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This is an RP done between Remembrance123 (http:/www(.)fanfiction(.)net/u/1813569/) and myself.

Remembrance123 = Naruto and I am Sai.



Naruto yawned and stretched, grinning like an idiot. The A-ranked mission was a complete success. Sakura and Yamato had already left but Sai had stayed behind. Why? Naruto had no idea, but he liked company. "Hey, Sai. We should go somewhere and relax!"

'Somewhere to relax?' Sai glanced over at his companion. "I read in a book that a bathhouse is a good place to relax," He smiled softly.

Naruto's expression was blank before the ends of his lips curled into a smirk. "Yeah, bath houses are perfect for these kinda things. We should go!" Naruto chuckled and grabbed Sai's hand. "I know a really good one that Pervy Sage took me to a few times! It's right outside Konoha! It's this way, follow me!" The blond smiled, thinking thoughts he shouldn't as he leapt onto a tree branch and waited for Sai to follow.

'So, the book was actually right this time?'Sai was relieved, as the books he read had never been right before. He jumped up into the tree, ready to follow the blond.

Naruto smirked, "It should take us about ten minutes to get there, even less if we're fast!" He leapt forward, hopping from tree to tree. His inner-self was chuckling darkly. Naruto looked back at Sai, "I wanna teach you something about friendship, something they don't teach in books."

Sai was a few paces behind the blond. 'Something not in books?' An odd fluttery feeling erupted in his stomach and he smiled softly. "Okay," Sai murmured and sped up until he was leaping beside Naruto.

Naruto took a second look at Sai, admiring how innocently the male exposed his milky white stomach. The blond spent far too much time thinking about it. Telling himself to relax, Naruto sped up. "C'mon slowpoke!"

"Right, coming..." Sai easily caught up to him.

They were travelling fast, and Sai was exhausted after the mission they had only just returned from. He was hot and sweat was gathering in different places on his body; it dribbled down his face and Sai grasped his shirt, lifting it up to wipe his brow.

Naruto glanced back. Seeing more of that porcelain skin almost caused him to drool. In his distraction, he lost his footing and slipped, screaming as he hit his forehead on another tree branch. He fell downwards, until he was on the ground. He lay motionless where he landed and made no noise for quite some time. "Ow," Naurto groaned.

Though Naruto had to admit, it was worth it.

Sai ground to a halt, just stopping himself from falling as well. He gasped as he watched Naruto stumble and then fall to the ground. Panic welled in his chest. Was he hurt? Sai jumped down from the tree and tentatively approached Naruto. Dropping to his knees, he leaned over him. "Are you alright?"

Naruto reached out, holding onto Sai's unclothed rib awkwardly as he tried to get up. It was really just an excuse to touch the skin, a way Sai would most likely be oblivious to. He smiled and looked up. "Hey, Sai! Look!" He pointed to the bathhouse that was less than ten steps away.

Sai wasn't used to anyone touching him; it still felt foreign, but not unpleasant. It took a moment for him to register Naruto's word as he was still thinking about the blonds' hands on him. He swung his head in the direction Naruto was pointing and sure enough, the bathhouse was right there. "Ah, good. I think we're both dirty enough," Sai smiled shyly.

Naruto used every ounce of chakra not to burst out laughing at that last remark; it took all he had not to make a comment. He only nodded and hopped along. He went straight to the front desk and looked over the prices, smiling as they were easily affordable. "C'mon Gama-chan," he said as he pulled out his green frog wallet and looked inside. Pulling out a bit of money and handing it over, he paid for a full night with a bath and beds. "C'mon, let's go take a bath!"

Sai didn't understand why Naruto was all but shaking after what he'd said. He repeated it in his head, but still couldn't see what was wrong with it. He stood awkwardly beside Naruto as they looked at the prices. 'Should I help pay?' He didn't know the protocol; he'd never come across anything like this in his books and he was embarrassed.

Once everything was paid, Sai still felt a bit awkward, but it quickly disappeared when Naruto exclaimed that they were going to the baths. He felt disgusting and couldn't wait to submerge himself in the steamy water.

Naruto chuckled, walking into another room. He liked how confused Sai was acting; it was kind of cute, if he were to be honest. Smirking, he walked into the change room and took off his clothes one by one, exposing his upper chest very slowly before slipping off his pants. He left his boxers on for the time being and glanced over at Sai.

"You should take your clothes off, too."

