Daishinkon Gattai Godannar Kai

Disclaimer: Godannar is the copyright of Yasuchika Nagaoka, under no circumstances do I hold any ownership over his work.

Dannar was battling a Mimetic Beast of the coast of Hokkaido, despite all his skill as veteran robot pilot, these past few weeks have seen the Mimetic Beasts getting fiercer and more aggressive than ever.

It has only been a few months since the final defeat of the Mimetic Beasts, and yet, despite the hope for all mankind that the threat these monsters posed had been put to an end, numerous sightings and minor attacks had proven otherwise.

The Earth Bases, fearful that another Mimetic Beast War will occur if left unchecked, and unwilling to allow the tragedies of the previous conflicts to happen again, the Bases have since begun a massive extermination operation, seeking out and destroying any and all areas the Enemy is using as nesting sites, hoping to diminish their numbers and perhaps, finally put an end to the threat once and for all.

Goh had been sent out by Dannar Base earlier when a Mimetic Beast nesting zone was sighted on the coast of Hokkaido. He had to come alone since his wife, Anna, was pregnant and more or less amounting to two reasons why she shouldn't come: the aches and pains of pregnancy would be a hindrance on the battlefield, and there exists a chance neither she nor her baby will make it alive.

Although in this situation, Goh really doesn't stand a chance either, despite all his years as a robot pilot, his own robot, Dannar, is practically helpless by itself, and coupled with the fact the defender of the Mimetic Beast nest is being extremely defensive, Goh was practically on his last legs.

"Damn, this is isn't looking good" Goh remarked as the large Mimetic Beast squirted out a net-like thread of goo at him, immobilizing Dannar in its web, "Argh! What's this… this slime!"

As Dannar tried to escape the grasp of the Beast's trap, the Mimesis wasted no time dragging the Dannar closer to it, "Damn it! Is this… my final curtain call?" Goh contemplated as the Mimetic Beast was about ready to bite Dannar's head off…

"Gravity Bomber!" the Mimesis was suddenly hit by an attack that disoriented it's encroachment on Dannar, freeing Goh from the Beast's grasp.

"What?" Dannar turned to see that it was a blast from Neo-Okusaer, seeing him in this condition, Mira had come in as reinforcement.

"I can't believe you Goh, even with all experience you still can't handle anything on your own can you?" Mira said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Heh, it doesn't really matter, so long as I have people I can count on," Goh said confidently.

Mira remarked, "Heh, whatever Goh."

The large Mimetic Beast tried to swipe its large claw at Neo, but the robot jumped over the large Beast's body and did a diving kick onto its head, ramming the monster face-first into the ground, disorienting it for the time being, "How's that?" Mira mocked.

The monster, although a bit fazed, was undeterred in its assault nonetheless, "Ha, still trying to hold a fight, aren'tcha?" Goh remarked.

"Goh! Let's combine and…" but before Mira could finish her sentence, another voice could be heard, "Jet Boy! Gear Down!" It was Go-Okusaer, the Robot of Anna Saruwatari, Goh's wife.

"Goh-chin! What ARE you doing! If you're in trouble you could have asked me for help!" Anna shouted.

"Anna-chan! But, you're pregnant, what if something happens to you or the baby!" Goh shouted, obviously concerned.

But not Anna-chan, "Baka! You shouldn't be worried about things like that! I'm a strong woman! There's no way I'll get killed and neither can MY baby!"

So began their argument, "Anna-chan, even if you're strong there ARE limits to a woman's strength you know!"

Anna took this as an insult, "Are you saying I'm WEAK! Huh, HUH!"

This was getting awkward, "A-Anna, I'm not saying you're weak…"

"But you just said there are LIMITS to a woman's strength!" Anna shouted, getting more pissed.

Goh tried to calm her down, "Anna, limits and weaknesses are two different things!"

Mira tried to break up their quarrel, "Uh… guys."

But Anna wouldn't allow the "hussy" to speak, "Stay out of this Mira!"

Then, disaster! "Agghh!" Anna shrieked in pain, "A-Anna, what happened? What's wrong!"

