((NOTE: Since I wrote the story Baby Cullen, I've had a few people ask for a baby wolf pack story. I love puppies, and I've hit a mental block on the Cullen story, so I couldn't resist! I altered the age they phase so that they could actually be puppies, so I suppose they're more like COTM (children of the moon) now. I hope you like it anyway!))

Baby Pack

Sarah watched her little Jacob curiously. She hardly got to observe him closely very much, as her twins took up a lot of her time, but they were with friends today. Part of it was because they wanted to be, but part of it was because they had to be. In a few hours, they would be getting together with the other parents of the children like Jacob – the parents of the pack.

All of the Quileutes knew the legend that they were descended from wolves and some believe it more then others. There were very few who knew for sure that it was true. Sarah had been let in on it after marrying Billy. He was a direct descendent of the original chief who had first become a wolf. The gene skipped generations, and since he wasn't a wolf, it would almost certainly be one of their children. Sarah had felt relieved when her daughters had turned out normal, though they sometimes acted like wild animals. Then she had had Jacob.

For the first few months of his life, he was like any other baby, if only with a higher temperature. On his first birthday, Sarah had gone into his room and almost fainted upon seeing a red ball of fluff where she had left her baby. Billy had been shocked too, but very proud. As soon as Jacob was old enough, he would be the chief of their tribe. Watching Jacob now, it was hard for Sarah to picture that. He sure left a lot of puppy puddles on the floor for being a big chief.

Jacob was nearly three now. He was busy with the large box that their new refrigerator had come in. Sarah could hear all four of his little padded feet scampering around inside of it. Every so often he would yip happily. Billy had cut a hole in the top of the box, just to make sure he could breathe. Sarah heard Jacob bark loudly and start to growl. It was a very small, high pitched growl – almost feminine. She laughed and tapped the box.

"Jakey, what's up love? What are you growling at?"

She heard him shuffling around. Suddenly, his furry red head popped up through the hole. He smiled, his big brown eyes shining. Sarah wished she could take a picture of him this way, but knew he wouldn't stay put.

"What are you doing silly boy? Come here!"

He poked his head back down and was waddling to her within seconds. She scooped him up and cuddled him. She rubbed his fuzzy tummy. Jacob whined happily and nuzzled into her. Sarah put him on her shoulder and gave him a big kiss. His tiny whiskers tickled her nose. She ran her hand down his back, brushing out his downy, slick coat. She put her finger through the little curly Q in his tail, trying in vain to straighten it out several times. Jacob yawned, showing all of his tiny, pointed teeth.

"Yes, it's just about nap time sweetie. Are you getting tired? You need your rest, you're going to see your friends tonight! We get to see Quil and Embry – and also Leah, Seth, Jared, Paul and Sammy. All of your pack, huh, my little alpha? Yes, you're my widdle alfalfa Jakey puppy!"

Jacob gave a small, happy howl. Sarah laughed softly. She held his head close against her shoulder.

"Shh, I know, Jacob. I love you too. I wish you could always be my baby boy, but I suppose you have to get big some day. That's why you need your naps."

Sarah bundled him up in his blankie and took him into his room. She sat down in a rocking chair to give him the rest of his bottle. As a human, he was certainly able to feed himself, but it was hard to give a wolf a cup. Jacob relaxed completely and was asleep in minutes. Sarah didn't want to put him in his crib but decided that she should.

Right after she set him down he popped back into his human form. She smiled. He was such a pudgy little baby. Sarah was worried that he was too fat at first, but after seeing the other little boys, she realized it was normal. Sam and Jared were both five now and they were very skinny, so she had hope. Jacob's hair was already down to his chin, and it was so thick. Sarah reached down and brushed it out of his face, stroking his cheek.

She turned then and went over to Jacob's changing table and got a diaper out. She went back to the crib and gently lifted his back half up to sneak the diaper under him. Sarah put it together, hoping it would stay on if he became a wolf in his sleep. She was tired of changing sheets. Sarah had been worried when he was first born that that part of him was too large. She feared something had gone wrong and they might have to remove something that he would miss later on. Fortunately, the doctor had explained that little boys were always born bigger and Jacob would grow into himself as those parts wouldn't grow again for quite a while. Sarah just hoped the rest of him would catch up soon. For reasons she couldn't quite explain, she got embarrassed when she changed him in public, almost waiting for someone to make a comment. It was something she definitely couldn't ask the other mothers, even though she wanted too.

Sarah went back out to the kitchen. She had dishes to clean, laundry to finish, vacuuming and other things she could only hope to get accomplished. She wished Billy would stay home. She had always known that he was ill, maybe terminally, and he insisted on working. She didn't want him to push it. He acted so much stronger then he was and she knew it. She didn't want to outlive him. She wanted both of them to always be there for their babies.

In a few hours, Sarah was relieved. Billy came home, safe and sound. She felt silly for worrying then, but knew it would start again the second he left for work the next morning. He went to work very early in the morning and came home just after noon. If he were well, Sarah would love that schedule. He had time to help with the little ones. It was an even bigger help on days like this one, when Sarah was supposed to take Jacob to a pack event. At least she didn't have the twins to try to wrangle now.

After talking to Sarah for quite sometime, Billy went in to wake Jacob. He gently massaged his son's head until Jacob opened his eyes.

"Hey big guy! How are you? Were you a good boy for mama today?"

Jacob gave him a huge, drooly grin. "Dad-dad!" He reached up to Billy who lifted him out of his crib.

Billy gave him a big kiss and ruffled his hair. "Yeah, that's my sleepy little man. We need to get ready to see our friends now! We're going to the beach, remember? We can build a sand castle!"

"Yay, casaw!"

"Yay!" Billy laughed. "Come on, let's get you into your trunks – and no wolf, alright? You need to keep these on, there's going to be girls there. Can you do that for me?"

"No woofy,"Jacob promised.

"Good boy," Billy said, gently shaking Jacob into his swimming trunks. "Ok, let's go see what mama is up to. She's getting food ready for us to take."

"Et's go!"

Billy smiled. Jacob was like a little parrot. He was happy to talk to people, but Billy doubted that Jacob had any idea what he was really saying. Sarah was all ready to go by the time Billy had put Jacob's sun screen on and put together the beach bag. They went out to the car and got Jacob in his booster seat. He cuddled with his blankie. Sarah put a tape of children's music in and Jacob sang all the way to the beach.

Billy parked the car and Sarah sighed.

"I just hope he can behave himself. Those older boys are so rough," she said.

"Yes. But you know Sam is having a hard time from his dad leaving. He doesn't intend to be mean, he's overly sensitive. Leah really calms him down, and he plays with Jared too. His mom keeps a good eye on him. Besides, Jake has his own friends he can play with. He doesn't have to be with the older kids."

"I know it, but he wants to be. Last time they knocked him over flat!"

"Well, with the way he screamed, I don't think anyone will let that happen again."

They both laughed and got out of the car. Billy got the things out of the trunk and Sarah helped Jacob out, hoping nothing would happen this time.