A/N This was my first ever fan fiction (written in 2010). It is awful and terrible and painful to read. If you keep going then it is at your own risk!

Chapter 1: Finding Underland

A violent moon shone brightly through her small round window as she scribbled frantically a final note to her family.

"Dear my beloved mother and sister,

It is with great sadness that I write to you of such matters. Alas I have found myself captured by a strange new place. This news is not to bring you fear for it is of my own doing, I cannot find the will to leave this beautiful place. I have fallen in love with a man who will take care of me as well as satisfy my craving for travel. We are to set sail for his mother country once we reach land. My life has been erratic and I finally find myself needing stability which I have found in my love. I have been informed that I have been accepted as a lady of the court to his nation's queen. Mother, we shall prosper and I shall be happy for as long as I am with him. Margaret, I'm sure you understand that I cannot miss this opportunity for I will never find another man who will understand my absurdities. I hope to find that each of you is well, unfortunately due to my ship setting sail the moment I reach land I will never see you again. The only way we will be able to communicate is through letter. I love the both of you. You have nurtured my explorative nature and now it is time to allow it to thrive.

Farewell and yours eternally,

Alice Kingsley"

The quantity of light drifting through the window allowed her to quickly glance over her handy work. Of course the letter had many flaws.

She was not leaving London the moment she docked, nor was she eloping with the perfect man. She was nowhere exotic and beautiful; she was in her small quarters on the Ascot's Wonder. The enormous ship that had traveled many miles and shown her so many amazing sights was being retired here in the London harbor.

She put on her favorite long sleeved button down dress. It was cold out being the middle of February. There was a light dusting of powdered sugar snow over the city.

She found herself fiddling through her golden locks and puffing clouds of warm air as she walked down the long gangplank as she had so many times.

This time was the only that felt foreign to her through all of her travels. This place she used to call home was only another stop on the way to her true home...

Darkness would only cover her for a little while longer while she made her escape. Not only had she written a letter to her family but she had also left one for Mr. Ascot.

This particular piece of paper was her resignation from the company as well as a document signing over every cent she had accumulated to her mother, sister and stocks in her father's former trade company.

Her leave had not been completely unplanned. She had thought out every detail as she did with most things, but what had occurred tonight hastened her trip.

When shore was within sight the night before, a beautiful blue mimic butterfly floated near her head and reminded her that her home was not London. She had been unsure at first as to how to answer the butterfly. But in fact she had known all her life where she truly belonged. This life of propriety and aristocracy was not where she was meant to be.

She longed for the bright colors and illogical happenings that could keep up with her own peculiar way of thinking.


Or was it Underland.

The memories of her favorite place seemed vague as of late.

Alice knew she needed to make her hasty move after she had actually accepted an invitation a ball and insisted on wearing stockings the night before. This was not who she was and she needed to leave before her personality drowned at sea along with her dignity.

So with her luggage aboard a carriage at the bottom of the long gangplank she continued down step by step.

She had always been so sure of her thoughts but now they seemed fuzzy and out of focus.

Each footfall was another memory of this fine trip that she would have to learn to accept as only a memory. She loved her exotic experiences but none of her wild Arabic horses or lovely Chinese dances could bestow the same fulfillment as her Underland.

As she stepped into the carriage and gave directions to the driver she smiled, quiet and excited for her next adventure.

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