Anna tried to talk, but was facing difficulty, "G-Goh-chin… I… It… it hurts…"

Goh tried to check what was up, "Anna, what's…" then it hit him, "Anna! Is it the baby! What's wrong? What's happening?"

Anna was retracting in pain from inside Go-Okusaer, "Goh-chin… H-help…"

Goh was getting anxious, he knew Anna shouldn't have come, but no point for her going back now.

"Anna, let's merge, we'll destroy this one then get back to the base quick, all right?"


Dannar and Go-Okusaer shifted into a new mode, one where the two would fuse into the vastly superior Godannar.

"Drive change GO!" both shouted in unison as their robots fused together, and upon completion, exclaimed "Godannar, Twin Drive!"

Anna winced again, when they merged.

"Anna, are you all right?" asked Goh, deeply concerned.

"D-don't worry, I'll be fine Goh-chin, but right now, we gotta finish this!" said Anna, still determined as ever.

"All right, let's go!" Goh exclaimed.

Mira had been keeping the Beast busy for a while to buy Goh and Anna some time.

The beast used its large blade-like limb to try and slice at Neo-Okusaer, but Mira and her Robot nimbly somersaulted over it, then gave a powerful kick to it's chin, disorienting the beast and thrusting it back, Neo-Okusaer then followed with a powerful palm punch, stunning the beast and pushing it further back.

Then Mira called out to Godannar, "All right, do it, Goh! Anna!"

"All right!" Godannar pulled back and, propelled by the thrust of its flame jet, Godannar readied his fist for the attack.

"Heart… BREAKER!" Godannar punched right into the body of the Mimesis, digging his forearm deep into the Beast's hide.

"Now, Anna!" Goh shouted.

"Haah! Urgh!" Anna winced again, but managed to recover fast enough to pull the trigger to complete the move.

In a flash, the body of the Mimesis turned into a rock-hard, solid object, like a statue.

In this state, the Beast was now practically sitting duck, Godannar then pulled back its fist from the Beast's body, then, prepared its finisher.

"All right!" then Godannar jumped high into the air, blazing a trail of blue flame as it was ready to deliver the final strike, "Fire Soul BREAKER!"

Godannar lunged down in a diving kick at the Beast, wreathed in blue flames.

The Mimesis tried to break free, but it was no use, Godannar rushed down like a speeding bullet and broke the whole Beast apart!

"We did it Goh-chin! Urgh!" Anna again winced as her belly started to become even more painful.

"Anna, are you ok?" Goh asked concernedly.

"Goh-chin, I… I can't take it anymore, I don't think, we can make it back to the base in time…" Anna said, breathing heavily and with something wet and fluid sliding down her vagina.

"Wha-? Is… is the baby coming out?" Goh asked, his voice rising to almost a panic.

"I… I think so…" Anna's breathing was beginning to intensify, "Goh-chin, I… I can't go on like this, the baby, I think it's coming out!" she said, sounding VERY worried.

"Damn it! Anna, just… try to hold on!" Just then, Mira came into their cockpit, "Goh, what's happening?" she asked.

"It's Anna! She's going into labor, and we can't get back to the Base fast enough!"

"Damn, then we're gonna have to help her out now!"

"All right, Anna, I want you to calm down and try to breathe slowly" said Mira.

"O-okay…" Anna relaxed a bit, and then breathed in more smoothly.

"All right, now, let's see…" Mira had to cut open Anna's suit so that they could get her baby out.

First, Mira checked to see if her cervix was diluted enough for the baby to pass though, Mira checked, opening Anna up to see if it was all right.

Afterwards, Mira solemnly said "All right, looks good, now… the hard part" then Mira told Anna, "Anna, now, I want you to stay calm… and push the baby out."

"All right, I'll give it my best…" said Anna, breathing in slowly.

"All right, Goh, hold up her arms, and try to do whatever you can to calm her down" Mira commanded.

"Okay…" Goh then crouched down and held Anna by her arms, doing what he can to comfort her.

"It's all right Anna, I'm here with you, and it'll be fine" Goh said with a kind smile to re-assure his young wife.