Sai stood to the side, his eyes glued on Naruto. The blond was so tanned...and toned. He'd never seen anything like it. He gawked as Naruto slowly removed his clothes, his cheeks burning red as he watched inch after inch being revealed to him. He started when the blond turned and spoke to him. "Oh...right..." Sai murmured.

'Is Naruto going to watch me remove my clothing?'

He shyly gripped the hem of his shirt and dragged it over his head, letting it fall to the floor before reaching for his pants. He hesitated for a moment before undoing them and letting them pool on the floor around his feet.

Naruto didn't take his eyes off Sai, not even a little. He managed to quickly slip off his boxers and wrap a towel around his waist without looking away from the other male. He noted the milky white skin, the body he'd been thinking about on missions. Naruto smirked a little, knowing it would make Sai uncomfortable.

'Naruto is...smirking? Why?'

Sai blushed deeper when Naruto removed his boxers and slipped into a towel. He had a small glimpse of...Sai shook his head and moved to grab a towel as well. He turned away from Naruto as he slipped his boxers off and let them join the pants that were still around his ankles. He grasped a fluffy towel and quickly covered himself with it. The way Naruto was staring at him...it made him feel odd. Not bad, but not anything he'd ever experienced before.

"Alright!" Naruto went back to his usual hyperactive personality. "Let's go!" He walked out the door, hiding his sinister chuckles as they went. Luckily, the male's side of the bath house was empty. It was almost too convenient. He threw his towel off and quickly entered. The soapy water hit him just above his waist. He was able to stand without needing to hide anything (not that he wanted to hide anything). He quickly remembered his forehead protector and took it off, letting his hair fall loose as he waited for Sai to join him.

Sai followed silently behind Naruto and sighed quietly when he saw that nobody else was there. He was so tired...and the water looked so inviting. He shucked the towel and stepped into the bath, wading over to where Naruto was standing.

The steam rising steadily off the water engulfed them and made Sai feel slightly lightheaded.

Sai vaguely remembered the forehead protector and quickly snatched it off his head, throwing it to the side. He dropped down into the water, letting himself sink below the surface for a moment before coming back up.

Naruto wondered how to begin teaching Sai. He dived into the water and focused on hiding his presence using chakra. He swam up behind Sai, aiming to wrap his arms around his waist.

Sai closed his eyes and relaxed into the water, letting the heat soothe his tired and aching muscles. He felt Naruto dip below the water and hoped that the blond wouldn't be able to see him. His eyes flew open and he tensed the moment he felt Naruto behind him.

Naruto came up and pressed his body against Sai's back, his half hard erection also pressing against him. He brought his lips to Sai's ear and spoke, his voice serious, "Remember how I said I was gonna teach you something they don't teach in textbooks?"

Sai gasped when Naruto pressed against him. He could feel hardness against his lower back and he had to force himself to stay still. Naruto's breath against his ear made him shiver. "Wh-what..." Sai cleared his throat. "What...are you going to teach me?"

"One word," Naruto murmured, bringing his arms up to feel the chest that the other was always revealing. "Sex." He softly pressed his lips against Sai's neck. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

Sai gasped again and unconsciously leaned back into Naruto. "Sex...?" he whispered.
He had read a little about it, but didn't quite understand the concept.

"You always were adorable," Naruto whispered before nibbling on Sai's shoulder. His left hand slowly worked its way down to Sai's member. He grasped it, holding the length in his hand and gently stroked it. "Tell me Sai, how does it feel?"

"Ahh," Sai moaned quietly as Naruto's hand began to stroke him. He'd never felt anything so...good in his life. It seemed that all the blood in his body was rushing to the spot he was held and he felt lightheaded. He swayed slightly, his knees threatening to buckle. "It...ahh...it feels...good."

Naruto chuckled darkly and began grinding his erection into Sai's back subconsciously, in rhythm with his strokes. Naruto noted how cute Sai was. No wonder they hadn't been taught such human basics in Root. He wondered if all the ANBU would start playing with themselves instead of completing missions. The thought made him laugh slightly. Using his other hand, he turned Sai's chin towards him. "Close your eyes," was the only warning he gave before pressing his lips on the others.

Sai screwed his eyes shut at Naruto's words. He didn't know what to do when the blonds' lips touched his. His whole body flushed and he hesitantly kissed back.

Naruto smirked into the kiss and his hands moved to turn Sai around. He kissed him softly as he pressed their chests together, as well as their hard-ons below. He placed one hand on Sai's back, pulling him close; the other made its way to the back of Sai's head, gently grasping the raven strands.

