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Ulquiorra Schiffer, was a very patient person.

He's been waiting a long time. And for many things.

He waited for decades to become stronger, and stronger, and stronger until he was the strongest.

He waited, and became, Aizen-sama's perfect subordinate, solider, and son.

He waited for the knowledge of the human 'heart'.

He waited for the perfect moment to absolutely crush Kurosaki Ichigo.

Ulquiorra has waited and waited.

Ulquiorra, has waited for far too long.

Ulquiorra gazes back at his fading wings. Turning to ash; dying. He waits for the inevitable.

...I envy because of the heart...

You protect him...you shield him...is it because of your human heart? Why do they have a heart?...Why don't I have it...? What is it? The Heart? ...Why do you not protect me?

...I Greed because of the heart...

It would be his. She would be his.

The Woman. All his. He glances her way. She is uncertain, hand above her chest (Her heart) and she gazes at him unwaveringly.

"And here I was...finally starting to take an interest in all of you..."

In you. You, who are MINE, he thinks.

...I Glutton because of the heart...

He drinks in her ramblings of the human world and heart like a man in a desert, though he is unsure why. He wants more...until he his full to burst.

His rational thought must no longer intact, he muses hazily, as his hand acts on it's own and reached for the (His, mine, something dark and forgotten whispers) woman.

"Do I frighten you? Girl."

...I Pride because of the heart...

Foolish, emotional, moronic trash. He'd crush him. He would show him who was stronger. He'd show the (His, something inside him murmers) woman how pathetic and weak that mock Shinigami was.

"Come. Kurosaki Ichigo."

Dark gray tinted purple eyes glisten with unshed tears and brim with more emotion that he simply cannot understand. Sunset hair blows in the desert wind as she softly answers him, "I'm not scared."

...I Sloth because of the heart...

He is no match, you thought. He is no threat, you decided.

Kurosaki Ichigo...you are nothing. So, I will do nothing. I will watch you. You, who squirm under you're own power. I will watch. And I will decide if you are anything.

I do nothing, because you are nothing.

It is a shame, truly, that he became something.

...I Wrath because of the heart...

Insolent boy! Foolish, stupid boy! Me, become more human? I, Aizen-sama's most devoted servant? Wretched brat, I will crush you, Kurosaki Ichigo.

How dare you come to take my woman away.

...Becasue of the heart...

"...I see..." I fade, blown to the wind. I feel nothing. Woman...I'm waiting...

...I lust for everything about you. Soft warm hair, glistening eyes, a curvaceous, luscious body. I have waited and watched you. I have watched you in ways that cause me to burn with desire and shame. I have looked upon you in your most private moments, all for a glimpse of milky skin, a slender neck, bare shoulders and flawless smooth thighs.

The world turns black, fading away like my body. I'm still reaching, still waiting.

A brush of warmth as her fingertips graze mine. I might have smiled. Perhaps. In the end, Kurosaki Ichigo, I have won.

Her heart is mine, and has been entrusted to me. And all that matters is...

This thing in my hand...

The heart.

Years later, many many years, too green eyes gleam from under damaged, wiry, round frames. Untamed, raven black hair sticks up in all directions. The thin boy sits under the stairs within his sheets. Ulquiorra waits. Waits and hides under the guise of the boy Harry James Potter. Fingering his scar absentmindedly, he leans back and sighs.

He has his heart. Now he continues to wait.

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