Ronald Weasley watched Hermione Granger as she read one of her many text books silently in the Gryffindor common room. Most of the other Gryffindors were in their dormitories sleeping. Ron had decided to stay in the common room with Hermione for a reason he was unsure of. He had always known that he had some deep interest in her, and he couldn't stand waiting to see what would happen any longer. He was going to find out where he stood with Hermione for once and for all.

Hermione shut the text book abruptly, and stared at Ron. Ron stared back and waited for her to speak. It felt like it was taking forever for Hermione to decide what she was going to say.

"Is there a specific reason you've been watching me study all night Ronald?" Hermione asked impatiently when she realized Ron wasn't going to be the first to speak. He watched her tuck a lock of her curly brown hair behind her left ear.

"There's something I want to talk to you about." Ron responded, his stomach starting to fill with butterflies.

"You couldn't talk about it at dinner?" Hermione snapped. She was very clearly tired.

"I didn't want to say anything in front of Harry and Ginny." Ron said. Hermione's face grew confused but only for a second.

"What is it Ron?" Hermione asked the question even though Ron could tell she already knew what his answer would be.

"There's something about you that drives me crazy. I can't stop thinking about you." Ron said quietly. Hermione stared at him for just a moment and then, a smile slowly appeared on her lips.

"You have a crush on me, don't you Ronald?" She started to giggle as she said the words.

"Maybe, what does it matter to you whether or not I have a crush on you anyway?" Ron mumbled defensively.

"I can't believe you've been waiting for me to finish studying all night so you could tell me that you have a crush on me! It's only the most obvious thing in the world!" Hermione laughed.

"It is not! Nobody's ever noticed before!" Ron snapped.

Hermione leaned over and kissed Ron suddenly. It was sweet, and it lasted only long enough for Ron to forget the next thing that came to his mind. When Hermione pulled away she sighed.

"You were never aware that anyone noticed before because you are a boy and you are an idiot. All the girls in the school have figured it out." Hermione leaned in again to kiss Ron on the cheek, then stood up and took her text book up to her dormitory with her.