"I-I know, Goh-chin…" Anna said with a painful smile, but one that showed her confidence and faith in her husband.

Then Mira had Anna resume, "All right Anna, let's do this now, the sooner the better!"

Anna looked back at Mira, her friend and senpai, "Okay"

Anna gave a loud heave as she began the painful procedure.

Anna heaved and wheezed as she slowly, but agonizingly, pushed her child out, "Aaaahh!" Anna shrieked briefly before continuing.


"Keep going Anna, your almost there!" said Mira, having Anna continue further.

Anna kept screaming, each time getting louder and increasing in frequency.

"Please hang on Anna!" Goh said, tears welling up in his eyes.

"I will… now stop crying you idiot!" Anna said, with Anger and Anguish in her voice.

"All right, we're almost there! Hang on just a bit more Anna!" Mira exclaimed.

Anna pushed out as much as she could, as much as she can, and, with one last push, she let out a loud grunt, and finally, the baby was out!

"We did it, we did IT! Anna!" Goh was both relieved and excited, for both his and Anna's child was born.

"Yeah, we did it, Goh-chin!" said Anna happily.

However, Mira looked at the child with a solemn gaze, as if, something was wrong…

"Eh? Mira, what's wrong? What happened…?" Mira looked at her with a sad expression, then she spoke up, "Anna, the baby… she… she isn't breathing…" a rather ominous air had now seeped into Godannar's cockpit.

"Isn't… breathing? W-what are you talking about? Mira? What… what happened to my baby!" Mira closed her eyes as she hung her head low.

"Mira, hey, Mira! What happened!" with no reply, Anna whisked the baby from Mira, to see what had happened…

"Hey, hey, wake up; it's your mom, so… please, wake up…" Anna looked at the little child held in her arms; eyes closed, completely still, not having drawn breath at all.

"Hey, hey, c'mon! Wake up! Wake up, please!" Anna was now screaming at the lifeless baby in her arms, before she broke down in tears and came to realize…

…Her baby was dead…

"No! Why! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!" Goh shouted, angry and sad at the same time…

The two parents mourned the loss of their baby, Mira could only watch at them solemnly, looking at the baby in Anna's arms: a girl, and a really pretty one at that, had she been allowed to live, she probably would have the greatest gift Anna and Goh could ever have, and now… she's gone…

That is, until Mira saw something move, suddenly, the baby gave a loud, audible cry, and Mira, Anna, and Goh were all surprised… she had no pulse, no breath, and was supposed to be dead, and yet… she was…

"She's ALIVE!" Anna was moved to tears as she looked at her child, alive and well!

Goh also looked at her, his face showing both shock and satisfaction, "Thank goodness!" The two parents cuddled with their child as she calmed down and looked more at peace, Mira felt a bit of relief as well, as she looked at the baby in the couple's arms.

14 years later…

Tatsuko was bored to death in her classroom, tired of listening to "Lecture Geezer," her affectionate name for her old 64-year old Math teacher, who does nothing but lecture on and on and on…

For Tatsuko, he must have been born to talk 24 hours a day and she simply couldn't take it anymore.


Lou Roux, the lone survivor of the original Cosmo Base disaster twenty-one years ago, known in history now as the Cosmo Fall tragedy, was all by herself, and although she lives in the Dannar Base, she continues to fight the Mimetic Beasts alone without anyone's help.

Wandering around the city, Lou reeled the horrible events that happened to her in the previous years, she remembered her father, who let her escape from the said tragedy all those years ago, despite her protests, and Ken, her friend and mentor, who was killed in the battle that should have ended the war against the Mimesis once and for all.

Lou now lives alone, fulfilling the promise Ken asked her to watch over Anna and Goh so that humanity would never have to suffer again…

Anna and Goh…

Even though she swore to watch over them as a request from Ken, Lou was somewhat envious of the couple, wondering what was it about them that made them so powerful, so driven, so united, she couldn't help but feel… they had something she lacked.

As Lou was pondering these thoughts, she accidentally bumped into somebody, and both fell to the ground, "Itai!" Lou looked to see the person he had bumped into.

