Title: Silenced

Chapter: 5/5

Pairing: Diggy, Scott/Summer, Gem/Flynn/Gemma-ish, possible Kenaya.

Summary: When Ziggy is finally silenced, the team realize just how much his constant noise helped them.

Disclaimer: Still doesn't belong to me… -keeps looking for a shooting star to wish on-

Ziggy was laying in his bed. It had been one week and Doctor K still hadn't found a way to reverse his silence. It was killing Ziggy to be unable to speak. He constantly had to repeat motions for people to understand what he meant. He'd tried writing it down but his handwriting was unreadable.

The worst part was that it was causing problems with Dillon. At first, everything had been fine, but now, Dillon didn't even sleep in their room. He had started sleeping in the Fury. Without Dillon in bed, Ziggy had been getting less and less sleep. It felt like Dillon was avoiding him. They didn't even fight together anymore. Ziggy had started riding with Flynn.

As the alarms started blaring, Ziggy headed to Flynn's hummer. They all head out and soon stop near the park. They all get out and line up, but when they only see Tenaya, they look around confused. No grinders, no overly large, extremely ugly attack bot.

Tenaya holds her hands up in a surrendering gesture.

" I'm not here to fight you. I want to join your team." She calls out.

" How do we know we can believe you? This could just be a trick to make us trust you." Scott says, suspiciously.

Tenaya sighs. " Nothing I say will convince you to believe me. But I have Venjix's base code."

Scott looks around at the others before easing up. " okay. We'll take you to the garage and see whether it's actually the base code."

As they are turning to leave, an attack bot appears behind Tenaya and fires a blaster at her. She falls to the ground. The rangers move up and block her while sliding into position to fight the attack bot. Tenaya stands back up and transforms before joining the rangers. Grinders appear and the rangers begin fighting their way to the attack bot.

The rangers start splitting up. Ziggy is fighting when he happens to glance over and find Dillon being held by five grinders. Looking around, he sees the attack bot aiming his blaster at Dillon. Ziggy's mind completely shuts down.

He doesn't realize he's moving until he finds himself in front of Dillon. A second later he's flying through the air towards the side of a building. Really, next time, he just needs to tackle the person in danger. He was getting sick of being introduced to every wall in Corinth City. He demorphs once he hits the wall and lays there to gather his thoughts.

The rangers have no problem finishing off the attack bot. When it grows, they call the zords. It only takes a few minutes to finish it off the second time. They head over to Ziggy as he starts standing up. Deciding to head back to the garage, they get in their vehicles and head there.

The minute they got into the garage, Dillon jumped out of his car and slammed the door. He stormed to the hummer before yanking Ziggy's door open and dragging him forcefully out of the car. Despite the fact that Dillon looked ready to kill, everyone watched without helping. After getting across the room, Ziggy yanks his arm away.

" What the hell were you thinking, Ziggy?" Dillon growls. " You could have gotten killed! What possessed you to jump in front of a blast like that!"

To the shock of the others, Ziggy punches Dillon across the face. Glaring at him, Ziggy grits out. " I did it because I was worried about you, you stupid ass!"

As Ziggy walks away, Dillon seems to come out of his shocked state. Clenching his fists, he tackles Ziggy and they start rolling around fighting. The others stare on in amusement, knowing that a weeks worth of frustration was being exchanged by both men. Tenaya just looks at the other rangers and figures they would stop the fight if it got too dangerous. Flynn and Scott move into a position that made it easier to intervene if it was necessary.

Dillon was able to get Ziggy pinned. Despite being panicky when fighting, Ziggy could move when it came to self-defense. He was scrawny enough that he could slide out of most pins. Dillon shoved Ziggy face first into the ground, keeping his arms behind him and pinning Ziggy by his thighs between Dillon's legs. Ziggy struggled but Dillon didn't budge. Ziggy sighs and settles down after a few more minutes of struggling.

" You didn't have to punch me, Ziggy." Dillon breathes into his ear.

" You were being a jack ass…" Ziggy says, with a scratchy voice and breathing heavy due to their struggle and his week of not using his voice.

" How? You were the one that teleported and took a hit I was supposed to take. I could have handled it. And you didn't even tell anyone that you had your voice back."

" I'm tired and I ache all over! I just wanted to get back here so I could sleep. I know Doctor K is going to want to check me out but I can't deal with that right now." Ziggy mumbles, resting his head on the ground.

" It'll only take her a few minutes to do a check up and then you can sleep as long as you want. You took a nasty hit out there. That's probably why you're tired." Dillon says, easing his hold on Ziggy.

Ziggy turns himself over to face Dillon. " I haven't been sleeping because the bed's been so empty."

" oh…That changes tonight. I'll be back in bed with you." Dillon promises softly.

Dillon gets off Ziggy and helps him up. Realizing the drama is over, The rangers file into the Ranger Room to report to Doctor K. Ziggy and Dillon follow. K checks Ziggy out before declaring him healthy but warning that he'd be sore for a few days. She then turns and listens to Scott give a report of everything that happened. After accepting the jump drive from Tenaya, she turns a glare on Ziggy.

" You teleported in front of a blast? Dillon has a shield to protect him from the blasts! You don't! You could have been more seriously injured!" She snaps.

" I didn't mean to! That thing had the blaster pointed at Dillon and the next thing I knew, I was hit with the blast and flying into the wall! I am getting so tired of meeting walls, people!" Ziggy responds.

K sighs. " I'm sure you are, Ziggy. Okay, were done here. Ziggy, get some rest. The rest of you do whatever it is you do."

Ziggy laughs softly before heading to his and Dillon's room. A few steps behind him, Dillon follows. They walk into the room and Dillon flips the lock before stripping to his boxers and climbing on the bed to wait for Ziggy. Ziggy is slower, trying not to hit his bruises, but when he gets his pants off he climbs into the bed.

Dillon chuckles. " It's hot when you go commando. Good thing I don't know you're commando during fights or I'd lose."

Ziggy giggles and cuddles to Dillon. " Can't wear my boxers with my skinny jeans."

Dillon smiles before pulling Ziggy closer and pecking him softly on the lips. Ziggy grins and falls asleep. Dillon runs a hand through Ziggy's hair before following him into sleep.

A/N: well…Last chapter. I think the ending was kinda cheesy but it was cute. And the skinny jean bit was just something that cracked me up after a conversation with DGCakes and a few of her friends. I wear skinnies myself and I sure the hell can't get in them with regular panties on. Thanks to all of my reviewers for sticking with this story. Hope you don't mind me not putting your names down. Thanks!