A/N: You know what I realized when scouring the Glee archives? There are barely any Puck-centric stories. I decided to fix that, so here is the first of a 100 drabble challenge. A lot of them will be short, but hopefully that means they'll come faster…hopefully.

Title: Fleeting Moments
Rating: M
Author: sparklinglemonade
Summary: Noah Puckerman isn't a good person – he's an ass, a studly sex-shark – but when it comes to Quinn Fabray he tends to have his moments.
Genre: Angst/Drama
Chapter: One


All it takes for him to know that she's different is the way she kinks her brow to call him out on his bullshit – it's like a weird aphrodisiac to him. It's like whenever he's pissing off Finn or fucking with Santana (or Brittany, or any of the other Cheerio's he's scamming on), all she has to do is kink her brow at him with a stare and he's immediately frozen.

He's not sure if it's the fact that she's a sexy Jesus freak, or if it's because she's the laughably virginal yet all-powerful head Cheerio, or if it's some kind of master combination of all these things that makes her so maliciously sexy, but whatever it is it works on him.

He watches her mentally castrate Finn on a daily basis, yelling at him about nonsensical religious things or glaring at him when he makes stupid remarks, and he can't help but think how hot it would be to throw her up against a locker and make her shut the fuck up (in a hot, sexy way, that is), and how it would be even hotter because she's so damn innocent and thinks the world revolves around her, and then he usually realizes that Finn/Santana/Brittany/Random has been talking to him, and he nods his head and makes a sarcastic remark so she can glare at him, and kink that damn eyebrow.

Like an aphrodisiac that only he can sense.

One day he sees her after Cheerio's practice, sitting in her car, crying. She keeps turning the key and listening as the engine flips over and over and over. He wants to do nothing more than piss her off.

He doesn't, though. He walks up to her car and opens the driver's side door and asks if she's going to sit there for the rest of the night or get into his car and let him drive her home.

She looks up to him, eyes shining, and he's confused. Her eyebrows are normal, all plain and non-kinked, and her eyes are…teary? For once he doesn't want to slam her against a locker; when she looks at him like that, he wants to awkwardly comfort her and never talk about it again. He's confused by this; he wants to hug her, but he's Noah Puckerman – he doesn't hug unless it's naked and horizontally. To shake this, he grabs her arm, "you want the ride or not, Fabray?" he barks and she glares at him while getting out of the car, making him crazy once again.