Chapter 3

Billy looked around wildly for his son. The other boys were playing, not realizing that their friend was missing. He scanned all over the beach, but saw no sign of his chubby baby.

"Jacob Black! Where are you?" He cried.

There was a pitiful cry from under him. He got on his knees and looked into the log he was on. He breathed a sigh of relief. Jacob had snuck into the log and had gotten stuck.

"Ah ha! There you are. You naughty boy, you almost gave daddy a heart attack! I see you're stuck, huh? Yeah? That's what you get for going into someplace you shouldn't."

"Dad-daaaad!" Jacob wailed.

Billy had to laugh. Jacob was always getting himself squeezed into places that he couldn't come out of. He went to the other side of the log where he could see his sons's face. His tiny foot was caught in a tangle of inner branches. Billy knew that if Jacob could phase, he could flatten out his wolf foot the way a human's foot couldn't and he would be able to get out.

"Can you be a puppy for me little guy?"


"Shh, Jake, listen to daddy. I promise you, if you can be a puppy, you'll be able to get out."

Jacob whined, but after a few minutes, he shed his human skin for fur. A little red wolf came waddling out of the log. Billy plucked Jacob's diaper and trunks out of the log and picked his boy up.

"There, now, you aren't going to do that again, are you? No. And don't you scare daddy to death, either."

Jacob whimpered, happy to be out of his confines. He lapped at Billy's nose, making his father laugh.

"Now you're just trying to butter me up," he grinned. "You're just a stinker, aren't you?"

Billy noticed then that something was crawling over his shoes. Two somethings, as it was. Embry and Quil had both phased and were wrestling all over Billy's feet.

"Oh no, not you guys too!" He sighed. "Nothing we can do about it now, I guess. Come on boys, let's get back to everyone else. We don't want them to eat without us."

Embry was grey, with very pronounced black spots on his back. The very tip of his tail was black too. Quil looked like a little lump of chocolate. He scooped all of them up, along with their little trunks. As he walked back to the group, he could feel their little tails wiggling furiously against his stomach.

Quil kept trying to nip at Jacob's ear. Jacob would paw at him and pull away. Several times, Quil caught the ear and Jacob pulled back so hard that his head bonked Embry's, making Embry whimper.

Billy finally made it back to all the spread out blankets and set his bundle of wolves down. Jacob and Quil immediately started their play fights, yipping and growling, tails wagging like crazy. Embry went to hide out under a towel. Sarah smiled and picked him up in his make-shift cave and let him hunker down into her lap.

Over at the Clearwater's blanket, Seth could hardly contain himself anymore. He was wiggling so much that Sue couldn't feed him.

"What is it you want buster?" She asked. "You need to eat."

"Nooo! No, no, no!"

"Seth Calvin, you eat this watermelon or you'll get a time out!"

"No out! Sef wan' pway wif Jate!"

Sue sighed. "Alright. Mama gives up. You can play with Jake for fifteen minutes, but then you're going to come back and eat."

She got Seth out of his little seat. The second she set him down, he took off. Sue had to collect the clothes he left behind as he popped into his wolf form.

Seth clumsily made his way over to the other boys. He kept tripping over his own little paws and falling. When he finally made his way over to the bigger boys, he almost got squashed by their rolling around. He yipped and jumped out of the way, stumbling over a water bottle and falling onto his back. He found himself looking up into Sarah's smiling face.

"Hey there, little guy," she said, gently scooping him up to put him on his feet. "You ok? You're kind of having a hard time aren't you? You can barely walk on two feet, let alone four! That's alright though. You'll get it!"

Seth wagged his stubby tail, putting his two front paws on her knee. Sarah wanted to bundle him up and take him home to be her own child. He was just too adorable! He was tan, but he didn't have actual fur yet, it was all puppy fluff. Dogs whose ears stood up all started the same way, with their ears flopped over into triangles. Only one of Seth's ears was standing up properly, but the other was still floppy. The whiskers on one half of his face were white, but the ones on the other side were black. He looked up at Sarah with huge, happy brown eyes. He was panting, his little pink tongue hanging out, and drooling all over.

