as soon as he was hit with the blast, it stopped and sent him flying into the wall. His intervention seems to be enough time to get Summer and Scott on their feet and re-morphed.

The others had finished off the grinder's and began attacking the attack bot. After a few minutes to collect himself, Ziggy gets up and helps them, but he doesn't make any comments like he normally would. Deciding it's probably a malfunction in the suit caused by the blast, they get rid of the attack bot and call on their Zords as they wait for the bot to grow.

Sure enough, the bot grows. It's a lot easier to get rid of the second time around and within minutes they all head back to the garage after demorphing. They note that Ziggy is being disturbingly quiet before enjoying the silence. After pulling in, Ziggy silently gets out and heads to his and Dillon's room. Doctor K comes out of the Ranger Room.

"Series Green! I need to examine you!" She calls. Ziggy just waves his hand before continuing to the bedroom.

" he's probably tired…let him sleep and examine him tomorrow…" Summer suggests.

"yeah…you should check his ranger suit…I think the mic in it must've malfunctioned…he quit talking after the blast…" Scott says.

"I'll do that, Series Red…thank you…carry on…" She coughs uncomfortably before heading back into the Ranger Room.

"eh…who wants smoothies? I'll go make some…" Flynn offers, going into the kitchen.

"Oh! We'll help!" Gem and Gemma chirp together, going to the kitchen as well.

Scott and Summer disappear into their room while Dillon heads back out to work on his car. He'd check on his boyfriend once Ziggy'd had a chance to relax, but he couldn't help feeling a little worried with Ziggy's silence.

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