Candlelight flickered around the room, bouncing off the walls and highlighting Christine's sparkling white wedding gown. There was a trail of red rose petals leading along the floor leading from the door to the bed, and on the bed lay a pool of the petals, so dark red they appeared black against the black silk sheets.

Christine stood gaping at the threshold of Erik's bedroom. Once she'd come in here and seen a coffin, and ever since had been utterly terrified of the room. Now, it was completely transformed into some magical place for their first night as a married couple, and the significance of the changes took Christine's breath away. She turned to Erik with her lips slightly parted, awed by what he'd done. Her bright blue eyes seemed dark, but a light shone out of them as she gazed at her new husband. A heady anticipation rocked through her, tightening her nipples and creating a liquid heat between her thighs.

"Erik," she said his name breathlessly, reaching out toward him.

He took her hands in his, and brought them to his mouth so that he could brush his lips across her knuckles. His gaze didn't leave hers. His obsidian eyes glittered with desire, a desire he didn't attempt to hide from her anymore.

"This is magnificent." She glanced around the room again, a smile blossoming on her face. "You are magnificent," she murmured, sliding her hands out of his so that she could place them on his chest. She stood on her tiptoes and brushed a kiss along his jaw.

Erik's hands curled around her upper arms. He pulled her tightly against him so that their bodies melded, and held her still as he captured her lips in his own. She went boneless, pliant against him, wrapping her arms around his neck and deepening their kiss eagerly. Her hands played with the ends of his dark hair, and Erik pulled her even closer, his arms tight around her waist.

"Take it off," Christine pleaded as she ended their passionate kiss. She fingered the edge of his mask with a determined look in her beautiful eyes.

"As you wish, Christine." When it came to kissing him, Erik found that Christine was intent in having his mask off. Miraculously, she enjoyed caressing his face, but moreover she loved her kisses deep and nearly endless. Not nervous in the least, and reveling in it, Erik slipped the mask off his face and placed it on the chest of drawers on the far wall.

When he was before her once more, Christine used his shoulders to lift herself up to his height and press loving kisses to every bit of his distorted skin. She rested back flat on her feet, and her nimble fingers started on the buttons of his suit jacket. Erik swept her hair back from her shoulders, and he rested her hands on her upper back, toying with the buttons to her gown.

"You first," she whispered, trying to sound stern. But she'd managed to unbutton his dress shirt, and was spreading the material wide to expose his chest, and she was quite breathless. She slid her hands underneath the shirt and lifted in off his shoulders and down his arms; his nice dress clothes were forgotten on the floor. Christine stepped toward him, her eyes devouring him. His chest was smooth, muscled, and the candlelight gleamed off his pale skin. Faded scars indicating his traumatic youth ran over his torso and hips, and the worse ones curved around to his back.

Unable to resist, Christine leaned forward and pressed her mouth to his skin. She nibbled along his collarbone while her forefinger swirled around his nipple, quickly followed by her tongue. He groaned softly, and it was a sound to rival his music. Impatiently, Christine started on his trousers, slipping the buttons free easily and dragging them down his hips. She knelt to help him step out of them, and continued to kneel before him when his feet were free, her breath caught in her throat as she gazed up his body.

At times, when she'd been kissing Erik, and even back when she'd been with Raoul, she'd felt his arousal pressed against her, but she'd had no idea the male form could be anything like this. His shaft was standing up straight and proud, and she could feel herself gaping at the sight. When she curiously ran a finger down his length, it jerked against his belly, and a startled choking noise came out of Erik's throat. Christine's wide eyes met his, and he reached down and caught her underneath her arms, bringing her to stand before him once more.

"My turn," he murmured low in his throat, and she shivered with excitement. He circled her like a great big predator, and came up behind her. He lifted her heavy curls and placed them across her left shoulder, and his fingers didn't waste any time unhooking her dress. Off came the beautiful gown, and Erik made quick work of her underthings.

Christine couldn't see him, his reaction, but she could feel his hot breath caressing her neck and back. A low hum of pleasure started in his throat, and Christine gasped as his deft fingers trailed over her buttocks. His hands held onto her hips, and he pressed the top of his head in between her shoulder blades. His head ran down the length of her spine, and when the top of his head rested in the small of her back, his lips caressed the smooth skin of her bottom. His grip on her waist tightened when she gasped softly and tried to turn. He continued his exploration, his tongue laving the dimples in the lowest part of her back, his fingers trailing along the backs of her thighs.

With an impatient whimper, Christine whirled around and cupped his face in her hands, bending to kiss him. He rose as she straightened, and his hands slid up the curve of her waist to her ribcage. His fingertips teased the undersides of her breasts, and Christine moaned and pressed her upper body into his. Her hardened nipples rasped against the light dusting of hair on his chest, making both of them moan.

Erik crouched and swung her up into his arms, moving with urgency toward the bed. He settled her on top of the roses and silk sheets, his hands smoothing down her body reverently. She opened her arms, beckoning him to her, her thighs parted to cradle him. Overcome with love for her, wonder that she was his wife, he rested in between her lips, groaning at the feel of their naked skin pressed tightly together.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, and she arched her hips toward his, wordlessly pleading for him to take her. He smoothed back the hair from her face, and they shared a heated kiss as he thrust into her. He froze, struggling to control the tremor that started throughout his whole body as her tight heat bore down on his shaft. Christine's eyes were shut tight, her nails digging into his shoulders, breathing shallowly. Not trusting himself to speak, but wanting to comfort her, Erik stroked her cheekbones with gentle fingers, and scattered kisses along her jaw and chin.

"I love you," he murmured against her throat, and withdrew from her just to surge back into her heat again.

Christine's head tilted back, pleasure taking over as the pain subsided. She whimpered, "I love you, too," and lifted her hips to meet his as he thrust again.

Their lovemaking was slow, tender, and it was the most beautiful thing Erik had ever been a part of as they spiraled out of control together. Christine called his name, and her inner muscles clenched tightly around him. He took her mouth in a bruising kiss as he released inside her.

"Oh, Christine," he murmured against her mouth, his hands stroking her face lovingly. He collapsed on top of her, and as she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight, accepting his weight, he felt truly whole for the first time in his long life.