Libby sat on the bed cross legged as she went through all the papers of things her and Dean needed to do before the wedding. There was just so much to do and she felt like there was so little time. She heard Dean come out of the bathroom but didn't look up when he sat behind her wrapping his arms and legs around her.

"What are you doing?" he asked lightly kissing her neck.

"Going through what we need to do for the wedding…there is just so much." She growled in frustration and he laughed. "Oh I am glad you are taking this seriously Dean it's not our wedding after all."

She grabbed the papers and got up from the bed putting them on the desk.

"Baby, come here," he said looking at her. She turned around her looking at him wearing nothing but his pajama bottoms and he was leaning against the headboard staring at her.

She sighed rolling her eyes as she walked over. Her arms were around her as she looked at him through her glasses. "What?"

"Did I ever tell you how sexy you look in those glasses? Like a sexy librarian ready to punish me, you want to punish me?" He wiggled his eyebrows and she just shook her head trying not to laugh.

He grabbed her pulling her down onto his lap and kissing her lips. "Libs, everything will get done. I promise. You can have your big wedding with your eleven bridesmaids and deck the whole church in Pepto-Bismol…as long as you are there in that beautiful wedding dress at the altar saying 'I do' that way I can ravish you for the rest of my life."

She laughed looking away from him and then bit her lip as she grabbed his hands. "I sort of wanted to talk to you about that."

"Which part?"

"The big wedding."


"I…I sort of don't want a huge church wedding."

"Oh thank God." Dean let out a deep breath and she laughed hitting his chest.

"You were going to let me have it weren't you?"

"Whatever was going to make you happy and mine forever I'll do what it takes."

"But seriously Dean, I want something small, me, you, Sam, Lizzy, my sister and her husband…maybe my mother," she rolled her eyes, "but you get it right?"

He nodded. "I get it babe." He kissed her lips lightly. "If it's what you want…"

"And that's another thing; this is our wedding, not my wedding. If you want pigs in blankets for an appetizer then we can have pigs in blankets as an appetizer."

Dean grinned. "Pigs in blankets sounds awesome can we?"

She squinted her eyes at him. "Maybe."

He laughed bringing her against his chest. "Did you know that you are the best fiancé a man could ever have?"

"And did you know that complimenting me may get you laid?"

He grinned as he nodded. "Oh yeah."

"Ok, then keep doing it. Keep them coming."

"I'll keep you coming." She laughed as his hands ran under her, well technically his shirt, and ran over her bare skin and he nuzzled her neck and left soft kisses on it.

"You are so bad."

"Mmm, I know." His hands moved down her back to her ass where he massaged it then squeezed. "And you are the most beautiful, loving," he kissed her exposed shoulder from the t-shirt that was too big for her and some of her chest, "sexiest, gorgeous woman I've ever laid eyes on."

"Mmm…keep talking."

Dean grinned against her skin and moved his lips up to her ear and bit her earlobe then licked it, "And I just want to ravish the shit out of you right now." He pushed his hips up causing her to gasp at the sudden hardness in his pajama bottoms.

She nodded as she lifted her arms up and the shirt came off. After throwing the shirt on the floor his hands cupped her breast and he moved his hips against her again. She moaned biting her bottom lip and opening her eyes catching his. He moved his hips again causing her to gasp and tilt her head back.

"You're close aren't ya baby?"

His right hand moved down her body as she nodded. "Been close all day, just watching you work in the yard and," she gasped again his thumb rubbing tight circles around her clit, "you in the pool…Dear God!"

She caught his lips with hers as she grinded down against his thumb, yes it was satisfying but she wanted more.

"That's so hot baby," he whispered against her lips, "I want you so bad. I love you so much."

She moaned against his lips. "I love you…Oh, Dean please."

He took his hand out of her underwear as he pulled it down her legs. "Stand up for me baby." She did as she was told and he took the underwear off her and around her feet. Before she sat back down he removed his bottoms and she stared at his long awaiting hard member. No matter how many times they had made love, it always excited her to know that she had done this to him and for the rest of her life she will be the only one doing this to him.

She sat back on his lap and his hands were on her hips. He lightly pulled her against him, her clit rubbing with his cock. She tilted her head back as an electric shot had shot through her and she moaned, "Dean…oh my God."

"This what you want baby?"

She nodded uncontrollably as she licked her dry lips. "I want you Dean…please," she gasped again as he moved her against him. He closed his eyes controlling himself feeling her juices run over his hard cock and down his thighs.

He bit his bottom lip opening his eyes and looking at her. He grabbed his member and teased her around the lips. She moved her hips unwillingly towards it and he smirked a little knowing she was under his power.

He moved the head against her clit and she gasped their eyes connecting and her hands on his shoulders squeezing tight. "Dean…" She moved against it knowing she was close. He flicked her clit a few more times with his cock and she moaned his naming having her first orgasm of the night.

She leaned towards his lips capturing them in a vicious hungry kiss. Her hands replaced his as she stroked him causing him to groan into her mouth and his hands holding her waist in his grasp.

"You took your pill right?" he asked breathing heavily and she nodded quickly. "Yeah." That's all Dean needed as his hands moved down to her hips and let her take his hard member and enter her.

She rocked her hips against his, little thrust at first, his hands moving with her hips. He closed his eyes in pleasure leaning his head against the headboard. He still couldn't believe how lucky he had gotten. It had almost been a year since him and Libby have met and he was going to marry her and maybe one day have a family.

He felt her move a little and he opened his eyes as she angled her body for him. Her hands on either side of his legs as she moved. Dean met with her thrust as he moved his head down and kissed her breast then her stomach. His one hand held her hip while the other cupped her right breast, pinching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

She moaned and moved faster against him. He leaned forward capturing her left nipple in his mouth while the other had his hands attention.

"Dean," she moaned loudly her left hand coming up to his shoulder and digging her nails into his. "Oh God!"

He kissed down her stomach again his hand following the trail as he sat back up. Sweat was pouring down his back and chest, beads of it coming down his head. This woman knew how to make him sweat and make him sweat good.

She sat up, both her hands on his shoulders as his hands held her hips bringing her up and down on him. Their lips crashed on each others in the heat of passion taking whatever they could from each other.

"Oh, God, I'm close…so close," she said in a loud whisper. "Dean!"

"Libby…oh my God Libby…" He felt his orgasm coming and wanted her to cum with him. He moved his hand down to her clit his thumb brushing against it knowing what she liked.

A few more thrust and brushes from his thumb and the both of them climaxed, moaning each other's name and holding onto each other afraid that if they let go they may let go of the moment they were having together.

Libby leaned her head against his chest as he ran his hand through her wet matted hair. "That was…amazing."

He nodded. "We shouldn't go that long without sex again."

"I completely agree." She smiled a little and kissed his lips.

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