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Remembrance123 = Naruto and I am Sai.


Naruto blushed a little; standing in Sai's house alone was a little awkward. It had been two weeks since they had first made love... since then, they went at it like rabbits, trying new things and whatnot. There was one thing however, that Naruto wished to do. Sadly it would mean waiting for Sai to come home from a mission. Glancing at the clock, he sighed.

Sai was supposed to be back in around ten minutes but he couldn't wait that long. Twiddling his thumbs and going through an array of positions on the couch he yawned... he had to pass the time.

With each step closer to Konoha, Sai grew more anxious. It was a new feeling for him, wanting to see and be with Naruto whenever possible. This mission had been especially tough, since the blond was not accompanying him. He'd thrown himself wholeheartedly into the mission, willing it to go by faster so that he could go back to Konoha. Now that it was over, he was having a hard time staying with the rest of the team when he so badly wanted to be home. When the main gates of Konoha came into view, he bid farewell to the team and turned towards his house, his feet carrying him quickly there. He paused outside his door for a moment as he tried to locate his key.

Naruto yawned, rolling around on the couch until he fell on the floor by accident. "Ouch!" He yelled. He heard his Kyuubi tell him to be patient but he hushed it and sat up. Sighing, he waited for the other, lying down on the floor in the center of the room.

When Sai finally located his key, he unlocked the door and opened it in one fluid motion. Upon entering, he immediately noted that someone was inside. He slipped his shoes off and removed the rest of his gear before entering the main part of the house, his heart beginning to beat faster as he neared the living room, and his guest. He almost tripped over the blond, not expecting him to be lying in the middle of the floor. "Naruto?" Sai smiled softly down at him.

"Sai!" The blond sat up, smiling like an absolute idiot. "I missed you." He stood up slowly and wrapped his arms around the other's neck, letting his head rest against Sai. "I was thinking of you non-stop."

Sai pressed closer and moved his hands up to lay flat against Naruto's chest. He was so happy to finally be in the blonds' arms again, although he was sure it didn't show in his expression, his movements. His smile grew a bit and he blushed as he spoke, his voice soft. "I missed you, as well."

"Mhm." Naruto enjoyed the embrace for a little while. "Hey uh- Sai!" He blushed a little, sheepishly smiling. He broke the hug slowly and chuckled, "I uh... wanted to try something different today, you wouldn't mind... would you?" He blushed a little more, quickly wondering what the other's reaction would be.

Sai took a moment to study Naruto, his gaze raking over the other's whiskered face, taking in the blush covering his cheeks. Something different? He frowned slightly, but it was quickly erased from his features as he looked into the blonds' bright blue eyes. "I don't mind," he replied slowly, wondering what he was getting himself into.

"Alright... well I should probably tell you what it is." He blushed a little. "I was thinking, you be on top." He put his head under Sai's chin. "I'll be on bottom." He felt his cheek colour and he timidly looked down.

Sai froze for a moment, unsure. "You want me to..." he trailed off, his voice faltering. A familiar tingling in his lower stomach surprised him, and he realized that he wanted to try it. "Okay," he murmured after a moments. His hand moved to cup Naruto's cheek, pulling his head up until their gazes were locked. Slowly, tentatively, he leaned in and pressed his lips against the blonds'.

Naruto was very docile in the kiss; he moved his tongue and lips very slowly against Sai's body. He slipped his arms around the other's neck as he smiled a little. "Mhm, I want you to do me." He purred a little and kissed Sai's clothed chest. Looking up with a puppy face, his cute blue eyes shining upwards as he turned himself into the most submissive Naruto he, himself, had ever seen.

Sai's hands came up to rest gently on Naruto's hips. He was almost shocked at the way the blond was acting; it was something he'd never witnessed before. Sliding his hand up the other's body, he reached for the zipper on Naruto's jacket, pulling it down with delicate fingers and then sliding it from his frame, letting it pool on the floor behind him. His tongue darted out to touch the corner of his lip before he caught Naruto in another kiss, his tongue sliding softly into the wet heat of the other's mouth as he removed his shirt, only breaking the kiss to pull the offending garment off.

