fandom. twilight series
pairing. marcus/seth
prompt. 018. silver
theme set. colors
title. silver
rating. pg
words. 229 words
notes/warnings. None.

. silver .

Seth is quite sure that he's going to go prematurely grey; so it doesn't surprise him so much when he finds his first silvery-grey hair at the ripe age of twenty-three. It's sort of funny since he doesn't even look like he's twenty-three, but more like he's still eighteen. His being a shifter and the exposure to vampire venom have essentially stopped his aging.

Not that he minds, but it's sort of funny. Or at least to him at least.

He thinks that it would look more distinguished on Marcus, but the vampire is incapable of naturally changing. At the very least, they'd make Marcus look a little older, as it is he's perpetually stuck at twenty-eight.

It's strange, not aging, and watching people change around him – at least, in the world at large; most of those he spends a lot of time with don't change at all and haven't changed for centuries – gives him this little twinge of loss; of never knowing what it would be like to grow old.

But then he remembers that he's still young and it doesn't matter; he'll start thinking about being old and grey once he's actually old enough to worry about it.

And even then, he's still pretty damn sure that he'll look the same. Marcus will be there, though, and that warms him more than any other thought.