He was a young man, of about her age, with dark blonde hair, and amber brown eyes, the guy then lent her a hand, "Are you ok?" he asked.

"I'm… fine" Lou replied.

Then the guy apologized, "Umm… sorry about that, I kinda spaced out while I was walking. I didn't mean any harm."

Lou shook her head, "No it's all right, I was thinking of something as well, so I wasn't looking either."

Both Lou and the guy just laughed a little over the silliness of it all, then the guy asked something from seemingly out of the blue, "Hey, you wanna go out for lunch with me?"

Lou was a bit surprised, "Eh?"

"Well, I was going out for lunch when I bumped into you. So you wanna come? I got enough money for two." He said.

Lou really didn't have anything to do at all for now, and it was getting close to lunch time, so she agreed to go with him.

"Great, I know a nifty restaurant nearby, let's go" he said, having Lou follow him.

The two entered a fine peafowl-themed restaurant, with lavish golden décor and ornamentations, contrasted by silver candle stands and a few hues of green here and there.

The guy had asked a waiter for a table for two and both seated down to enjoy their meal.

Back with Tatsuko, it wasn't easy being the daughter of the two legendary robot pilots who saved the world from total disaster, especially if she herself couldn't get to pilot a robot either. In the end, the only thing she could settle for was playing robot soccer, and for Tatsuko, it wasn't nearly enough for her to get a feeling of enjoyment from.

Tatsuko moved swiftly as her otherwise snob classmates once again declared she would lose that day. Tatsuko dodged one by the left, then another from behind, and one in front, now she only had to score one last point at the goal and everything would be fine.

The goalie, however, was not one to just let her get away with her sixth winning streak, "Don't underestimate me, Tatsuko! I've been working hard all week and studied all your moves! You can't get past me!" he boasted.

Tatsuko had known for a fact that these guys were barely up her league, the truth was that these guys were too rigid, to focused on maneuver to learn anything.

Be like water, when water is poured into a cup, the water becomes the cup. Put it in a teapot, and it becomes the teapot. Water can be like the rushing rapids, or a calm lake.

Tatsuko understood that she didn't need to use anything standard or repetitive in her approach to win, all she really had to do… was to merely respond to action.

In the blink of an eye, Tatsuko thrust the ball in with a kick into the goal, and victory was hers again.

"You guys still need to learn about the true meaning of style." Tatsuko gave those final words of advice to her defeated classmates as they once again stooped down in loss.

And in an act of shameless exhibitionism and boast, Tatsuko reared her panties at her classmates, with the words "LOWER THAN THIS LEVEL" written on the cheeks of her rear end with ink, causing them to fall in the dramatic anime-style.

Because of her attitude, Tatsuko never had any close friends. All the girls found her to "extreme" for their tastes, and way too snobbish, even more so than the other snob girls in her class. The boys didn't like her because basically, she was way too shameless, and among other things she was a bully, at least to them.

The only person to ever be close with Tatsuko was her best friend and childhood confidant; Morimoto Goh, otherwise known as Mori-kun to Tatsuko, and Goh-nii to all others.

Even though Mori-kun's parents, who were friends to the Saruwatari family for years, named him after her father, Tatsuko always found it awkward to call him that; after all, Mori-kun could never rank up to her father; despite this fact, they're still very close.

"Mori-kun, where are you?" Tatsuko decided to visit him at his house, mostly to talk about stuff, and by stuff it's usually some topic of varying degrees of importance.

"Oh Tatsuko, hi, I was going to go heat some pizza in the oven, want some?"

Tatsuko nodded her head and went to lounge in his living room.

"All right, careful now, it's hot" Mori-kun came in with a wide plate with a pizza of his own make, with melted cheese, slices of ham, some chili, and a sauce of some special secret design.

Tatsuko took two slices off and shoved them down her throat, with little concern for the heat of the food, nor the fact she's stuffing two at a time.

Mori-kun then asked her a question, "They tried to best you again, huh?"

Tatsuko sighed, "Those boys still don't know how to beat me, it's about time they stopped finding out how to beat me and start learning how they can beat everything else."