Naruto blushed a little as Sai stripped his jacket off; he kissed Sai very gently, humming into his lips as he did. The blond slowly tugged at Sai's shirt, letting the other one know that he wanted it off. With a cute, seductive moan, he continued to kiss his lover as his arms gradually pressed up against Sai's chest.

Sai grasped the hem of his shirt and broke the kiss to pull it over his head, throwing it carelessly onto the floor. His hands found purchase on Naruto's hips once more, his thumbs idly circling in the tanned flesh as he brought their bodies together once more. Kissing the blond again, he trailed his lips down the other's hard jaw, stopping once he reached the soft flesh under the blonds' ear. The raven haired teen sucked and nipped the sensitive flesh before pulling away completely and grasping the other's hand, twining their fingers together. "I suppose we should...go to the bedroom now," he murmured, the porcelain skin of his cheeks flushing slightly as he led them there.

"Mhm, we should." He moaned, he let his hands slowly run down the muscled chest... feeling the soft skin, the milky white... enticing... skin. He bit softly on Sai's neck as he slowly made their bodies part. He took his lover's hands and pulled him around until they were in the bedroom. Once there, he threw off his shirt and jumped on the bed. "Well... I'm waiting for you." He teased with a cute smirk.

Sai paused momentarily to savour the sight of Naruto lying on his bed, shirtless. Shaking himself of his stupor, he moved towards the bed and then crawled onto the soft sheets, pushing the blond softly until he was lying down. Moving beside him, he leaned down to nuzzle Naruto's neck, licking and kissing the soft flesh as a hand brushed its way down the other's toned stomach, until it reached the waistband of his pants. He deftly undid the fastenings on the pants before pulling them, and his underwear, down to his knees. He had to scoot towards the end of the bed to work them the rest of the way off.

Naruto smirked as he watched Sai take off his pants and boxers; his semi-hard member was leaning against his stomach as he let Sai see him... all of him... "Sai..." He whispered seductively. "Take your clothes off... and make sure I can see..." He purred. "I wanna watch."

Sai shivered lightly at Naruto's words and quickly slipped from the bed, getting fluidly to his feet and taking a step back so the blond could see. Sliding his hands to his hips, he unfastened his pants with delicate, dexterous fingers before grasping the waistband and sliding them almost achingly slow from his slim body, leaving them pooled around his feet. Taking a deep breath, he grasped the hem of his underwear and worked them down his legs, letting them rest on top of his pants. His already achingly hard erection sprang free, and he pulled his lip with his teeth, stifling a gasp as the cool air caressed his heated flesh. Blushing, he climbed back onto the bed, and back to Naruto.

The blond teasingly reached over and grabbed Sai's member. "So hard..." He touched the skin a bit more. "But so soft..." He purred. Naruto gently pushed Sai until his back was against the bed sheets. The blond chuckled, knowing the other would be dominant in the end but he couldn't help but tease Sai. "We need to make sure it's wet, don't we?" His seductive smile lasted only seconds before he lapped his tongue onto the hard member. Licking the soft sweet-spot that was under the head, he made cute noises as he did.

Sai gasped under his breath when Naruto's hand wrapped around him. He relaxed against the sheets when he was pushed down, but quickly tensed when he felt the blonds' hot breath, and then his wicked tongue on his erection. One of his hands moved downwards, tangling in blond hair, while the other flexed against the sheets, his fingers tightening against the soft material. "Naruto..." he breathed, his body trembling with need.

Just to piss the other off, he stopped licking Sai's member. He crawled upwards, letting his body press up against Sai's. "Yes, Sai?"

Sai frowned, disappointment rippling through him when Naruto pulled away. It quickly disappeared as his gaze locked on the other's lips and he leaned up to press his against them. "I...need you," he murmured softly against the other's lips, blushing fiercely at the admission.

