"Not all tales told are true, most of all those preached by religious figures. Their views are biased, based on antiquated views of those long dead and misinterpreted by those who live today. None are exempt from this fact… What happened to those young men and women is all the proof I need to believe that to be the world's one and only truth." –Sandy Valet

A gentle breeze swept across the pristine grass of a well kept schoolyard. A few scattered trees provided shade for students as they ate their lunches and chatted with their friends as a lone young man lay under the suns rays. The breeze rustled his wild brown hair as his blue eyes gazed up into the cloudy sky.

To the young man it was just another boring day of attending what he referred to as 'Bible School' against his wishes. He'd rather attend a normal public school; however his Guardians refused to consider such a thought and forced him to attend a traditional Christian School alongside his childhood friend.

He had no belief in a higher power; the other students thought his reasons would have to be as shallow as simply not taking the Bible as proof enough; while true this was not the whole story. His lack of belief stemmed from hours of solitary research into archaeological material to validate whether any of the stories where true. What he found convinced him the Bible was supported on nothing more then emotion and circular logic.

Just because something declared itself true, didn't make it so.

He'd never voiced these views to anyone other then his childhood friend and had no plan to do so in the future. The young man got in enough trouble as it was for simply being an Atheist to begin with, let alone having such radical views in such a conservative environment.

He was broken from his thoughts as a shadow loomed over him and he was greeted by the cheerful voice of his childhood friend, "Heya, Alex. I hope you haven't eaten yet." She said, her voice seeming a melody in his ears as his eyes adjusted and he focused on her bright green eyes.

As he sat up and she took her place in front of him he noticed the lunch boxes she was carrying and half groaned, "More of your mother's cooking?" He rubbed his forehead in annoyance, "You know I hate her cooking, Jemma."

Jemma chuckled and brushed some of her stray red hair from out of her eyes, "Don't worry you goof." She smiled proudly and admitted, "I cooked this time, so you'll get to taste your future wife's fine cuisine."

Alex managed to chock on air and squeaked, "W-Wife? Since WHEN?"

"Since we where six, remember?" She huffed while blushing.

The young man paused and thought back ten years before declaring, "Nope, I have no idea what you're talking about." In return he got slapped to the ground.

"Jerk." Jemma muttered and opened her lunch box and began eating the food contained within.

Leaving the conversation well alone Alex grabbed his lunch box and began eating as well. Without realizing he let a stray thought slip, 'If this is what I have to look forward to then marrying her won't be so bad…' Horrified by the thought he quickly slammed the back of his head against the grass, his friend thankfully ignoring his odd actions.

Suddenly an intense pressure shot through his mind as he felt his heart skip a beat. He sat bolt upright and glanced about in confusion, there was no logical explanation for what he'd just felt but it gave him a sense that something was very wrong.

Jemma looked at Alex curiously for a moment and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I… nothing…" He replied, not at all sounding convinced.

The girl simply pouted at him but let the matter drop, her friend had always acted oddly at the strangest times. He also had claimed to have seen ghosts on more then a few occasions, something her family firmly didn't believe in, so maybe it was related to that somehow?

As the two finished their lunch the school's bell rang and they returned to their studies, Alex generally zoning out whenever anything related to religion was brought up. He may have been failing in everything related to the Bible but he was at least getting average scores in other subjects.

Most of the day passed peacefully until it was nearly time for the school to set their students free to go home when a large explosion rocked the entire school grounds. Alex sprung bolt upright from where he'd been napping at his desk before grabbing his head and hissing in pain.

As he heard the other students chattering in fear and curiosity he felt Jemma grab his shoulder tightly. Cast a clear blue eye at his friend he could see the fear in here green eyes, instinctively he placed a hand on hers and said, "We'll be ok." Causing her to give an unconvinced smile.

'Uh… unless you run your ass out of there, no, you won't.' a commanding, powerful voice echoed in the boy's head. As Alex gave a sharp intake of breath the voice commented, 'You can actually here me…? What are you waiting for? Here it comes!'

Not knowing what was going on he grabbed Jemma roughly and began to run for the door yelling, "EVERYONE OUT! HURRY!" As he and everyone who took noticed fled out of the school a massive fireball slammed into the school, blowing half of it away.

