Summary: Zim's mission to conquer Earth comes to a standstill when he becomes consumed by his affection for the Gaz-human. His new mission? Win her over. Gir gives (not the greatest) advice. ZAGR.

A/N: Hey guys, sorry for the crappy beginning. I'm in a bit of a writing rut at the moment and so if this is worse than what I normally push out, I apologize. My latest obsession has been Invader Zim, and so I needed to pump out some ZAGR fanfiction. I hope you guys enjoy it anyway. :)

Also, 'Operation ZAGR' is different in the story than its title meaning... the original Operation ZAGR is written, it's called Operation ZAGF, for Zim-and-Gaz-Friendship, and includes a trap for Dib. When we get to the bit in the summary, Zim renames it as 'Operation ZAGF 2,' but through a mess-up with the F, it becomes 'Operation ZAGR.'

Chapter 1:

Operation ZAGF

"Okay, Gir, obviously my plans have been less than fruitful. The filthy earth-human Dib keeps getting in the way." The speaker was pacing back and forth in his underground base, rubbing his black-gloved, three-fingered hands together in thought. He was talking more to himself than to the small blue-eyed robot he'd addressed. "It has been six earth-years since I first landed on this stinking planet… And it is clear to me now that the Dib-stink is possibly the most advanced of his species, and some kind of Earthenoid warrior meant to keep me from conquering what rightfully belongs to the Irken Empire. Eliminating him would be the best option, but he has foiled my plans for that as well… So perhaps just containing him might hold him for awhile."

"Masta contain Dib!" the little robot shrieked gleefully, falling over in a fit of giggles.

"GIR! Enough with your foolishness! There is much to do! Soooo much!" He turned to face the screen before him and exclaimed, "COMPUTER! Show me where the filthy earth-Dib is now."

The screen flickered, and revealed the human in question sitting on his couch at home eating Cornflakes and muttering in between each bite. "Stupid Zim," he grumbled. "Stupid alien. With his stupid green skin and stupid disguise… Stupid take-over-the-world plans… which never work, anyway! Stupid Zim… why does he even try anymore?"

Gir gasped in happiness. "I love this shoooow," he sighed.

The alien known as Zim clenched his fists. "So, he thinks he's smarter than me," he mused angrily. "He thinks he's safe sitting at his little earth-house eating his disgusting earth cereal. Well he's WROOONG!"

He was about to turn away and rant some more when he heard Dib cry out, "GAZ! Give me back the remote!"

The Dib-stink's little sister plopped down on the couch and changed the channel, holding the remote out of her brother's reach.

Zim faltered for a minute and then blinked in confusion. Had the earth-female always been so appealing to the eyes? She was fifteen now, and though she was still the same person from when she was nine, she had an interestingly curved body and her face was surprisingly pleasant to look at.

"Your shows are always lame," she informed her brother, who had given up the fight for the remote, though he was perfectly capable physically to take it back from her. "Besides, I have a previous engagement with my online friends. Go be a dork somewhere else."

Dib crossed his arms over his chest. "Gaz, I won't drive you to school tomorrow if you aren't nice to me."

She shrugged. "So? I'll take the bus or walk like I've done all my life anyway." She snickered. "Or maybe I'll ask Zim if he'll give me a lift in his space ship."

Dib's mouth fell open and Zim narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Me, give the earth-female a ride to school?" he wondered aloud, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Hmm. That doesn't sound too horrible." He glanced back at the screen.

"You would rather have that—that— alien take you to school than your own brother?" Dib cried incredulously.

"Christ, Dib, it was just a joke," the Gaz-human replied, rolling her eyes. "Seriously, lighten up."

Zim examined the girl like she were a creature he'd never before seen. "Hm… it appears that the Dib-stink is particularly repulsed by the very idea of the Gaz-human being transported to school with me in my own vehicle. And if it causes the filthy Dib annoyance, then surely, I must do it!" He began to laugh his manic laugh when yet another idea hit him. "Wait! If Dib doesn't want me interacting with his sister, then perhaps I could use the earth-female to lure Dib into a trap! A trap so horrible, so ingenious, that he will NEVER escape from it!" He let out another long laugh of triumph. "The Dib-human will never see it coming," he went on, rubbing his hands together and grinning wickedly. "I will befriend his little sister and bring about his ultimate DOOM! And then, all of mankind shall fall to ME! It's genius! GENIUS!"

He turned his attention back to the screen. Dib had left the room and left the Gaz-human alone on the couch playing Call of Duty 4. Zim was caught in a second momentary daze when he looked at her. She was actually very nice on the eyes. It was pleasant to just sit back and watch her button-mash as she always did, with her characteristic determined scowl and her still shockingly good looks. Her purple hair hung down straight and only slightly passed her shoulders, and Zim found it oddly attractive. Why hadn't he ever noticed this strange beauty before? Had he been so consumed by his plans for the destruction of the human race that he had never really looked at the earth-female?

Well, yes, naturally…

He let out a low chuckle. "This will be my greatest plan yet," he bragged to himself. "Making friends with the Dib-stink's sister to get rid of him and take over this filthy planet… why haven't I thought of it before?" He (somewhat reluctantly) turned off the screen and pulled out a roll of paper to begin making blueprints for the Dib trap. Before starting on that, however, he wrote on a smaller slip of paper some basic steps for how he might go about making the Gaz-human his friend.

"You better watch out, Dib," he said with an evil grin. "My plan shall commence before you know it, and you will fall victim to my trap! Beware the might of Zim!"

He wrote down the name of the plan on the top of both pieces of paper and held them up. "I call it… Operation ZAGF!"