Even when Sai was supposed to be dominant, he was so adorable! Naruto decided to tease the other again. He slowly shifted lower until he was resting on his back, waiting for Sai. He reached over to the dresser and gently tossed the lube to Sai. "You know what to do."

Sai fumbled for a second when the bottle was tossed to him, but recovered quickly. His stomach tightened with nervousness as he moved next to the blond and popped the cap open, pouring a small amount onto his fingers. After thoroughly slicking his slim digits, he dropped his hand in between Naruto's spread legs and gently fingered his entrance, biting his lip between his teeth, his brows furrowing in concentration as he slowly pressed the tip inside. He paused for a moment, taking a deep breath before working it in slowly, stopping again when it was fully inside.

Naruto hummed approvingly as the other one entered him, he moaned just a little as he felt Sai go deeper, when it was fully inside he squeezed a little before looking back at Sai. "Don't be too gentle... I like it rough, I have done this before." He rocked his hips against the digit.

Sai nodded and began moving his finger in and out of Naruto's tight heat. He'd never felt anything like it before, it was so tight and hot around his finger; he couldn't even fathom what it would feel like when he was buried deep inside. His erection twitched in anticipation and he barely held back a groan as he worked his finger, and before long, he pulled it free and began pressing a second slick digit inside. Stretching his body out, his muscled stomach rippling with the movement, he kissed at the blonds' chest, licking and nipping the tanned flesh as he worked two fingers in and out, working to stretch and prepare the other.

"I want more, Sai." The blond whispered slowly, in a hot and soft voice. Humming in amazement at how long it had been since someone had done something like this to him. He moaned lightly as the other one touched him... "I need you Sai, all of you... inside me." He whimpered a little, not ashamed to let Sai see him so weak.

Sai tried but couldn't suppress the shiver that rippled throughout his body at Naruto's words. Catching the blonds' gaze, he nodded as he pulled his fingers from the other's body. He chewed on his lip as he moved between the blonds' spread legs and grasped the bottle once more, pouring another small amount of lube on his fingers, before slicking his erection. Scooting forward, he grasped his shaft firmly, positioning himself at Naruto's entrance. He pressed the head against the other's puckered hole, sucking in a breath as the head popped inside. He paused for a moment, steeling himself, before pressing forward, feeding his length inside and groaning throatily when he was fully seated. Whatever he'd been expecting, it wasn't the intense pleasure that reverberated throughout his entire body. It felt like liquid fire had replaced his blood, the heated fluid travelling smoothly through his veins, spreading to each and every part of his body. He screwed his eyes shut, not moving, as he willed his thundering heart and trembling body to calm.

"Shit Sai!" Naruto bit his lip, suppressing about ten moans. His hand reached up, softly gripping onto the other's neck, the feeling of the other's member, entering him. The feeling of being expanded and entered by Sai, the warm and odd feelings it brought. Naruto made a soft noise as he rocked his hips against the member, shivering in delight as the cells in his body screamed with pleasure.

Sai's eyes slowly opened, his dark gaze raking over the blond underneath him. He gasped loudly when Naruto rocked against him and moved his arms, bracing his hands on either side of the other's body. He chewed on his lip as he pulled his hips back, until only the head remained, and gave an experimental thrust. The tight, silky sheath contracting around his erection was almost overwhelming; he'd never felt anything like it. Again, he pulled back and snapped his hips forward, burying himself in the intense heat of Naruto's body. His pace was slow at first, his eyes closing and brows furrowing as he concentrated on his movements, his pace gradually increasing.

Naruto made a rather loud noise. "That feels good Sai." He heaved as he felt the other's slow thrusts beginning to speed up. The way the other moved inside of him, he moaned and hissed. His blue eyes examining the other one's body, the way the muscles were toned, the way it moved. Naruto whined for the other to go faster.

Sai was breathing hard, soft pants spilling from his lips, his gaze slowly moving to Naruto's face. The way the blond was reacting to him, it only turned him on even more. He rather liked this side of Naruto. His forehead came down, resting on the blonds' chest as he moved faster, kissing the tanned flesh softly, his tongue darting out to lick at the sweat slicked skin. "Naruto..." he panted, his breath husky and quiet, his hands grasping the blonds' shoulders, thrusting harder.