"Your 'water' code?"


Tatsuko had learned that in order for one to live in life, one must respond to their world. "Be like water" was the phrase that helped her get through any tribulation she encountered, for water is a formless being, and that its "shape" is its response to the living environment. For Tatsuko, she had to live like "water," that is, she had to take on her environment and use her body and anything else in her control to become part of everything, for Robot Soccer, she had to "feel" both her robot and the ball, become everything about her environ to control and thrive in it.

"You know Tatsuko, you're a real inspiration for everyone in the class, but you really should stop being so… well, so conceited."

Tatsuko looked at her best friend with a raised eyebrow, "Me? Conceited? Oh-ho, don't be fooled Mori-kun, if anyone was, it's those dumbass classmates of mine."

Mori-kun sighed, "You'll never get it, you know that?"

Tatsuko just took that as a compliment, "Whatever Mori-kun."

Lou, in the meantime, was with her companion in the restaurant, having ordered a moderate meal and then chatting about themselves, and what they do for a living, and an occasional "personal" info regarding them.

For Lou, this reminded her of a time in her youth when her parents, both still living, took her to a ritzy restaurant to celebrate her birthday, her father ordered for the cake that day, and her mother bought her gifts and paid for the restaurant, it was the best and joyous moment of her life, she only wished they were alive today.

Then her companion inquired, "So Lou, tell me, have you ever loved someone before?"

"Eh? Why would you ask that?"

"Well… I find love stories to be quite fascinating, and as most people say, reality has more impact than fiction, so care to share with me your love life?"

Lou technically had no people she was particularly attracted to; she had never chosen to dedicate herself to somebody; and to those that she did, she did not do so to that degree.

"Well, no… not really" Lou answered.

Her companion nodded in contemplation, as though he understood Lou's response.

"You know, have you ever made love with someone, my friend?" the guy looked at Lou with witty eyes.

Lou was caught off-guard by this question, "Eh?"

Her companion just laughed and then explained to her, "I'm just kidding! Though seriously, you really never had anyone you loved so much?"

Lou didn't quite like that joke, but felt his conversation was getting somewhere she had never thought about much, she loved her father, but only as a family love, and Ken also, but it was solely platonic and he was like an older brother to her than anything else.

"No" Lou turned away from him, somewhat ashamed, was this the reason she was so jealous of Goh and Anna for? She didn't know, all she knew was that this person was very fascinating to her, and she felt the need to know more.

At the Dannar Base, An alert resounded as the base's scanners picked up a reading of Mimetic Beasts nearby, "A Mimetic Beast is nearby!"

Shizuru, the Dannar Base commander, emerged from a door behind the bridge upon hearing the alert, "Status report, where is the Mimetic Beast coming from?"

"Approximately 20 kilometres southwest of the coastline!"

"Anna! Goh!"

"We got it!" Goh had suited up and was already at the Dannar.

"I'm here!" and so was Anna on her Go-Okusaer.

Kouji, Shizuru's second-in-command, ordered for the launch bay to open, "Open the launch bay!"

Shizuru then gave the order to launch, "Dannar! Go-Okusaer! Set off!"

The couple both cried, "Go!" as they were lifted out of the base, and onto the battlefield…


Lou was playfully enjoying her conversation with her companion until her pager informed her that a Mimetic Beast was nearby, her calm, serene look on her face, turned into a stern, cold look.

"Excuse me, but I need to go someplace, it's really urgent" Lou dashed off in an instant before her companion could say anymore.

"Hey wait!" he slumped back on his chair as he saw her leave out of his sight, "And we didn't even have dessert yet…"

As Anna and Goh descended to the field of battle, the large Mimetic Beast who had come to invade them had arrived just in time to face them, "Anna, lets finish this one in a hurry."

"Right, Goh-chin" replied Anna.

The large crab-like Mimetic Beast lugged forward towards Dannar and Okusaer, armed with heavy outer carapace armor, and a pair of large blades on it's forearms.

Dannar and Go-Okusaer shifted into a mode to fuse into one truly powerful robot, "Drive-change GO!"

