Based on the song "Baby don't' you break my heart slow"

Everything belongs to the BBC. Except the song, this version of which belongs to Vonda Shepherd

I wanted our love to last forever

Owen was back in the dark. And there was something else there, again. Not threatening, this time. Warm. How could there be warmth in the dark? Actually, not something else, someone else. He wasn't alone. Whatever he was, he wasn't alone.

Tosh slipped into the dark, feeling her life running out with he lifeblood. But the dark didn't last. Actually, it wasn't dark exactly. More of an absence of light. And I don't really need light, since I've got nothing to look with, she reasoned. As I appear to have left my body behind, I don't have eyes. Odd sense of freedom, being disembodied.

She let her awareness float, seeking. There it was, the spark she'd sought so long. And it was reaching for her, too.

We're finally going to get that date…..and it's going to last forever, whatever forever is…..


There was a final, wrenching pain, and a high wailing cry. Gwen had cried many tears, these last months. Tears of grief, loss, sorrow, rage. But this was different. Tears of joy. In Rhy's eyes, too. A new beginning. A new world. Everything had changed. She had a new reason to fight.

"Would you like to hold your daughter?" And there she was, on her chest, the cries stilled by the sound of her mother's heartbeat. I will save the world for you, Gwen vowed. I will make a new one. A better one.

"Do you have a name?"

The new parents smiled at each other. "Amara," Rhys said. "It means eternal. Forever."


The Face of Boe released the sparks of his life force, sending them to save the earth one last time. Dying at last, and not alone. Novice Hame, loyal and caring. He remembered when he'd have found more to do with her than just watch from a jar. Ah well. So many lifetimes ago.

And Martha. Something about nightingales. And a red cap.

The Doctor. My old friend. The face blinked slowly, trying to remember. Had the Doctor ever been more than a friend? He'd left him, he remembered that. But was there more…perhaps not. So long ago. He couldn't remember. Something he had to tell him. You're not alone. Maybe he could change the past…..

His mind drifted, floated, reliving the best memories. And they were all about him. So short a time we had together, cariad. And you thought I'd forget, in a thousand years. It's been thousands of thousands….Forget you. Never could.