Sai groaned into the kiss as their erections rubbed together below the water's surface. He grasped Naruto's shoulders to keep his balance and his nipples hardened as they rubbed against the blonds' slick chest.

Naruto broke the kiss slowly. "I've been thinking about this for some time now..." he whispered before sucking on the other's neck."I've always had less-than-decent thoughts about you." His voice was seductive and a little feral as he softly bit down on Sai's jaw, before pushing his lips back onto the others.

"Y-you have?" Sai breathed against Naruto's lips. He gripped Naruto's shoulder hard with one hand, his nails leaving small crescent marks in tanned flesh. His other hand trailed up to thread in his blond locks as they continued to kiss.

"Mhm," Naruto smirked into the kiss. He pulled away and bit down on Sai's neck gently.
"How about we move on?" Naruto grinned, reaching down and softly teasing Sai's member with his hand.

"Mo-mmm-move on?" Sai whispered. His hips moved instinctively, thrusting shallowly into Naruto's hand. "Uh-huh."

Something about being the first one to ever do something like this to Sai made him feel... in control. Smirking once more, Naruto grabbed Sai's hips and lifted him up, placing him on the rocks in front of him. The position put Naruto on level with Sai's erection. He stroked it a bit more before teasingly licking his lips.

The way Naruto was eyeing him, like a fox after prey, made him feel surprisingly...good. His erection throbbed when he saw Naruto's tongue dart out to touch his lips. Sai couldn't help but wonder what the blond was going to do next. He braced his hands on the ground behind him to steady himself.

Naruto slowly brought the wet member to his mouth. He sucked the head into his mouth easily since it was already wet and began sliding up and down the shaft; sucking on it, using his tongue, and even rubbing the base with his thumb. He wanted to hear Sai moan.

Sai couldn't help it, he moaned loudly when the dripping head of his erection was engulfed in wet heat. One of hands flew forward to grasp at Naruto's wet blond hair, threading his fingers though it and gripping hard. "Ahh...N-Naruto..."

Naruto enjoyed the innocent noises. He bobbed his head slowly at first but quickly sped up, using his mouth very effectively. Naruto's eyes darted up, looking straight into Sai's.

Sai met Naruto's gaze, his own eyes half-lidded with pleasure. He couldn't stop his hips from bucking up to meet the blonds' mouth as his stomach tightened unfamiliarly. "Ahh...Naruto...I feel weird..." he panted.

Naruto wanted to say something, but it ended up muffled. Instead, he gave a quick thumbs up before going back to his work. He increased the speed and pressure; he wanted to maximize Sai's pleasure.

The vibrations from Naruto attempting to talk made him cry out. 'A thumbs up?' It must be okay, then...

Sai's breathing increased as the pressure in his lower region built. It continued to steadily increase as Naruto worked on him, until it peaked. "N...ahh...Naruto...something's happening..."

Naruto noticed Sai enjoying the vibrations, so he did it again as he peaked his speed. He wanted Sai to discharge in his mouth.

Sai's head fell back and his eyes fluttered closed as his orgasm ran wild. "Naruto..." he moaned as he lost himself, spurting thickly.

Naruto swallowed quickly and when he was done he licked Sai's softening member, making sure to clean it thoroughly. He moved away, giving Sai room to get down. "You had fun?"

Sai's body felt liquid. All of the tension and stress accumulated during the mission melted away. He nodded, smiling softly at Naruto. "Yes, I did."

"That's good," Naruto said as he kissed Sai's neck. "But there's one more thing we need to do before we go to sleep," Naruto chuckled, the sound slightly feral as he hoisted himself out of the water and onto the rocks. "Would you mind taking care of me?"

Sai looked at Naruto's weeping erection uncertainly. He hadn't really paid attention to how the blond had worked; he'd been too lost in his own pleasure. He tentatively moved forward, placing himself in between Naruto's open legs and leaned forward, lapping gently at the head.

"That's right," Naruto chuckled. The innocent expression on Sai's face made him want to squee.
"Just watch the teeth and follow your instinct."

'Instinct?' Sai still wasn't sure, but he decided to go for it. The pleasure he had received from Naruto was unlike anything he'd ever experienced and he wanted the blond to feel the same. He pulled away and grasped the base to hold it steady. He licked his way up Naruto's length before taking the head in his mouth. He let himself sink down inch by inch as he attempted to get used to the hard shaft in his throat. He tried to relax, and he soon swallowed the entire length. He stilled for a moment, his nose resting in blond curls.