"Oh, Seth, you're just a little doll!" She crooned, picking him up to cuddle him. "You're such a sweetie. What do you think, do you wanna come home and be my baby? Yeah?"

Seth whined happily, snuggling into her neck. She finally put him down, where he discovered Embry hiding out in her lap. Seth pawed at his head and nosed him. Embry brought his head up and his ears twitched. They sniffed at each other. Seth bent down on his front legs, his tail wagging high in the air. He popped up and began nibbling on Embry's ear. Embry growled grumpily. He'd been having such a nice nap.

Seth was shocked and frightened. He quickly padded away, looking for a place to hide for himself. He found the perfect place a few feet away. Billy had taken his large hiking boots off when he'd gone down to the sand. Seth sniffed around it before crawling inside. It smelled a bit, but he fit like a glove down in the foot. He thought he was very smart and he was very proud of himself.

Sue watched what was going on and laughed. Seth was always trying to pounce on Leah. He thought he was very tough and he could be a real stinker. Of course, the second it turned around on him, he slunk away as fast as he could. That was mostly because as a wolf, he was much smaller then any of the others. When he acted up and became too playful when she didn't want it, Leah had taken to picking him by the scruff of his neck in her teeth and plopping him by Sue. It had scared her to death the first time she had seen Leah do that, but now she knew that her daughter was always very careful. Plus, Seth seemed to enjoy it, thinking it was a game.

Sue went over to the boot and gently shook it. "Earthquake!" She called.

Seth made a whiney noise inside of it. Sue laughed.

"Come on out of there you little booger," she smiled. "You're gonna get squished if Billy wants his shoes back! Come out now. You need to finish eating your lunch."

The boot wiggled around. It would've looked very creepy if Sue hadn't known there was someone in it. After a few seconds, Seth poked his fuzzy head out from the top. It pushed his fur up, making his face look much fatter. He smiled at his mom until he realized that he couldn't get out. His paws were stuck against his body. His large eyes began to leak and he howled pitifully.

Sue gently undid the laces and moved the tongue of the shoe. Seth's tail popped through the laces. Even though he was crying, his little tail just wouldn't stop wagging. Sue gently plucked him out. She gave him a big kiss and snuggled him close.

"There, there, big guy, you're ok! That's why you don't get into places you know you shouldn't be, you silly thing. Shh, Seth is alright,"she said.

Seth cuddled her, the popped back into his human body. He held his mother's neck tightly, big tears wetting her shoulder.

"Mama!" He whined.

"Yeah, I know, hun. I know that scared you, but you're ok!" Sue reassured him. "Come on now, let's cover that bare butt!"

Seth sniffled, then giggled. "Sef butt!" He began laughing very hard then.

Sue sighed. "Men. You're as bad as your father, you know that? I don't get it. It starts now, and you never really mature. Butts are forever hilarious to you guys."

"Butt!" He cried, clapping his hands and screaming in laughter.

Sue groaned and took him back to their towel and dressed him. He was made to finish his lunch before he waddled back to Jacob, Quil and Embry, who was now awake and ready to play with the others. Seth giggled and patted Jacob.

"Wha'?" Jacob asked.

Seth grinned then blurted out,"BUTT!"

Jacob, Quil and Embry all burst into laughter. There was a whole chorus of the word butt being squealed by the boys. There was a mixed reaction to it among the adults. The fathers thought it was absolutely hilarious and began encouraging them. The moms were all blushing, trying desperately to get the boys to stop. The immaturity of their men got to a point that they just gave up.

Quil's mother prodded Sarah and said, "If that's the way our pack is going, we're all in big trouble. We better start protecting ourselves. I can't imagine what this scene will be like when they're teenagers!"

"That's what they make kennels for," Sarah replied.