"Dannar ON!" exclaimed both Anna and Goh, as their robots began the fusion into a single robot.

"Godannar… TWIN DRIVE!" once completed, both Go-Okusaer and Dannar became the all-powerful Godannar.

The crab-like Mimesis marched onward, headed for Godannar and ready to fight.

Godannar readied as the Beast approached, then made a mad dash towards the Beast, readying the fist for impact, "Heart…!"

Then, just before they made impact, Goh completed his shout, "…BREAKER!"

Godannar lunged its fist into the beast, however; the Beast retracted into it's shell, and as soon as Godannar's fist hit, the robot was repelled back when his fist made impact with a loud clang.

"What the?"

Anna then looked at their enemy carefully, "Goh-chin, the enemy's shell is too dense for our attack to work!"

"Dammit! Then we'll have to find a way to hit it while it's open, or if we can break its defense somehow!"

Elsewhere, Tatsuko had heard of her parents engaging an enemy nearby, and entered to her own private robot garage and prepped her modified Soccer Robot for battle, behind her was her good friend, Mori-kun, had come inside, looking somewhat exasperated.

"Tatsuko, are you gonna do what I think you're gonna do?"

Tatsuko just looked at her friend with a confident smile and boasted "Yup, if my mom and dad are gonna fight, then so am I! A family that plays together stays together!"

Mori-kun had always known that Tatsuko was a little "extreme," though he had absolutely no idea it was to this extent!

"Tatsuko! This is crazy! You could get killed!"

But Tatsuko just gave him another confidant smile and a pat on the chest, "You worry too much, Mori-kun."

Tatsuko mounted her robot and moved towards the entrance of the garage, then with a wave, she left as Mori-kun looked towards her direction, "You don't worry enough, Tatsuko-san."

Back with Godannar, Anna and Goh were being pummeled as the Beast continued its hit-and-run maneuver against the ultimate robot.

"Shit! At this rate, this thing will get into the city!" Goh could only watch as the Beast continued its relentless assault against both him and his wife.

However, just as they were about to be rammed again, the sudden burst of an explosion hit the carapace of the Beast, distracting from it's rampage and turning it's attention to the source of the attack.

"Over here you big crab alien!" It was Tatsuko!

"T- Tatsuko!" both of Tatsuko's parents were in utter disbelief that their daughter would actually come out to fight.

"T-Tatsuko! You shouldn't be here!" Anna blurted out to her daughter.

Tatsuko boasted in response, "Don't be so weak-willed mom! We're a family, and we're gonna fight like one!"

But her parents had other ideas, "Tatsuko, don't be so reckless! You can't possibly fight against this thing!"

Anna seconded that motion, "Exactly, and especially in THAT robot!"

"Whatever!" Tatsuko jumped off her position and landed on the edge of the Beast's claw, and unleashed a torrent of bombs against the creature, but unfortunately, her attack proved ineffectual.

That did not deter Tatsuko though, she jumped up and landed near the eye of the beast where she punched madly at it before dropping another volley of bombs, only this time the creature recoiled from the attack as it was hit in a sensitive spot.

Tatsuko jumped when the creature flinched due to being imbalanced from Tatsuko's attack.

Tatsuko made a long jump backwards as the Beast tried to jab at her with its claw, however, Tatsuko evaded the attack and did an extremely unbelievable punch which caused the claw to fly towards the joint of the other claw, causing one of the Beast's limbs to be cut out of its body. Both Anna and Goh were amazed at Tatsuko's fighting prowess, but still retained their conviction that it was too dangerous for her to fight the Mimesis.

Tatsuko was doing fine on her own, "All right, just a little more pressure and this guy's-" However, the Mimetic Beast released a powerful shockwave when Tatsuko was about to jump in range for her next attack, blasting her back into a bank of rocks nearby.

"Tatsuko!" Anna was now in panic as she saw her daughter crash hard into the ground.

"Oof, that was close!" Tatsuko and her robot had managed to escape the full brunt of the Beast's attack, however, her robot was badly damaged and its speed and mobility modifications were drastically reduced, as Tatsuko discovered.

