Since I've been writing a lot of angsty emotional stuff, I thought I'd cheer ya up a bit with a humor fic, but its a little out of my element. Don't say I didn't warn ya. Heart!

The Doctor had his tweed jacket lying on the jump seat, while he was lying on his back, fiddling with something underneath the console, "DOCTOR!" he heard Amy call, "Down here Pond" he said not looking up from his work, "Righty tighty, lefy loosey" he repeated as he rotated a nut, "Watcha doin?" Amy said, and the Doctor hadn't heard Amy approach he banged his head, and held it, she made a guilty face, "I'm sorry are you okay?" she said, "I'm fine" he muttered, as he crawled out from underneath the console, stood up and dusted his hands off, and Amy stood up to join him. "What is so important?" he said as he retrieved his jacket and put it back on, and straightened his bow tie.

"Well I was thinking, you said that you were on Agatha Christies Bowling team?" she said with her hands behind her back twisting,

"Yes, you should her in action" he said whistling

"It made me begin to wonder who else you know" she said suspiciously

"Well I'm 907 and Amy I've met kind a lot of people so you'll have to a little more specific" he said clasping his hands.

"Have you ever met Tom Cruise?" she asked,

"Ah Tom, yes I met him, who do you think told him about Scientology?" he asked with a proud expression,

"You did that?" she asked incredulously,

"Yes, you'd never guess that he was an alien himself, visited his planet once, a lot like earth" he said putting his hands in his pockets,

Amy held out her hands, "Wait your saying that Tom cruise is an ALIEN?" she asked her eyebrows raised,

"Of course, hard to believe right?" he asked,

"Actually after the couch jumping incident on Oprah..it actually makes perfect sense" she said giggling.

"What about Lady Gaga?" Amy asked,

"Well that one is a bit obvious I'm afraid...Gaga is short for her real name...which is..Gagaurige" he said.

"So she's an alien as well?" Amy asked, he nodded.

"That actually makes me feel better, now there's a reason why she dresses the way she does" Amy said.

"You'll soon realize Amy...wait..what was it?" he asked scratching his head,

Amy burrowed her brow

"Ah yes...The Truth Is Out There" he said ominously,


The End.