"Oh, fuck," Naruto groaned and grasped Sai's hair. "Oh, Hokage! Shit Sai, you're pretty talented!"
He couldn't help but gently move his hips. The pleasure was amazing, and to think Sai hadn't done it before...

Sai smiled softly. The way the blond grasped his hair felt good and caused him to moan around the shaft. He hesitantly pulled up until only the head remained inside his mouth, before letting himself fall back down. He copied Naruto, setting a slow rhythm, bobbing his head in the blonds' lap.

"Oh..." Naruto moaned, smirking as he watched Sai take him in. Hokage! Sai looked so hot! It was enough to make Naruto jerk his hips. Between watching Sai and pleasing him, he didn't know how much longer he could last.

Sai worked diligently to get Naruto off. He picked up his pace and pressed his tongue against the blonds' shaft as he moved. His hands flew to Naruto's thighs, gripping hard as he steadied himself so that he could move faster.

Naruto bucked harder. "Sai, I'm close!" he yelled. Grunting, his head flew back and the hand that was resting on Sai's head pushed downwards, making Sai take him all the way in. At the last moment, he grunted harshly and bit his lower lip. He cried out as he climaxed.

Sai tensed when Naruto cried out, but didn't stop. He moaned throatily as Naruto came and he swallowed as much as he could, but some managed to dribble out of his mouth. He pulled away, smiling softly, his eyes seeking Naruto's.

Naruto grinned and let go of Sai's head. "We came to get clean and now we're all dirty. How about we clean up and then go to bed?" All of the ferocity in Naruto dissipated and he turned back into his hyperactive self. He jumped off the rocks, into the water and cleaned himself before casually looking back at Sai.

Sai was a little confused. They had just...gotten each other off, and now Naruto was acting like nothing had happened. He flippantly wished he had a book on the subject and made a mental note to find one once they got back to Konoha. He followed Naruto, sinking down and cleaning himself off in the hot water.

Naruto wrapped his arms around Sai. He was still acting casual and he chuckled at his companion's confusion. After they were clean, he let go of Sai and hopped up on the rocks, grabbing his towel.

Sai frowned slightly and hefted himself out of the water. He swayed slightly as waves of dizziness washed over him; the combination of the intense pleasure and the hot steam made him unsteady as he grasped the towel and wrapped it around his waist. He cautiously walked forward to stand a step behind Naruto.

Naruto kissed Sai on the cheek before continuing to the locker rooms. He looked at the key the front desk gave him. Room 17. He looked back at Sai, smiling. He grabbed his bag and decided to slip into his excessively childish sleepwear when they got to their room.

Sai gently fingered the wet spot on his cheek and trailed along behind the blond. He silently watched as Naruto changed into his pyjamas before grabbing his own. He quickly pulled the pants and shirt on, never taking his eyes off the blond. The way Naruto kept looking at him, and the little smiles lighting up his face left Sai on edge. He could tell that the blond was planning something, but he couldn't even begin to guess what it was.

Eventually, Naruto unrolled the bedroll that was provided and fluffed up his pillow. "Oh and Sai, you're sleeping next to me tonight," Naruto stated, as if it was an everyday thing. He unzipped the bed and slipped inside. Since the room was only illuminated by moonlight, all he had to do was wait for Sai, and then they could sleep.

Sai grabbed his own bedroll and unfurled it, dragging it over so that it was adjacent to Naruto's before climbing inside. The exhaustion from the day consumed him and he turned so that he was facing the blond.

"I meant a lot closer than that Sai," Naruto chuckled. "You're sharing a bedroll with me."

He smiled at the other's... he didn't know how to describe it. It was just... Naruto's smile grew.
Sai blushed deeply but scooted over until he was lying directly beside the blond.

Naruto wrapped his arms around Sai and pulled him even closer, to the point where Sai would be using him as a pillow. He kissed the black haired male's forehead and smiled. "You really are cute, in your own ANBU Black Ops way."

"Cute?" Sai blinked as he snuggled into Naruto, attempting to get comfortable. He laid his head on the blonds' chest, his raven hair splaying out over toned skin. He sighed happily and yawned deeply as his eyes fluttered closed.

"Heh, just sleep," Naruto yawned. He wrapped his arms tightly around Sai and closed his eyes.
"Night night, don't let Grandma Tsunade bite!" Naruto grinned as he felt himself drift off.

"Goodnight," Sai whispered. He could hear Naruto's heart beating and the sound lulled him. He fell asleep with a soft smile on his face as he listened to the constant soft thump.