"Shit, no frickin' way!"

Tatsuko tried desperately to move out of harm's way, but the Beast, now affixed on Tatsuko, was making its move towards her.

Tatsuko started to panic, "No frickin' way!"

"Tatsuko!" Anna was getting frantic, as was Goh, "Damn it! C'mon Godannar, please move already!"

Just as the Beast was about to completely obliterate Tatsuko beneath its claw, A mysterious jumped in and repelled the attack just in time.

"Huh?" Tatsuko looked up at the figure which saved her from imminent death at the Beast's hands.

"Tatsuko, are you all right?" It was none other than Lou and her robot: the Celle-Blader.

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks Lou-san!" Tatsuko was relieved, because she definitely thought she was bacon for a moment.

"Goh! Anna! Can you get back up?" Lou kept the Beast at bay while Godannar attempted to rise up from its resting place where it had been stranded for a time.

The Beast did a horizontal swipe against Celle-Blader, but the latter jumped up and kicked into the monster's eyes. The Beast reeled away from the attack as Celle-Blader jumped away, brandishing a pair of laser blades from the wrists, and jumped on the top side of the Beast's carapace armor, slicing apart the incredibly thick armor as though it was a butter subjected to the blade of a hot knife.

The Beast's exposed vulnerable flesh forced it no other option but to try and flee for its life, however, Goh and Anna weren't about to let him get away, especially after it tried to kill their child.

"Heart BREAKER!" Godannar lunged forward and penetrated the Beast's exposed flesh, immobilizing it in an encasing of some kind of stone.

Then, Godannar rose high into the air, leaving a trail of blue flame in its wake.

"Fire Soul BREAKER!" Godannar descended in a powerful, flame-sheathed diving kick.

The Beast, completely helpless, could only lay still until Godannar crashed down into it, and hard, destroying the creature completely.


"Tatsuko, how could you just go out and put your life on the line like THAT? Do you have a deathwish!" Anna was so outraged she began shouting things she probably shouldn't.

Tatsuko wasn't at all listening, and Goh was trying to calm his rage-filled wife from blowing up their home.


Lou was wandering around town again, all alone and with nothing to do, then she remembered she split from the guy at the restaurant so abruptly, thinking about it now, Lou felt somewhat ashamed of herself for just rudely leaving him without a proper goodbye.

Lou trekked back towards the restaurant, even though she knew he might not be there anymore, she would probably at least try to figure out who he was, the attendant at the restaurant might know.

Lou returned to the restaurant, "All right, now to… huh?" Lou looked through the glass window, and surprisingly enough, he was still there! Holding a cup of grape juice in his hands, waiting right there all this time, "He's still here."

Lou walked back in and approached her companion, where he greeted her with a smile "Hey, you're back, you had me waiting you know."

"I'm sorry, but I just had something really urgent to do, I'm truly sorry for being so rude," Lou bowed her head in apology, her companion just gave her an understanding expression and motioned her to sit down.

The two resumed their meal and conversation, and by day's end, they left the restaurant, content with their meeting, and then parted ways, but before doing so, Lou asked her companion, "I never did catch your name, what is it?"

He looked back at her and replied, "I'm Hana."

"I see, well then, I'll see you again sometime then, Hana?" Lou extended her hand to shake, but Hana had other ideas…

Hana placed his hand upon her chin, and brought her face close to his for a short kiss, then he quickly moved away from her a good distance as quick as a blink and bid her farewell, "Au revoir! Mon cheri…"

He disappeared into the crowd as Lou stood in her spot, bewildered and shocked, she touched her lips, and felt a tinge of pleasure climb into her mind, and a smile form on her face…

One week later…

A massive army of Mimetic Beast had assembled in the pacific, numbering in several hundreds, and possibly more…

However, on a stretch of land near their warpath, a lone figure, draped in shadow by the light of the sun, and holding an ominous frame about itself, readied as he was about to face this insurmountable horde.

"You all really should have called in sick today…"

Holding his weapon, a spear, aloft, he dashed forward, boldly charging into the lion's den with only his skill and his courage to aid him…

End of Episode