Naruto moved one hand around Sai's neck, wanting to feel the other one close to him, he wanted to feel Sai. Trying his best to remain calm he gripped the bed sheets with his other hand, the way he squeezed on the bed sheets he knew he was going to have to redo them later, but that was the last of his worries. Feeling Sai moving in and out of him, he cried out in pleasure. "S...Sai..."

The raven haired teen trailed his lips up Naruto's chest, up his neck and jaw until he caught his lips in a needy kiss. One hand moved down to grasp the blonds hand that was grasping the sheets, opening it and threading their fingers together. He did the same with the other hand, moving them above Naruto's head, bracing himself as he thrust harder and faster, his tongue darting out to swipe against the blonds' lips before slipping inside the wet heat of his mouth.

First Sai's hot breath, then a kiss. Naruto felt like he twirled and felt wonders. The way Sai gripped his hand, he just squeezed in response. And the fact that Sai was in full control made him feel so hot. He had to break the kiss to hiss and call out the other one's name. He hadn't even noticed how he bit down on Sai's shoulder to cut back a moan.

The way Naruto was losing it was amazing, and to think that it was all because of him made him smile softly. A visible shiver ran through his body at the way his name spilled from the blonds' lips. A sliver of emotion flashed across his pale features as he continued to move over his lover, a familiar warmth pooling and spreading in his lower stomach. Releasing one of Naruto's hands, his own brushed softly down the tanned body until he reached the dripping erection, wrapping a pale hand around it and pumping it in time with his thrusts.

"Ah!" Naruto gasped, shivers of delight and pleasure consumed him. His mind was going blank as he rocked his hips against Sai's hand and hips. He did his best to stay still but he was gone, losing it. The blonds' body flowed with passion as he knew he was close. "S-Sai... I'... I'm gonna..."

Resting his forehead gently against Naruto's, he squeezed his length, the force of his thrusting and stroking increasing. His lower stomach was coiling hotly and he knew he would follow right after the blond. His hot, panting breaths washed over Naruto's face, his eyes fluttering closed as he attempted to stave off the release, wanting to experience the other's body constricting around him.

"Ah, fuck!" Naruto yelled, his white seed streaming out, his body internally squeezing Sai's hard member. He screamed as he coated Sai's hand in the hot sticky fluid.

Sai gasped as he felt the wet heat of Naruto's release wash over his hand. The rhythmic clenching and unclenching of the hot, silky sheath around him sent him over the edge, a hoarse cry ripping from his throat as he thrust deeply once more, stilling as he came hotly inside his lover.

Naruto took a moment to regain himself before looking at Sai with weak, but fulfilled eyes. "That... was... amazing." He said through his pants and heavy breathing.

"It was," Sai agreed, smiling. He pressed a brief kiss against Naruto's lips, as he still wasn't breathing normally yet, and weakly pulled himself from the other's body before collapsing on the bed beside him, pulling the blond close.

Naruto softly moved his head, leaning on Sai's chest as Sai had done to him too often the past week. Lightly wrapping his arms around the other, the waves of comfort soon rippling all over his body... he felt complete. Smiling he gave Sai's chest a warm kiss before giving a sigh of relief.

Sai smiled and leaned down to place a kiss amidst sunshine hair before wrapping his arms firmly around Naruto. Using a pale hand, he cupped the blonds' cheek and turned his face up to kiss him softly. His chest swelled with emotion and before he could think, he spoke. "I love you," he whispered, his voice shaky as his lips brushed against Naruto's.

"I love you too." Naruto said, colliding their lips one final time before nuzzling the soft neck. Resting his head in the hollow of Sai's neck, he slowly closed his eyes... slowly drifting away into sleep.

Sai's chin came to rest against blond hair, his eyes closing softly. He breathed a small, happy sigh as he snuggled into the soft sheets and Naruto's warmth. As he too drifted away, a small smile lifted the corners of his lips.