fandom. twilight series
pairing. marcus/seth
theme set. colors
title. colors
rating. pg
notes/warnings. there aren't any; except for some mentions of mpreg, and obviously, this is slash.

. colors .

#01 – Black ::
Most people wouldn't approach a vampire when their eyes were the same color as pitch, but for Seth, it wasn't a time to be scared for his life, it was a point in time where the only person in the world was Marcus; it didn't matter if a little blood had to be shared.

#02 – White ::
Even though it was the color which marked purity and innocence, Seth knew that he'd long since grown out of it, especially sense he didn't have either quality any longer.

#03 – Grey ::
With every shade in between the black and the white, that was what their love was; it pushed the lines of what was considered acceptable, and yet, it wasn't expressly forbidden either.

#04 – Pink ::
The light color which rose to Seth's cheeks at the compliment was enough to nearly drive Marcus insane with the thoughts of, He's too adorable.

#05 – Blue ::
On occasion, there were times where Marcus would sink back into the sort of depression that he'd lived with for centuries before Seth had come into his life, but that would always leave him whenever the young wolf would bounce over to him and throw his arms around him.

#06 – Yellow ::
Seth had painted the nursery a light buttercream color just in case their child was either male or female since they had no way of knowing the gender just yet; but just seeing that made his heart swell.

#07 – Red ::
The sight of the stains on the walls sent Marcus into a panic; nothing mattered to him at that moment but the fact that Seth, Seth, Seth where is he? was all that permeated his brain as he searched frantically through their apartment.

#08 – Orange ::
"It's really beautiful, isn't it?" Seth loved the sunrise, and Marcus was too happy to cater to that love; watching the band of bright orange that stretched across the horizon right before the sun would rise.

#09 – Green ::
The scent of grass filled Seth's nose as he lay down in the clearing, he gestured for Marcus to come over to him, and it only took a little prompting for him to join his young lover; when he settled down beside him, Seth slid his arms around his waist, inhaling deeply and loving the warm scent of the forest that met his nostrils as he did.

#10 – Spectrum ::
The sky erupted into brilliant explosions of color as the fireworks went off, marking the beginning of a new year, but Marcus couldn't look away from the reflections of those colors in the warm brown eyes of his love.

#11 – Kaleidoscope ::
Seth had never seen something so... beautiful; he wasn't used to Venice, but the kaleidoscope of colors and sounds would have been overwhelming if it wasn't for the fact that his hand was always secure in that of his love, and that was all he needed to feel grounded.

#12 – Facets ::
Out in the sun, Marcus' skin had all sorts of facets to it; each one shining a different color which changed with every move he made.

#13 – Ray ::
Seth was like a ray of light that brought sun into Marcus' life, and he would never give that up for any reason; he loved Seth – treasured him – too much for that.

#14 – Dull ::
Everything before Seth was faded and unimportant, as though it was part of another life; which it was.

#15 – Stripes ::
The blinds which covered the window of their bedroom let stripes of light into the room which illuminated Seth's human beauty, and Marcus would always be sure that he was never there to ruin his admiration of the young man in the light.

#16 – Spots ::
Seth was feeling faint – more so then usual – and it wasn't until spots started appearing in his vision that he realized that the wet feeling between his legs was his water breaking and that, shit, their daughter was coming.

#17 – Gold ::
Over time, Seth had gotten used to the warm red of Marcus' eyes, but during the time spent with the Cullens, he came to found that the warm gold was much better suited to him.

#18 – Silver ::
Seth was getting used to time spent with his lover by moonlight instead of waiting for the brilliant light of the sun; he thought that Marcus' beauty was better accentuated by the light of the moon instead of that of the daylight hours.

#19 – Shine ::
When their daughter was placed into Seth's arms, there was such love in Marcus' eyes, that everyone in the room could see how it was shining through.

#20 – Skies ::
Every night, Seth would look up at the night sky, and wish that, somewhere out there, there was a happy ending for him; he just never thought that it would ever come true.