The school's head priest fell to his knees in shock at the destruction as a bestial hand reached out of the burning ruins. Everyone present gasped in shock or horror as the creature pulled itself out rubble. It was at least twenty feet high with an almost perfect human form except for its bestial hands and feet. It's most defining feature was its total lack of features, literally appearing as mass of ever shifting silver and a pair of shining geometric wings on its back.

Not a soul had time to react as it tilted its faceless head towards them and a flash of light shone from its forehead. As Alex coughed and chocked he found himself on the ground with Jemma unconscious by his side and bleeding badly from a gash in her scalp. The ground beneath them was scorched while others lay around them in various states of injury.

The teen rolled on to his stomach and glared at the slowly approaching monstrosity as he weakly tried to pull himself to his feet. He wasn't about to roll over and die, he wasn't about to let Jemma down and he sure as well wasn't going to let some over sized liquid Terminator Angel wannabe smack him around!

As he got to his feet his legs nearly gave out but he managed to remain upright as his legs wobbled dangerously under him. He spat out some blood and growled, "I can barely stand let alone fight…" He placed a hand on his chest and grit his bloodied teeth, "But these guys say I have a soul… and if it exists… I CAN USE IT TO FUEL MY BODY!"

As he tried to draw on his soul he heard the voice from earlier, 'You're willing to sacrifice your own existence for the sake of a few people who care nothing about you? Without even thinking about it?' Alex chocked on a breath slightly before replying.

"Yeah… what's that got to do with you?"

'Instead of wasting your soul, use me instead.'

"Now how would I do that…?" Alex almost laughed. Here he was about to die and he was talking to a disembodied voice, must be the blood loss…

"Look in you pocket." Alex reached into his right hip pocket and found nothing, "…Left cheek…" The voice sighed and Alex pulled out a small black device with three red jewels set in it, looking like three eyes and six spikes leading from the top, resembling horns, "Now you need only ask me, a being of Fire, to lend you my power." The voice explained.

"To save everyone…" Alex whispered before holding the device up over his head and shouted, "I, Alex Ventara, beseech you, Construct of Flame, to grant me your power!"

The three eyes of the device flashed and the voice replied, "I Lucifer, Lord Satan, Bestow upon you my power!"

Black energy began to radiate from the device, down Alex's arm as he brought his raised right arm down in a circular motion while raising his left in balance until the two had traded positions. He then continued the motion until both arms crossed then brought them out in front of himself and roared, "FLAME ON!" The device erupted into black flames that enveloped the boy's body.

As the flames sunk into his skin Alex felt his muscles grow stronger as his canines grew longer, into fangs. His wild black hair turned white and flared up as he felt six horns grow from his forehead, eyebrows and cheeks. His tattered uniform vaporized and was replaced by an open black leather jacket, black leather gloves, black leather pants with a skull buckled belt and black leather boots.

As the flames dissipated he stood tall and proud in his new form, his skin having taken on a fiery red colour while his eyes having turned yellow with slits for pupils. He cracked a small grin, "So this is the power of the Dark Side? I can live with this… though it does mean I was wrong this entire time." He admitted, not really caring who heard.

Alex looked up at the monstrosity that was still slowly approaching him and smirked, "Thanks for waiting, but the glare is getting in my eyes… So…" Suddenly he erupted forward, leaping straight at the creature's chest and slammed his fist into it, blasting a hole where he hit, "I HOPE YOU DON'T MIND ME PUTTING YOU OUT OF MY MISSERY!"

The creature let out an agonized cry and feebly felt at the wound as Alex used the edge of the wound as spring board to black flip higher into the air and drew his right arm back, black flame gathering into his hand, "IMPULSE HELLPYRE!" he cried out as he threw the ball of flames at the injured monster.

As the monster gave one last shriek Alex landed on the ground and stood tall as the monster's body exploded, briefly within the flames a human body could be seen before disintegrating to dust. As the smoke began to clear, black flames shimmered over Alex's body and he reverted to his normal self with the black device now strapped around his neck by a loose chain.

"Well… that was fun…" Alex laughed before passing out and falling face first onto the ground.

"Oww…" Lucifer complained, the eyes on the device flashing with every syllable, "You know… you're kind of heavy…" After a brief moment he sighed, "Your unconscious aren't you? ...Dammit… Ow…."