"Hey babe!" Libby called out looking at the two invitations in her hand.

Dean sighed looking over at her. They have spent a half an hour in this story looking over what seemed to him to be the same invitations but different colors and different styles. He knew better than to say just grab a design and go. He knew how she was about this wedding. Though they both decided the wedding not to be a big event she was still fussing over every little thing. She was such a woman.

Dean walked up to her side and looked at the invitations in her hands. One was pink and another was white.

"Which one do you like?"

Dean raised his eyebrows, "Are you really asking me that question? You know what I'm going to say right?"

Libby smiled and looked up at him, "Pink...because it's your favorite color."

Dean playfully nudged her and she laughed, "Ok ok we go with white. It's more traditional and I know your brother would make fun of you for having pink invitations."

"Thanks babe." He kissed her cheek, "Are we done?"

"Almost." Dean whined and slumped his shoulders. "Ok I can do the rest why don't you head across the street to the record store and I'll meet you over there."

Dean's eyes lit up, "Really? Can I?" he asked sarcastically.

She pushed his chest playfully, "Go you dufus."

"Love ya babe." He kissed her cheek and headed out the door. She shook her head laughing and headed up to the counter. She bit her lip looking around waiting in line feeling eyes on her. She thought perhaps it was Dean but she watched him walk across the street. Her brow creased in confusion and worry and looked around the store and from eye level and what she could see, she didn't see anything.

"Can I help you?" asked the lady behind the counter and Libby looked at her and smiled.

"Sorry, yes..."

Dean was looking through all the CD's of the groups he already had on tape for his baby but it wouldn't hurt to have some for the house or Libby's car.

"Mmm hey stranger," said Libby running her hands around his body and under his shirt.

"Excuse me miss but I'm engaged I don't think my fiancé will like this one bit," he said with a smirk not even turning around.

He shivered feeling her breath on his ear and her lips grazed it, "What she doesn't know won't hurt her." With her front teeth she nipped at the skin on his ear and pulled.

Dean groaned and turned around placing his arms around her small waist, "Miss I have to tell you, you are going to get me in trouble."

She giggled and bit her bottom lip getting closer, "I just want to throw you on the floor and have my way with you."

Dean swallowed hard staring into her eyes and then looked down her breast pressed against his chest and almost popping out of her red tank top. "Have mercy," he said in a husky voice.

"Never." She leaned up and kissed him and then laughed, "You done?"

"Yeah so how about we go home and you show me the no mercy."

She laughed, "Sorry babe one more pit stop the you can get your fun."

Dean wined making her laugh again, "You're a tease."

"You should know."

"Yeah yeah yeah...ok where are we off to next?" He placed his arm around her shoulders and walked towards the exit.

"You'll like it."

"Oh...lingerie store for the wedding night and honeymoon?" he asked with a dirty smile on his face.

She smacked his chest playfully as she blushed, "No, the bakery to try the pieces of cake."

"Mmmm...cake. But I'd rather go to the lingerie store."

"Lingerie store can be afterwards but that means no bump bump for you because I have to go home and cook dinner."

"Ok tomorrow lingerie store, now cake!"

Dean sat at on the couch flipping through the channels seeing what was on when Libby walked in and kissed his cheek, "I got something for ya."

"Oh really?" he asked his eyebrows raising, "Is it lingerie?"

She laughed, "You at that lingerie fetish...here." She raised her arm from behind the couch and gave him a beer. "You deserve one for today."

"Thanks babe."

She winked at him before walking away. He bit his bottom lip watching her walk away. He was definitely a lucky man. He smiled and opened his beer as he placed his feet up on the coffee table and leaned back still flipping through the TV. Dean stopped when he came across a news report about a grave robbery. Dean sat up and turned the volume up.

Dean took out his cell phone dialed Bobby's number as he got up from the couch.


"Hey Bobby it's Dean."

"Well, well, isn't it the married man."

Dean chuckled, "Almost married," he looked out the window and across the street at his old home. He pulled the shades close and looked towards the kitchen seeing Libby putting the dishes away. He smiled, "Look uh...I was watching the news and saw something about grave robbing going on a state over."

"And you want me to look into it?"

"Uh, yeah, if possible. I mean I can't really do that here."

"You mean you haven't told her yet?"

"Not the greatest conversation piece. By the way she said she wants to meet the man that calls me an idjit."

"Well if you bring her over here then she will definitely know what you and Sam had done before going normal."

"Yeah..." Dean sighed and ran his hand over his face, "Could you just look into the grave robbing then call me back and also call me back about the visit?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...idjit can't do anything yourself."

Dean smirked, "Alright keep me posted." Dean hung up.

"Keep ya posted on what?" asked Libby coming in.

Dean turned around, "Uh...on a present for my baby," he smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Really? What is it?"

"I can't tell you it's a surprise." Great now I have to figure out what to get her and plan this wedding with her and the whole grave robbery thing. Shit Winchester. Nothing is ever easy for ya.

"Oh...ok...well," she said grabbing his hands and walking backwards, "I have a present for you."

"Oh really? What is it?"

"Should I tell you?"

"Maybe you should show me." Dean grinned as she pulled him out the back door. She bit her bottom lip and turned around as she grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled it over her head and then she looked at him still behind her and threw it at him. She was now just wearing her blue shorts and nothing else.

"Can you guess what your present is?"

Dean shook his head, "Nah I need another hint...maybe if you take off your shorts I'll get a better hint."

"Oh really." She grinned at him and turned around. Dean's breath hitched in his throat. No matter how many times he saw this woman naked the sight still took his breath away and made him hard as a rock. He bit his bottom lips his eyes wandering her body as she pulled her shorts down revealing no panties.

"Oh baby you know what I like," he groaned as he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her against him, "I love you so much."

"I love you baby." She pulled his head to hers and kissed him hard. She pulled away and smiled at him before turning around and diving into the pool.

Dean quickly fumbled with his clothing as he watched her swim naked around the pool. He finally got his shirt off and jumped into the pool after her.

Laughter and giggling was heard from the pool. Soon it quieted down turned into soft moans.

Dean had Libby against the wall of the pool kissing her passionately, savoring her kisses and the feel of her. Dean entered her causing another moan to escape her. The two continued to kiss heatedly, breathing heavily into each other's mouths as if they were each other's oxygen. Their hands groped and grabbed at one another trying to feel each other the best they could. Libby gripped onto Dean's lower back pulling him closer and harder against her body.

"Oh...Dean...I'm close...so close," she moaned.

"Cum for me baby," he groaned kissing her. He wasn't able to keep his lips off hers. He was just so addicted to them tonight, to her. Dean slammed harder and harder into her until the two climaxed together. The two continued to kiss and hold onto each other. They knew they weren't done for the night, it was just getting started.

The two were caught up into each other they never noticed the flashing red light that indicated record that was hidden in the bushes and the man that stood back and watched. The man that had watched them for a year and who has been watching Libby since she left him. He will have her back it was only a matter of time.

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